Magic and Programs

By Hearns

All Characters owned by Disney. Everything else is written by me for fun.

This is a crossover between Tron: Legacy and The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Note, I spent a weekend or so cleaning this up and rereading it to make some serious upgrades as mentioned by a friend of mine that I let take a look over this. Also, if you see a ton of capital letters throughout this, I wrote a large portion of this on my IPod with my thumbs and the keyboard software has this bad tendency to do an auto shift at the start of each sentence.

Just a warning before hand as you read.


There are layers of reality.

Places where Magic and Science come together.

Where there are beings that evolution has granted powers to change the world.

Now consider that you are a person named Dave Stutler, who had discovered a few months ago that you are a super sorcerer who is capable of fighting the forces of eternal darkness, and has to juggle his normal life of being an introductory physics teacher at NYU at the same time.

Now let us head to the other side of the continent to where a being forged from a different kind of magic; one Quorra the last of the Iso, student and surrogate daughter of the late User Kevin Flynn. Who due to her birth has been able to tap into the ancient knowledge of all of existence and literally holds the keys to humanity taking its next steps to a new age of existence and its next step in evolution.

Our story takes place in this sandwiched reality that is just beyond our ability to see it.

Some have given their lives to protect those special beings.

Now as the world becomes more interconnected, there is time that will be arising where these two different kinds of magics will need to join forces for the survival of existence itself.

With those ominous words we begin our story.

For Sam Flynn who has spent the last couple of weeks getting Quorra used to the real world have been a bit trying time. But it was ultimately worth it. Between buying her clothes, getting her used to Human food and some of the most basic social norms of the world. Quorra had been fitting in alright, well with the occasional social flub in crowds in looking for locations and time references that was dealable. Though Quorra was able to protect herself considering that she beat the crap out of a wannabe carjacker and his pals when Sam and her were heading back to his bike after doing some shopping. Quorra may have looked like easy prey, but in a fight… Well, between the emergency room these guys were probably going to be in trying to explain their injuries away. They swore they had gone toe to toe with a Jedi Knight.

That situation made Sam think of Quorra's training on the Grid with his late father. There were things that Sam knew that he had to do to ensure that his father's death wasn't in vain. And he would do it by connecting with the people around him and putting the right the wrongs that had happened to his father's company.

Between his duties of putting his late Father's company back on track, Sam has seen that on the brief time that he had with his father, that the longing and feelings of lost that he felt about being abandoned by his father was also felt by his father as well. This feeling of loss had been shared between the two of the though worlds apart.

From what Quorra had said about her years with Kevin Flynn that a day didn't pass where Kevin Flynn longed to be with his son, just to have one more day with him. Quorra had said this right after Sam had caught her meditating at sunrise as Marvin was having a staring contest with the former computer program. Seeing Quorra wearing her grey t-shirt and black lace panties with her legs in a lotus pose made Sam think about what else had in common with this spunky young girl.

Seeing how Quorra was adjusting there were going to be times where she would just be a mystery to him. Though he was still dealing with the entire kissing and hugging everyone she came across mess that had happened in public as well as dealing with her being out of her environment that tended to get her in a little trouble. But it had been one of those moments where Quorra was still learning human norms.

She was still wary of people after that, but with Alan and his son Jet... There had been some understanding. Well after the yammering on for five hours about Flynn's theories on technology and algorithms. Alan realized that Flynn had been alive and this girl had considered him like a surrogate father just like Alan had been to Sam when Alan had called her Flynn across the table. Yet another strange Dinner incident to add to Sam's list of situations where fact was stranger than fiction, Alan had been a little freaked about it himself, but Quorra considered a sign of honor seeing that one of her mentor's closest friends had thought of her as being a worthy successor to the Flynn Legacy.

Seeing Quorra sit there with Marvin who had lost the staring contest with her had decided to chase after a cat that had been coming into the old Dumont work yards.

Quorra had commented that in the stories she had heard about Tron in her youth, prior to the Grid going to Hell in a hand basket that Dumont had been the IO tower guardian that had aided Tron in contacting Alan in the Real World. Seeing that Sam had taken up residence in Dumont's late User Dr. Walter Gibbs old workshop had made her feel that she had some connection back to her world.

