{( ゲーム(Game)! - Chapter Three: The younger Usui is the delinquent type. )}

Rivalry -

Because of the very word, Aoi Hyoudou's first day at Seisen passed by in a monotonous blur. Each and every class that was sparingly spent within the confines of one dusty old classroom did nothing to change that, either. And, by the time lunch had actually rolled around Aoi was not at all pleased to rediscover the extremely cute obento box that had been hiding in his black satchel all day. Instead of relishing the way in which the onigiris were molded in order to resemble adorable little pandas, Aoi found himself focusing more intently upon the Yankee-like princess who was consuming his thoughts slowly but surely like some sort of bizarre wildfire.

Chew. "She'll never surpass me. . ."Chew, Swallow.

Aoi would have been cackling to himself at the very thought as he devoured mouthful after mouthful of his dainty little meal if not for the fact that he probably would have choked.

Furthermore, since when was insane cackling ever lady-like? Never.

But then again, Aoi supposed that neither was talking with your mouthful.

"Oh, goodness. . .~" He murmured, suddenly alarmed to his rude behavior.

The moment these two words were uttered, followed by the slap of a tiny masculine hand to his salmon tinted lips, several of Aoi's new classmates turned to give the poor ambiguous boy a peculiar look.

"What a weirdo. . ." "He's talking to himself again, isn't he?" "Whoa. . ."

None of these scathing whispers did a thing to alter the bluenette's resolves until. . .

"Hopefully, what we're seeing here is the tell-tale signs of a [1]Hikikomori. . ."

Almost as if an imaginary bolt of lightening had struck his fragile form, Aoi suddenly went rigid.

"H-Hikiko. . .mori?" He repeated, his resolve undoubtedly shattering for a moment.

"Man, I never thought I'd get to see one outside of a Manga!"

"I know, right? Maybe he's also a [2]Tsundere! This is a rare occurrence, indeed!"

"Really? I happen to think that the kid's just ACTUALLY a nutcase."

As the entirety of Aoi's class broke out into a quaint little discussion over lunch about just what type of dysfunctional personality he had, Aoi could only shrink further down into his seat.

Gripping a pair of soft-pink tinted chopsticks so tightly in his hand it was surprising that they didn't break, Aoi found that the only thing able to keep him going was the reassuring thought that:

"Tch. They'll see just how much of a Hikikomori Aoi-chan is once Aoi's dazzling them with Aoi's true form. . .!"

"Yeah, you're right, Hyoudou-kun is definitely a nutcase."

Disregarding the fact that he had once again accidentally voiced his thoughts, Aoi found slight comfort in the fact that he knew just where to go after school in order to go about acquiring his dazzling Aoi-CHAN persona once more.

Blah-Blah-Blah "New Punishment. . ." Blah-Blah-Blah "Hyoudou. . ." Blah-Blah-Blah "Best Behavior. . ." Blah-Blah-Blah "Chance at redemption. . ." Blah-Blah-Blah "Good for you. . ."

". . .What?" Nobuko Usui could only blink.

"I've wasted most of my day lecturing you, trying to get you to see the error of your horribly repetitive ways and all you can say is 'What?'"

Nakamura Yasahira had always been a patient man, especially with children. It was the very reason he decided to go into an education career path for crying out loud. However, as of lately he was beginning to lose that steadfast patience with the world and along with it, his hair. Not many could blame Nakamura, though, because even Buddha wouldn't have been able to overcome the hardships that a Headmaster of Seisen must undoubtedly face. The school was littered with gangsters, after all, and if that wasn't enough - it was littered with Nobu.

"Ah, Sensei. . .that's pretty much how it should go, isn't it? You did say this was horribly repetitive." Although it was inevitable that Nakamura-sensei would begin to uncontrollably twitch, Nobuko could never really pass up a brilliant oppurtunity to point out the obvious.

"Tch, Usui-chan, out of the kindness of your dear Headmaster's heart, I'm going to disregard that 'This is pretty much how it should go. . .' comment, but only because I myself have an opportunity to correct you!" The expression on Nakamura's face was borderline maniacal as he glared at Nobuko pointedly from across his rather cluttered desk.

"Behhhh. . ." A blank expression adorned Nobuko's face as inwardly, she pondered over just what exactly dumb ol' Nakamura could correct her about.

"Usually, you say something along the lines of, 'Whatever, teach. . .' but today? You said WHAT." If possible, Nakamura was grinning so widely that his coffee-stained teeth nearly eclipsed his whole head.

". . .Oh, yeah. Well, that's because you said a few words that were out of the ordinary, words that stood out from the blahs." Nobuko elaborated with one pale, petite index finger raised high within the air.

"W-What was that-?" Nakamura began, his face turning a violent shade of red.

