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Kurt sat in the bath, the warm water lapping at the cuts on his legs, the water tinged red. There were tears streaming down his cheeks and sobs trying to escape from his chest. Three days, two hours and thirty seven minutes he'd been doing this, that was three days, two hours and thirty seven minutes that no one had noticed anything wrong with him. That no one had noticed his pain, his hurt, his tears, his silence. For a few moments Kurt sat there, examining his legs. There were all different cuts on his legs, some longer than others, some deeper and all in different stages. Some were near healing, some were half way through healing, some only just had skin growing back on them and some were fresh. Kurt sat in the bloody water, his eyes near closing with sleep and breathing heavily. That's when he heard it, his name being called. By Blaine voice, just outside his bedroom door. Kurt couldn't bring himself to answer for fear of sobbing, Blaine's calls got more urgent until he heard his bedroom door open and close and footsteps running down the stairs. Kurt scrambled out of the bath, pulling the plug as he went. He was lethargic from the hot water and was slower than he would have liked pulling his pyjama pants on. He didn't even understand how Blaine had gotten into his house, or why he was even there. Kurt was pulling on his shirt as he heard Blaine knocking on the bathroom door and desperately calling his name. Kurt ripped the door open,

"Um, hi I was just... Uh... taking a bath." Kurt stepped out of the bathroom and shut the door behind him before Blaine could see anything, "I don't mean to be rude, but how did you get in here?"

Blaine looked sheepish, "Your Dad let me in as he was leaving, he mentioned something about an emergency at the garage." The was a silence, not uncomfortable, not awkward. Just a silence. "I-I missed you. I got worried. You stopped texting me and didn't answer my calls. Did something happen?" Kurt looked down, not wanting to meet Blaine's eyes.

"No I was just... busy with other things. I'm sorry." Kurt's voice was almost a whisper. His legs stung from his pyjama pants rubbing against the cuts.

"Other things?" Blaine questioned, "Before a few days ago no matter what you were doing you would text me so what happened. What changed?"

"Nothing changed Blaine. I just got sick of playing pretend. What are we doing? You live in Westerville, almost an hour away. This friendship is stupid and impossible. So why don't we just end it now before someone gets hurt." Kurt spat out the words before he could think, he looked up at Blaine's deep hazel eyes, biting back tears in his own blue ones.

"Why are you saying all these things Kurt. I thought we were friends. I thought I meant something to you." Blaine sounded hurt and it pained Kurt to hear him that way. But honestly what was the point? Blaine's going to leave him anyway, he'll find something wrong with Kurt and leave him, everyone always does.

"It's nothing. I just see no point in thinking this is going to work anymore." Kurt got up and started pacing the room. running his hands through his damp hair. "What's the point anymore really? You're going to leave me. Everyone does. Everyone finds something wrong with me and leaves me," Kurt spat. There were tears flowing down his cheeks again.

"I know what you're doing, Kurt. And I won't let you do it." Blaine's voice was steady, but loud. He stood up and gripped Kurt's arms, "I will not let you push me away. I know things are hard for you right now but you have to know I will be here for you." Blaine locked his eyes onto Kurt's, they looked so... empty. "And I know you're going to feel like shit most days, but you have to know that I'm going to here for you, that I'll notice the things that other people don't. I know you've stopped eating Kurt, you're getting thinner. And I know that your grades are probably dropping and I will not let you do this." Blaine was yelling, he didn't notice. Tears fell from Kurt's eyes.

"You have no idea what's going on Blaine, so don't even try pretending that you do." Kurt growled through his tears. He jerked his arms around his torso. Kurt's shirt rode up without him knowing.

"Kurt, of course I know what's going on. You forget I've been through something similar." Blaine took a step closer to Kurt, his eyes trailed to Kurt's waist where his pants hung, where he could see cuts. Blaine gasped. "Kurt, what did you do?"

Kurt failed to choke back a sob as Blaine noticed his cuts, he pulled his shirt down. "It's nothing. Why would you care?"

"I care Kurt, of course I care. I care more than you know, and it is not nothing. Cutting is serious, Kurt." Blaine was yelling again, tears streaming down his own face.

"Just leave it Blaine! I don't want to talk about it!" Kurt screamed.

"I will not leave it!" Blaine screamed back, "This is serious, Kurt. I will not let you do this to yourself!"

"Why? Why can't you just let me die? People wouldn't miss me. And I fail to see why this is so fucking important to you." Kurt was panting heavily, he spat out the swear word.

"Because I care about you too much Kurt! This is so fucking important to me because I know what you're going through! Because I've been there!" Before Blaine could realise what he was doing he was tugging his pants down a bit further down his waist, to where the cuts from his past sat. "I will not let you go through what I did! I will not let you be by yourself and I most certainly will not let you kill yourself!" Tears were streaming heavily down both boys faces. Kurt was staring at Blaine's cuts, he strode up to the other boy and slowly traced his hands across the other boy's cuts. Kurt looked down into the older boy's eyes.

"I'm sorry," he choked out. Before he could stop himself he was pressing his lips against Blaine's, they were hot and insistent. Blaine was kissing the other boy back, stumbling and pushing him against the wall. Both of the boys tasted of salt, they pulled apart, tears still streaming. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry." Kurt was muttering.

"Don't be. You have no reason to be sorry. You need to know I will always be here for you Kurt." He leaned his forehead against Kurt's, breathing heavily.

"So what now?" Kurt questioned, wrapping his arms around Blaine and pulling him into a hug, Blaine placing his head on Kurt's shoulder.

"Well now, I am going to confiscate your razors. I am going to make you call me any time, any where no matter how stupid you think it is, you are going to call me and talk about it. And I am going to visit you every day after school, I don't care how long the drive is I am going to make sure that you're OK." Kurt smiled through his tears, touched that Blaine would care so much.

"Thank you Blaine, so much." Kurt whispered, kissing the top of the other boy's head.