{( ゲーム(Game)! - Chapter One: Gender-Bender Blues. )}

Seisen Chuugakkou - there it was.

Just as he had expected, it wasn't the classiest of places.

It wasn't just that it looked ultimately shitty and rundown in comparison to private schools like Miyabigaoka for instance, no, it was much more alarming that Seisen even made that filthy Seika High look positively dazzling in comparison.

Or, at least it sounded like it did.

It wasn't like Hyoudou Aoi had ever been to visit either alternative institutions of grandeur, but he'd gathered enough information about it from hearing that stupid men's apparel wearing maid ramble on about how it was her "sincerest desire to make Seika a relaxing place for females", and he had certainly comprehended that judging by the number of peers Ayuzawa Misaki had praising her for such efforts towards such a wistful idea that Seika had definitely evolved far beyond its chauvinistic beginnings and had, by the sounds of it, therefore surpassed the pathetic Junior High that Aoi was unfortunate enough to be attending.

Of course, in reality Seisen appeared to be a perfectly normal school. . .but Aoi had been able to see through this facade the moment he spotted a huddle of poorly dressed males in varied versions of the male uniform that were undoubtedly against the prim and proper dress code that the school tried so pathetically to enforce.

"Tch, gangsters. . ." Aoi muttered, his dainty nose upturned in effeminate distaste.

From the very bottom of his heart, Aoi inwardly prayed that the rest of Seisen's students did not follow these ruffians' example.

Because from past experience, the young Hyoudou had learned that all delinquents to an extent were idiots - tactless meat heads that upon meeting the blunette's cute alter ego, a particularly Lolita like Net-Idol, would fall irrevocably in love without question.

'It'd be so easy. . .' He noted silently, his soft hands reaching up out of habit to smooth down the collar of his white button-up undershirt.

A mushroom sigh of useless carbon-dioxide left his lips after awhile and he allowed his hands to return to his sides, clutching at the rough fabric of his male uniform slacks.

'But where would be the fun in that. . .? ~' A darling little giggle escaped his pursed lips, a result of his mental mocking of the hooligans that were now people Aoi was forced to recognize as Sempais, Kohais, or perhaps even peers.

As much as the very thought of winning the total admiration of the school's male population appealed to him, Aoi knew that it was a lost cause.

After all, because he had been unlucky enough to be born a boy, he was required to wear the bland, navy blue uniform that's only redeeming quality seemed to be that it coordinated so well with his head of hair, consistent of the very same color locks.

Suddenly, his masculine ensemble felt heavy, as if secretly desiring to weigh him down; As a ramification of such, Aoi found himself pining once again for the uplifting accessory of a fine, ruffled skirt.

His hands itched to comb through his choppy blue locks, but he resisted the urge, knowing fully well that if he allowed such an act to occur he would be reduced to tears in mourning for the repeated loss of his vibrant blonde wig.

But of course, it was his attachment to such a luxurious cosplay item that Aoi now found himself in this mess in the first place, living with his Satsuki-Oba-chan and attending an educational facility of poor quality, all because his father could no longer stand the thought of his son refusing the customs of a proper man.

'Chichi's just. . .jealous that he could never look as good in his sister's clothes as I do. . .' Aoi deduced in attempts to reassure himself, his eyes narrowing at the very thought.

"But. . .no matter what, this is who I am! And nobody's going to take that away from me, not even my family. . ." He proclaimed defiantly, his frail little hands clenching into stubborn fists.

It didn't really dawn on him that he had uttered such a proud statement aloud until he was bombarded by the chortles of Seisen students.

One clipped conversation in particular caught his attention,"Is that a new kid. . .?"

A plain looking female with soft brown hair and matching chocolate hues inquired to an equally common attributed female with her hair styled in pig-tails.

"Ah, looks like it! He sure is weird, though. . ." Confirmed the pig-tailed youth with an amused giggle.

"Seriously, what was he shouting about, anyway. . .?" Continued the first, a curious expression upon her face.

In response, her friend blinked blandly, "I don't know, and I totally don't want to stick around to find out. . .!" After this obnoxiously loud exchange, Aoi felt his shoulders slump as he watched the two girls scurry off to class.

He was highly prepared to assume his flamboyant female personality and call the girls out for the rude comments they made just because they weren't as cute as "Aoi-chan ~" before his ears caught wind of the chimes of the morning warning bell.

"You. . ." He began, realizing that everyone else but the delinquents and himself had taken care to get to class on time.

Partially because he didn't himself want to be late on his first day, and also because he didn't feel necessarily comfortable with the hostile stares he suddenly felt on his back, Aoi eventually decided to follow his fellow Junior High students example.

After murmuring an irritable "Whatever. . ." he made a beeline for his first class, however if he had bothered to stick around a little longer he definitely would have met the gaze of one insipid expressioned blonde miscreant whose immediate interest the poor cross-dresser had subsequently peaked.

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