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It was my typical morning at work, the sun rose high, a million colors flashing off from every surface. Nothing was out of the ordinary, yet. Me and Chad would argue from time to time whenever we see each other, and the weird thing is that: it is normal. We would have our dose of good, good, fine, fine argument routine, and people would say we were flirt-fighting, yet again.

I don't even know where in the universe did they get the idea that I was inlove with Chad, let alone, inlike. Okay, I swear I don't make sense here, do I? Well, what did you expect? You people would make no sense too, especially Chad. Like for instance, he would be this sweeter than sugar person one second, and the next thing you knew, he would go back to narcissistic self.

And though I don't know why I would even bother wasting my time to think about that egoistical person, I just do. It comes more naturally to me than anything else. And I seriously don't like that person. Can you get that into your head?

''Sup, Diva?'' I heard Chad say, and even though I still didn't cock my head to see him, I could feel the smirk on his face beginning to form. And, what in the world did he just call me? Had I heard it right? And anyway, where in the egoistical maniac world did he come from?

As I had finally sink his words in, I replied my usual response complete with the gritted teeth thing, "What did you just say?"

Seriously, though I lik- I mean, ugh, I got nothing. Delete that. Let me begin again, Seriously, I was getting tired of this conversation, argument, to be exact, it feels like I had something more to do, something I had forgotten, but he gave me no time to ponder on this problem because he replied his usual words of wisdom,

''Touche, Munroe. Wanna hear it again?'' the smirk wasn't leaving his face, and it only got more egoistical. And I seriously need to stop using the words seriously and egoistical, it's so cliché to me. Hm. I need to look up my dictionary, soon. When he got the idea I wasn't giving him my full attention he shouted his nickname for me, and no, not Sonshine. Why would he call me that anyway? Sonshine is a sweet nickname, and he isn't sweet... Today.

"Diva! You look stupid there, c'mon, argue with me already," he said, whining. Ugh. He was so... Annoyingly cute. There I said it. I think Chad Dylan Pooper is cute. Well, who doesn't think so, right? I mean, anyone who would think that he isn't cute is blind. Just look at him: blue eyes, golden hair, cute smile... I was broken out of my trance when he attacked my shoulder with a playful punch.

Oh, he did not just do that. Okay, now I was seriously annoyed. I was now ready for mission 1: chase Chad as far where my feet can go. ''Oh no, you didn't'' I said with a smirk. And now, I was getting ready to chase him.

''Oh, yes I did,'' he countered back, smiling like the Cheshire cat.

''Hmph," I scoffed. "Jerk," It was the best that I got. Well, for now. I was coming up with a plan. But, no. Nothing just clicks perfectly in my head. Stupid mind.

''Am I Sonny? Am I really?'' He just have that twinkle in his eye, in the perfect timing, everytime. And I hate him for it. Great, now I'm going all over Chad again. Ugh.

''Yes, Chad! You are... Really'' I said and abruptly flounced at him, he was annoying the hell of me. But, oddly, I was happy about that. Uhmugud. I'm so weird.

''Oh, Munroe. Are you sure about what you're doing?'' he asked me, giving me his signature smirk once again, before rolling us over and tickling me. I tried to hide the smile that is starting to form on my lips, he was just so damn gorgeous. And I loved him for it. Gah.

''Chhaa- Chaaad- Chad! Sto- Stooop!'' I say, in between breaths. I was laughing so hard. Stupid Chad. Okay, I admit, I'm not the ticklish type of person. But, I don't care. The rest is for you to discover why. Lol, kidding.

He didn't stop but he only looked into my eyes. We were both getting lost in the moment. Is it just me or was he getting closer? Why can I feel his breath on my face and why did my heart just skip a beat?


Oh, great. He muttered some stuff, too, which I couldn't understand. Hmph. Way to ruin the moment, eh? But I couldn't quite reach for my phone because Chad was still over me, then he whispered two words on my ear.

''Don't answer,''

I nodded, and I felt his lips on mine.

''Uh, Sonny? You might wanna answer your phone?'' he asked me, while cocking his eyebrow. He quickly got off me and raced to the sofa, while blushing so hard when he realized what have might happened if no one called me that time.

Oh, just peachy. Daydreaming... Again! Who could possibly be calling me at 8:40 PM? Okay, it wasn't that late, but why nooooow? Of all times. Grr. I quickly answered the phone, not even bothering to look at the receiver,

''Hello?'' I yelled into the phone, harshly. This was just so annoying. I was just about to kiss Chad Dylan Cooper: my crush. What could be possibly be important that someone had to call me now? Chad had raised me an eyebrow, when he was taken aback that I was acting so harsh, but I gave him a not-now look,

''Uh, is this Sonny Munroe?'' the caller asked.
''Yes, who is this please?'' I replied, through gritted teeth.
''Uh, this is the Villas Company speaking... And we would like to inform you that due to certain circumstances, we're kicking you out from your apartment and we sold your things. That's all and thank you for your time,''

Then the line was dead, like how I felt. The flow of her words finally hit me. What the fudge? What just happened?

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