That same world that now lay on an augmented memory card that now hung around Sam's neck. Seeing that it was going to be a day where he needed to ground himself again, Sam had decided to take a day off from work and go and have dinner at a old shrimp place on the coast that Sam and his father used to frequent in his youth and take Quorra there. Lately she had been developing an interest in sea food after tasting some sea food that he had brought home from work one day as they were in the process of creating a document trail for her.

Between the food and Quorra talking about her life, she finally broke down and Quorra confessed that she had been having nightmares about not being able to save her mentor and friend. Sam spoke to her and said that over the last few weeks had had not been sleeping due to the fact that he had been having nightmares about not being able to save his dad and working to save his old man's company was the only thing preventing him from fully breaking down. With that Sam said that they needed to have some closure so with that they decided to hold a small memorial for Kevin Flynn. A way for the both of them to say good bye to the only parent they had know and start their lives again.

Alan had been filled in on some of what had happened on Flynn's death in a watered down plausible real world situation that wouldn't raise too many questions. That Flynn had gone into hiding after while working on a side project that everyone had speculated for years about matter teleportation back in 89.

Sam had said to Alan that Flynn had worked a few kinks out the system, but knowing the danger several of his team had been killed by someone on his own staff who wanted to use it for nefarious means, killed most of the research team.

Quorra's family had been part of the project which was partially true; her folks were part of the Genetic Algorithms project to see if they could work on cures for diseases. That part was true; Quorra was a walking encyclopedia of medial cures in her DNA.

While running with the source activate code to the technology, Flynn had come across Quorra who had witnessed the deaths of everyone she had ever cared about on the project and had gotten out of town with the help of a friend. This friend had died in an accident and Flynn had taken her off the Grid to hide from this guy and keep the technology from being sold to hostile nations.

The idea of beaming a nuke into the White House was the last thing anyone wanted and Flynn knew that.

That pretty much scared the crap out of Alan. During this time Quorra had become like a surrogate daughter to Flynn. Soaking up all of his knowledge of technology, ideology, and stuff that Flynn could teach her during their time together. Since it wasn't until Sam had done the entire ENCOM tower stunt that the guy had come up with an idea to flush Flynn out by trapping Alan and forcing Flynn to cough up the information on the Teleporter that things started to make sense.

Instead of Alan, the guy got Sam when Alan decided to send him to the old Arcade.

Quorra had been watching and saved his ass. Taken him off Grid to his Father's place and let father and son catch up on events as Flynn explained the series of events for his disappearance, Quorra and the project he had been working on. After that it had become a race to prevent the guy from getting the technology to work and causing some big trouble. Flynn had made sure that the technology wouldn't fall into the wrong hands by ensuring Sam and Quorra with the code they needed to escape from his lab and... Well Flynn taking the bastard with him by using the energies of the technology to destroy the both of them.

With that story told, it was stated that Flynn had died in an industrial accident to prevent the technology from being used for ill. But Sam had hinted that a portion of it that his father had discovered could be used for healing and Quorra had that knowledge as Sam himself had witnessed.

Alan realized that Flynn had made a breakthrough that he had been talking about the night he disappeared and seeing Quorra talk about some of the medical breakthroughs had wetted his appetite of where to take ENCOM in the future. The Walter-Reed Medical center was about to get some more help than it could shake a stick at with the tech ENCOM was about to be sending their way.

Though being home schooled did leave Quorra very insular about people she was around but with an appetite about the world around her. Some of the conversations did lead Alan to think of her as being different, but chocked it up to Flynn's teachings. If he had only known.

It had taken a week or so to do the preparations for the funeral which for the most part was a way for the world to say good bye to a great man.

For the most part Quorra had helped Sam write the words that would be placed on the Tombstone.

They were as follows:

Kevin Flynn

Father, Mentor, Friend

He worked at bringing the worlds together

Human, Program; Basic, Iso

That last part was in tribute to the worlds he had saved.

