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Chapter 8

~Dong-young's POV~

Is he coming for me sooner than I expected?

If he is, I can't let Bi-wal confront him.

It is better if he finds someone else to be his queen.

I can't be that person.

I don't know what happened but I suddenly got a headache and the last thing I saw was black.




~Bi-wal's POV~

I got a bad feeling, did something happen to Dong-young?

She told me yesterday that someone from Hell was coming. It was Soh-wal Mei-lin, the daughter of one of my court.

She made a big ruckus and thought that the white tiger was the Princess.

When I came home, I heard someone shouting Dong-young's name in panic.

I rushed in and saw that she had collapsed on the floor.

I picked her up gently and laid her down on the couch.

"My lord, when I came home, I found the Princess unconscious on the floor and you had arrived." Mya-oh explained

"She has a fever. She looks like she is in pain." I stated as I felt her forehead.

"It must be because of the mortal air. She has been here for a while. It must have weakened her. If we don't do anything soon, then I fear that her condition might worsen." Mya-oh stated

"Do you know something that can help her?" I ordered

He nodded and asked me to follow him.

We were in the hallway, Mya-oh suddenly went into the wall, and I was shock but decided to follow with Dong-young on my arms.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that we are in a cave frozen in ice. There was a mini water fall on the middle with a lake.

Even if this place is filled with ice, it is quite warm.

"This was made for emergency if the Princess got ill. The Royal Brothers made this, if it comes that they weren't here to nurse her back to health, My Lord, place the Princess gently on the lake. Though this won't heal her completely" He instructed.

I did as he said and saw that the water quickly rose towards her, her body rose as the water encased her and change into ice.

"What happened?" I asked

"This is the power of her sword, wanting to heal its master. She was born with the Ice Snow Sword, she was to be the Heir to the Throne, but that time since she was the only one who didn't pick her gender yet, and her father engaged her to you. So she has to stop training, to be the next ruler."

I stayed silent and waited for her to heal.

I instructed Mya-oh, to tell the White tiger and Red Phoenix on what happened to their Princess.

I waited for my Princess to be released from that ice.

Through the waiting, I can't help but think that this has something to do with the promise I had accepted before.

I made up my mind that I will protect her, even from my brother.

My feelings for her had intensified immensely.

I won't let her leave me.




3 hours later the ice had cracked and I saw that she was floating towards me.

I caught her when she was about to fall.

I saw her open her eyes.

"Hmm, Bi-wal?" she asked hoarsely.

"I'm here, Dong-young." I replied gently and carried her to her room.

We were greeted by Ee-jung, he told us that someone found out that she was near the Guardians and called for a meeting.

"I'll go." Stated Dong-young and changed into a pure white kimono.

"Are you sure." I asked worried for her health

"Its fine, they won't be able to take me back." She said and I let her lean on me.




~Normal POV~

"Who are you?" Asked the Black turtle when a woman, who looks familiar had paralyzed their messenger.

"Oh, you will know soon enough, and it is best if you come out too." She stated and immediately Four men appeared behind her.

"Really, why did you have to come here too?" asked the eldest male.

"I want to see her too you know." The woman whined

Not long after that Ah-hin and Woo-hyun arrived after them, Dong-young, Bi-wal, and Ee-jung arrived as well.

When Doh-hyun saw that the Red phoenix was accompanied by Bi-wal and a female that he didn't recognize.

But she is immensely beautiful, that Doh-hyun can't help but blush.

Something whizzed passed him and glommed the female, when he opened his eyes he saw that the four males was glued to the female.

The one who looks to be the eldest was rubbing his cheek on her left cheek, the second oldest was rubbing her right one and the third was rubbing his cheek on her left hand as the last male was rubbing her right hand on his cheek.

"Big brothers, please stop this behaviour." Stated the female

"But we miss our Princess so much; we felt that you had become ill so we rushed here immediately." They stated together

Bi-wal just sweat dropped at the scene before him.

'Are they really Dong-young's brothers?' Bi-wal thought sceptically, but when he saw that his older sister was there too he sighed.

"Oh, if it isn't my cute little brother." Bi-wal's sister gushed

"Wal-hyang, what are you doing here?" Bi-wal asked

"I came to see my daughter-in-law; I heard that she became ill. So I was worried." She stated happily and ran to where Dong-young who was being crushed by her brothers affection.

He sighed and saw that the Black Turtle and Blue dragon were confused with the situation.

"Is she the Princess?" Woo-hyun asked Ah-hin

Dong-young heard that and giggled.

"I am happy to finally meet two of the four guardians, other than the Red Phoenix and the White Tiger."

That caught the Black Turtle and the Blue dragon's attention.

"But if you are the Princess, then who is this?" Doh-hyun asked as he showed a picture of a blonde female.

"Ah, that is my Third Older Brother. Isn't that right, Big Brother Do-joon?"

"Yep, that's me." Agreed Do-joon immediately.

"Now I think we should go home now, you are still tired after all." Stated the Eldest as he carried Dong-young towards her human house.

"If you say so, Big Brother Hee-joon."

"You two can come too. We will need your help when the time comes anyway." Stated the Second Oldest, Hyun-joong.

"We need all the help we can get to protect our sister." Added the Youngest male, Chun-hee.

They all nodded and followed them.












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