Quickly realizing the error of her ways, Nobuko decided that it was best to intervene before her educational "boss" discovered that she, despite the numerous amounts of lectures she had received over the years, never really payed attention to a single word.

"What new punishment will I be receiving. . .?" Nobuko prompted, swiftly changing the topic from one dangerous subject to another. "Are you no longer going to be packing a second lunch for me?" She prompted as a horrid after-thought.

Yes, much to her absolute delight and Nakamura's dismay, Nobuko was such a familiar face around the office at lunch time that saw fit to pack her husband two lunches: One for her husband, and the other for his least favorite delinquent.

"Speaking of which, that Sushizume Nakamura-chi makes sure was tastey. ~" Nobuko added, resisting the cutesy feeling that compelled her to reach downwards and pat at her contented stomach.

In response, Nakamura couldn't help but sigh. It was rather depressing to glance from his half-empty bowl of cold Congee(Rice Porridge) that allegedly allied his digestive track as opposed to Nobuka's empty Obento that had once contained delicious Sushizume (Bento filled with SUSHI).

"Ahhh, yes, your punishment." Nakamura tasted the sweet sugars of revenge the moment he was enabled to speak of such a thing once more. This was, of course, despite the fact that Nobuko probably wouldn't give a rewarding reaction to the unfortunate news like most other troubled teens would.

Not even giving Nobuko a moment to prepare herself, Nakamura decided to seize the moment.

"Tomorrow, you will become the guide of the new student - Hyoudou Aoi. Not only will you give him a tour of the school and help him get settled in to life at Seisen, but you will also aid him with getting used to a new town." Although he would never really know it, each and every word struck a chord of annoyance upon the harp that is Nobuko Usui.

"Saa, but that's so. . .inconvenient.~" Nobuko muttered, her emerald orbs widening the slightest bit.

Nakamura couldn't help but cringe at her utter audacity. 'Inconvenient? What right does a criminal have to say that their punishment is inconvenient? Why the nerve of that girl. . .'

"What's inconvenient for me is your constant disregard for the rules!" Nakamura countered fervently.

"But - But he's not even interesting." Nobuko spouted, another lackluster attempt at reasoning.

"Usui, you've seen him right? His hair is blue." Nakamura retorted, cocking a bushy brow.

"So is the sky - neh, how ordinary can you get?" Nobuko taunted, mirroring Nakamura's ability to raise an eyebrow in supposed curiosity.

"That's - why you - just, forget it, Usui! There's absolutely no way that you can weasel your way out of this with petty excuses! You will become his guide! I swear it!"Nakamura ordered, a pudgy fist thwacking down upon a stack of previously ignored papers.

"Ah, why couldn't you have just had somebody else do it today?" Nobuko offered, her argument now standing on its last legs.

'That's a good question. . .' Nakamura mentally snorted. 'But it's not my fault the little brat arrived a day earlier than we anticipated. . .!'

"Because you were predestined to do this, Usui! It's not Seisen's fault that you showed up late as always!" Nakamura roared, his tone laced with an air of finality. 'Good save, Yasahira!'

Just as he was prepared for another monotonous counterattack, Nobuko merely sighed.

"Whatever, Teach. . .~"

As Nobuko turned to leave, silently admitting defeat, Nakamura inhaled with relief.

'At least the repetition has now returned to it's normal state. With a delinquent like her, there's safety in that sort of thing. . .!'


At the cheerful, unified exclamation of three females in Maid cosplay, Aoi's right eye began to twitch.

Furthermore, he had to ask himself why he even bothered to enter through the front rather than the staff entrance. After all, it wasn't very flashy for him to arrive as such without his female disguise, and thus doing so really held no merit for him. Except, of course for the fact that -

'Saa, maid costumes are so cute! Aoi-chan wants one, no, needs one!'

Just as a bubbly looking ginger maid held a dainty hand out, highly prepared to call for her young Master's attention, the two remaining maids let out a chorus of gasps.

"Aoi-chan?/Aoi-kun. . .?" Of course these exclamations of surprise would come from the mouths of Satsuki and Misaki.

At one variant of his name in particular, several Maid-Latte customers glanced around quickly in search of their beloved Net Idol.

"Shh, I'm not Aoi-chan when I'm like this, you idiots!" Aoi whispered in irritation, clutching at his uniform pants and distinct lack of a cute little wig.

"Aoi-kun, you're never really a -chan. Even when you cross-dress, you're still really a boy." Misaki pointed out bluntly, her lips set firmly in a straight line.

"And you're never really a cute maid, you ruthless [3]Otenba." Aoi spat back in reply.

The rude words escaping his lips may have shocked his dear aunt Satsuki due to the malice laced within them, but Aoi didn't care. Honestly, he had no patience for girls that weren't as cute as he.

