AN: At the end, I'll give it away. Enjoy! x

Set: Post series.

Pair: A/S

Spoilers: None

Silence Of The Sunglasses

It's not an accident. She will deny this fact, however, even in a court of law because she just has to do it. It's completely defensible, she tells herself; and she is right, but that doesn't stop her feeling guilty.

But she still has to.

She finds them one day while she's cleaning – an offensive pair of bad John Lennon-imitation sunglasses gone horribly wrong – that belong to her partner. They are awful. Awful awful awful. There is no other word to describe their awfulness.

Generally she wouldn't have a problem with John Lennon-esq sunglasses, but these have jumped the gun and taken a wrong turn and are just generally bad – but her main bone of contention with them (because she could forgive them all the rest) is that they look ridiculous on Simon. He's a handsome guy, but they don't suit his face. Or his personality. Or anything because they're so. Bloody. Awful.

So, Amanda does what any loving, devoted girlfriend wither her partner's best interests at heart would do:

She bashes them to death with the vacuum cleaner and plans an elaborate lie about how it was an accident.

However, she does intend to buy him a replacements pair that does suit his face and his personality and his Simon-ish-ness, so really she's in the clear, morally.

She just hopes she can make him see it that way.

AN: I hate his sunglasses. I took great pleasure in breaking them in fanfiction form :P

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