AN: Silly Amanda and Simon fluffalicious drabble. Have fun.

Set/Spoilers: Post series/None.

What I Like About Us

"You know what I like about us?" Amanda asks, bubbling with... bubbly-ness. Simon grins down at her, slightly afraid of what to say. They're in bed, Simon bare-chested and Amanda in a nightie; he's on his back, and she's half lying on top of him, head on his shoulder facing the ceiling. His arms are around her middle, and hers arms are around his, their fingers entwined.

"No. What, particularly?" He asks eventually, smiling with anticipation.

"I actually don't know where I was going with that anymore..." She announces, frowning a little. Simultaneously the pair begins laughing.

His laughter vibrates through her body and she twists her face to kiss his shoulder.

"I really just said that to make you laugh." She confesses softly, her lips curved with affection.

"Do you know what I like about us?" Simon asks, fingers playing across the delicate fabric of her nightgown.

"What?" She asks, an endearing combination of intrigued and sleepy.

Simon kisses the side of her head affectionately, a smile on his lips. His words are barely more than a whisper. "You say things just to make me laugh."