Underneath that Quorra had placed several glyphs underneath which included Quorra's Iso Glyph and the symbols of Tron's data disk. There were several other Glyphs that didn't mean much to Sam, but in some degree had meaning for Quorra and his Dad. "The code of the universe and those who live in it." Quorra had said wearing the black suit Sam had gotten her for the service.

The sky was cloudy, but the sky knew when to shine on Flynn's grave during the service. Which was fitting. The Sun was in its own way was saying goodbye to a warrior of light.

Unseen until Hours after the memorial service several photos were taken of the grave marker and found their way to the press by a lawns keeper wanting to make a few extra bucks. Though there was no body, the message was clear... The world was a little darker without a bright spirit such as Kevin Flynn.

Kevin Flynn Dead?

Is what the headline said on the Tabloid on the checkout isle said as Dave Stutler was checking out with his groceries for him and his girlfriend Becky for the meal he had planned to make for them for their anniversary. Between him learning to cook French cuisine after Dave's first flight on Balthazar's steel bird to Paris, Becky had been close to him. That and Balthazar his mentor in the world of magic had been busy teaching his girlfriend Veronica about the modern world ever since Dave had defeated the infamous Morgana La Fey. So for the last few weeks Dave had been practicing on small stuff. Mostly levitation and energy bolt firing just to keep sharp. That and his Tesla Coil project was keeping him on his toes. "Thank you very much superpowers for keeping me from being killed by electrical bolts." Dave had said on several occasions to himself. But looking at his list of stuff he was going to be using for tonight's meal, Bennet, his roommate had gotten the hint that tonight was Dave's time in the apartment with Becky. It had only cost Dave a few movie tickets and a couple of dinner reservations for Bennet to get the point to take his own girlfriend out on the town. Bennet had obliged with gusto and a few references of interacting and then some. Dave got the hint.

As Dave was standing in line he would have passed his piece of mail packing stuffing by except for the fact that he recognized several of the glyphs on the gravestone. Several of which he saw everyday in his offsite lab/ magic training area. Some of the symbols were from his training circle.

Quickly grabbing the paper and tossing onto the conveyer belt, Dave reached into his pocket and pulled out his Cell phone.

"Balthazar, its Dave… How many of the old Merlinian order are still around? Because I just found several symbols that match the ones on my training circle on the front page of a newspaper."

Becky Barns had heard about the death of Kevin Flynn in the news, but seeing the pictures in the tabloid before her and the fact that three of the most powerful sorcerers in the world were dissecting the glyphs before them. Becky quickly started to use her own talent of researching stuff on the Internet to pull up any information that would be of any help to them.

"Okay let me get this straight…" Dave was looking at the information before him in his large book of spells that Balthazar had given him. "How does a computer programmer who disappeared over twenty years ago, get to be declared dead by his son and has a ton of magical and mathematical glyphs placed on this tombstone?"

"I don't know?" Balthazar said looking at the symbols and started matching them up with what he knew. "But several of the symbols match up to being in relation to some very powerful spells." That was when Victoria traced one of the symbols that looked like an Octagon with a sideways "T" by it.

"Yes, but why does he have the ancient Greek Symbol that belonged to Galatea?" Victoria said examining the symbol with a magnifying glass.

"Galatea as in the statue that was brought to life?" Becky said realizing that there might be another member of the Order of Merlin that may have been lost over the centuries.

"Yes Becky… and it looks like our only lead happens to be the Multibillionaire son of our late mage."

"Yeah, and if we have another mage out there who doesn't know how to control his powers, then all magic users everywhere might be in real big trouble." Balthazar said as Becky started typing away on the computer screen.

Becky looked down at her Google search on the web.

"Yeah, and given Sam Flynn's past record of bucking the Law. I think you three should head to the West Coast ASAP." Becky said as she pulled up a long line of criminal offenses of where Sam Flynn stated that he had issues with authorizes. Several of which included his yearly tradition of doing a cliff jump off of the ENCOM corporate offices. The latest incident was of Sam Flynn posting to the web the most current edition of the ENCOM operating system. Now Sam was the head of multi-billion dollar company after coming to his senses. Rich with money and power, combined with Magic would equal a very bad combination if Sam didn't do things right and everyone at the table knew that.

Let me know what you think so far of this story.