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So there I was, innocently hiding – or should I say, I was just looking for something – under the bed, when my wife got back at home, she was talking to someone on the phone. And don't get me wrong, I'm not hurting her feelings, etcetera, etcetera. It's more like she was forced into this whole marriage, too. So, yeah, that was when I overheard the whole conversation. It kinda went like this: (well, I wouldn't tell you the whole convo, it was too long) but, bottomline: the whole marriage was a fake. Those papers we signed? Fake. And shockingly I wasn't a tad bid angry. Weirdly, all I felt was relief. Click. Perfect, I can now talk with my wife without startling anyone over the phone, so I got up, okay, ouch (I hit my head, that's just great)

"THE WHOLE MARRIAGE WAS A FAKE?" I demanded, trying to fight a smile, I looked more strained than angry, like I was trying to hold in a big bunch of laughter, which is kinda true.

Forget the startling thing, she jolted out of her place and opened her mouth to explain a load bit of explanation, which I was too excited to hear, so I cut her off. Patting her shoulders, I began to say, "S'okay, Alicia, it totally is. I wanna get out of this marriage too, – well no, there is no marriage, at all, right? Right. So, yeah, you can go now, bye."

And I was highly unconscious of me singing, "Walking on Sunshine" Sunshine? Sonshine? Whatever, man. I gotta be happy for her, and I got Allison, now! Hah! Don't it feel good! I'm acting like a child, who cares? I'm feeling like one. And I was dancing to it. Oh, goodness. What is happening to me? But, I was too happy! I'M WALKING ON SUNSHINE.

She didn't even bother to look back. I know, wow, it went easier than I thought. I am now a free man, well; I never was tied to anybody. Sigh. It should make me mad that I had to suffer for who knows how many years for nothing. But really? I was really too excited to be mad, so I got hold of my phone and started dialling,

"Hello? Yes, yes, this is Chad Dylan Cooper. And I have a favor: I want a whole new wardrobe, the wardrobe I had before the whole marriage thing, okay? And I want a fresh new haircut. Kay, good. Done and done."

Allison Montez, get ready for the best date of your life.

"Tawni, Tawni! HELP ME OUT. Kay, I know you didn't approve of the whole lie in the first place, but please. Just. Help. Me. Out. With. My. Outfit." I was whining which made me sound like I'm desperate or something, but I didn't care, because, in truth, I was desperate. I miss my Chad.

She barked onto the phone, which I totally droned out. But at the end, I heard what I wished for, "Fine! Be there at five."

I feel alive, I feel a love, I feel a love that's really real, I'm on sunshine baby, oh yeah! Hm, back to the real world. So, yeah, I don't wanna get in the whole details of the preparation for the date, it really was scary. I was really absolutely perfectly not-hiding-anything type of desperate. I am now minutes away of our date, Tawni is just perfecting everything. Retouch here and there. Now, that's what I'm talking about, Tawni is much much better than any professional makeup artist.

"There you go." she said, now sounding a bit more enthusiastic than before, "but" Unfortunately, there is still a but – sigh, now what? I have a curfew, fairy godmother? – "No, you don't have a curfew" she paused again (as if she can read my mind!) "And no, I can't read your mind, you're just very easy to read" (talk about reading my mind).

"But on all seriousness, Sonny. You can't lie to him, forever. And yes, I am pretty sure your relationship will last forever, what are the odds?" she paused, deciding whether to add to that or not, but she didn't need to decide as my date had already arrived.

Ding dong.

A smile now spread across her face, "Have fun!"

"Thanks, Tawni. I know I will!"

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