Especially not lucky girls who got pheromone-radiating hunks like Usui Takumi to become putty in the palms of their calloused, un-moisturized little hands.

"A-Ah, that - " Misaki sputtered, her eyes going pure white in disbelief.

As the resident masculine-like female of Maid Latte struggled to recover from the stinging blow that a fourteen year old boy had inflicted upon her self-esteem, Satsuki decided to take charge.

"Aoi, if you're here to see Usui-kun, I've told you time after time that he and Misaki-" Satsuki began tentatively, reaching out to place a gentle hand on her cute nephew's shoulder.

Ignoring the loud inquiries of "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, MANAGER?" from Misaki, Aoi scoffed.

"That's not what I'm here for." Aoi reassured her flatly.

"Oh?" Satsuki retorted, mildly shocked.

Afte a moment of silence and composure regaining, Misaki felt the need to speak calmly once more.

"Well, then. This isn't a rental shop, so I hope you haven't returned for a Maid Costume." Misaki denounced, with a rather regal sniff of her upturned nose.

Becoming frozen in place from initial shock, it took Aoi a moment or two of resisting the urge to maul the poor antagonistic maid's face before speaking again.

"Of course I'm going to get one someday, but actually. . ." Aoi began, crossing his thin arms over his disappointingly flat chest. "Aoi-chan has returned so suddenly because she has a rival to surpass!"

At the impromptu implement of the feminine "Aoi-Chan" voice, followed by ear-splitting bursts of, "Ohohohoho," Misaki could only cringe.

"AHHHHH~! Aoi-chan, good job!" Satsuki squealed, utterly in awe at the rather adorable image of Aoi in legitimate male clothing.

"Nice! Very nice indeed!" She continued to praise, giving her nephew the once-over.

"What a cute Junior-High School student, please stay like that!" Satsuki bellowed, nuzzling his cheek with her own.

At her melodramatics, Aoi sighed. After all, how could anyone call him cute when he was in such tacky clothing. . .?

"I'm wearing my school uniform today since I had nothing else to wear!" Aoi assured his aunt, gently escaping from her superfluous embrace.

Aoi and most of the Maid-Latte staff would have pegged Satsuki for the type to go "Moe!" the moment Aoi entered the Cafe in his cute little uniform, however she had undoubtedly decided to wait until they had entered one of the back staff rooms.

"Why. . .?" Questioned the ginger maid who's name Aoi had never bothered to learn.

Ignoring her question pointedly, Aoi looked to the floor.

"Satsuki-san, can you give me some clothes that you aren't using again?" Aoi queried softly.

"I know you were thrown out by brother again, but. . ." Satsuki murmured, sighing sadly.

"So, Aoi's clothes were the manager's throwaways, huh?" The orange maid questioned, her tone of voice a little louder this time in hopes of not being ignored.

"Yeah. . ." Satsuki sighed, radiating a ominous black aura.

"I did all the size corrections and rearrangements myself!" Aoi bragged proudly.

Appearing from around the corner, Misaki gasped.

"That's amazing! Aoi, you can sew?" She inquired curiously.

"It'll save you a lot of money!" Misaki added.

However, Aoi was more focused upon her shabby excuse for clothes as opposed to her compliments.

"Thanks for your hard work, Misa-chan." Satsuki said, gloomy feelings suddenly evaporating.

"Mmhm, I'll be leaving first-" Misaki nodded, smiling politely.

"YOU WORE THOSE KINDS OF CLOTHES AGAIN. . .?" Aoi cried out in horror.

"Eh?" Misaki blinked, not at all prepared for the freak out the effeminate male was about to have.

"Don't you realize what a waste that is?" Aoi inquired, twitching rather noticeably.

". . .huh?" Misaki sputtered.

"Ugh! I can't take it anymore! Come with me!" Aoi declared, grabbing Misaki by the arm and promptly stealing her away from her co-workers and previous plans.

As her mischievous fashionista of a nephew dragged her best employee away, Satsuki could say nothing but. . .

"Fight on, Misa-chan!"

As you can tell, this story is sort of taking off from Episode 4 and onwards.

I like writing about Aoi in Third P.O.V better than Nobuko because I feel as if the more I write about her, the more I give away her personality. I don't want her to be easily understood because she is the younger Usui, after all.

[1]Hikikomori - Kind of like a hermit, I guess. Think JAPAN from APH. Or, Emily Dickinson. Synonymous with anti-social, eh?

[2]Tsundere - Character type, very popular in Anime and Manga. Is a combination of:

Tsun-Tsun = To turn away in disgust

Dere-Dere = Lovey Dovey.

This describes a character that is cold at first, but gradually opens up their heart.

[3]Otenba - Tomboy ;)

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