Title: Kingdom

Author: S J Smith

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Jim Henson, the Disney Corporation and others own the rights to this.

Summary: Jareth's crown has been tarnished.

Note: Written for Leni, who asked for Jareth/Sarah, with the prompt of 'crown'.


The Goblin King had no need of a crown. All his subjects knew he was king of Goblin Town, and specifically the labyrinth. His power, his ability to work all of his trickeries, it had nothing to do with being king, though it was what made him the ruler over the goblins and the beasts of the labyrinth. There was no one so well suited to providing the leadership to the beings within the confines of his world, and all knew it. Jareth made sure of that.

But the girl. He'd offered her everything, and she'd spurned him. The weight of her rejection was one he had to carry with him and, worse, his subjects all knew of Sarah's decision.

If Jareth wore a crown, it would have been tarnished.