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Dear Santa,

Hi. My name's Lily Luna. I am 8 years old. I am writing to you this Christmas because I have one wish. I know I'm supposed to ask for material things like dolls and toys but I don't want those. I have plenty and I don't really need them. I only have one wish from you but I'm not sure if your elves can make it happen but please, please tell them to try. I know I've been a good girl this year.

My brothers told me you weren't real but I know you are. I believe in you.

I'm doing this because my Mummy and Daddy are always fighting. I hate that and I think my brothers do too.

My oldest brother, Jamie won't even talk to us often. He's always in his room and he's always grumpy. He won't even tell jokes and pull pranks on Al anymore.

Al, my other brother is really quiet from the beginning but he even got more quiet when Mummy and Daddy started fighting often. He only talks when you ask him something. He only spoke to me when I said I was writing to you and it wasn't a good talk for us.

It has been really lonely here.

Mummy always cry at night or whenever she thinks she's alone. She does not know that I always see and hear her sob. She cries while holding pictures of her and Daddy or some of our family pictures.

My Daddy always work and he always looks like he's gonna cry any minute. But he always shouts when he and Mummy fight. And he always leaves after a fight with Mummy which is almost every night.

So, my wish is that our family would go back to normal.

We used to be noisy and close to each other.

But now, all you hear talking is me.

Mummy is the one who always asks me if I'm alright and I always say I am but I am not. It's so hurtful to see our family this way.

It's just simply...not a family.

I miss all of them, their old selves especially Daddy.

Please help me.

Help me build our family again.

I hope you read this as soon as possible, Santa.

And I hope it will be granted before Jamie leaves for Hogwarts next year. I don't want him feeling lonely when he leaves.

Thank you and Happy Christmas.

With Love,

Lily Luna Potter