AN: Just an old LH 100 word drabble I found on my hard-disk. Post season, no spoilers. Enjoy! x


He was a man who never could resist temptation. He should've guided her through the door before him and been the perfect gentleman. He should've limited the contact between them to his hand on her back, gently directing her and nothing more.

Instead, at the sound of her laugh, he'd grinned uncontrollably and pulled her backwards into his chest, wrapping his arms securely around her waist and kissing her neck.

"Can you behave?" She'd laughed, but she hadn't actually objected.

"No." He'd said, voice as thick and delicious as honey. "And it's entirely your fault."

"Okay." She'd shrugged and twisted in his arms to kiss him properly. After all, she'd been accused of worse things.