Chapter 3: Revelations

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."-Moulin Rouge

Harry woke up with dread."Today's the day…" he thought while staring at the ceiling.

"Harry, m'lad." Seamus' head poked through the curtain like separations. "Today is the day, we find out abut the lucky or unlucky one you've been bedding."

Harry groaned. "Wasn't it enough to make me nervous? Now, I feel like I'm going to announce my death day." He shuddered. "I can imagine it now; the daily prohet and the attention from other people! Ugh."

"Are you alright?" A familiar voice asked.

"Yeah, Ron." Harry sarcastically replied. "I'm terrific."

He just laughed. "You might want to get up and change; it nearly time for 'Mione to shout at us."

"OK, ok." Harry replied in defeat, his hands shook above his head, indicating surrender while trudging towards the shower carrying his towel and other bath supplies.

"I'll meet you in the common room!" Harry heard Ron shout followed by a quick succession of foot steps down the spiralling stairs.

"OK." He shouted back as he pulled a fluffy white towel around his waist and traipsed back into the dormitory, still slightly wet.

"Harry," Dean goggled at his hips with wide eyes. "Is that…"

"That what?" Harry looked at him in confusion.

Seamus followed Deans gaze and gasped as his eyes settled on Harry's hip. "Y-your hips!"

"What about it?"

"You have a tattoo." The two unisoned. " That's amazing!"

"Oh," Harry said in realization as he looked at it. "That."

The tattoo inked on Harry's hip area was a green snake with silver eyes, and, in delicate black inkd handwriting it said: "Property of D. Malfoy; Fuck off." Harry thought with a fond smile about his lover's similar tattoo, but instead of a snake it was a lion with a the script saying: "Property of H. Potter; Fuck off." Fortunately for Harry, It seemed that Dean and Seamus only saw the snake and not the writing. Harry had a feeling he would've had to deal with just more than the ogling. "This is going to spread like wild fire now, isn't it?"

"We'll go now, Harry." The two said, still ogling at the mercury eyed serpent.

Harry waved goodbye as he started putting on his school uniform when a piercing shout reached him.


"Sorry, Mione!" he shouted back. "I'm coming."

Harry ran down the steps in record time to see A whining Ron, exasperated Hermione, an impatient Ginny and an amused Neville.

"Finally!" they all chorused.

"Sorry." He apologized. "I had to at least try to tame my hair…"

All four sniggered at him.

"So, what is this I hear about tattoos?" Ginny asked with a lift of a brow.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Really?" Ginny pressed. "Does a green serpent with silver eyes, ring any bell?"

"Maybe…" Harry laughed nervously, his hand running through his hair.

"What tattoo?" The other three asked after hearing Ginny's teasing question.

"According to Seamus and Dean, Harry has a snake tattoo." Ginny answered for Harry.

"I can answer on my own, thanks." Harry snapped.

Ginny just glared at him. "Strip."

"Excuse me?" He gave her a horrified look.

Ginny glared harder at Harry. "Strip." She said slowly, popping the 'p' at the end.

Harry looked at her; bewildred. "I'm gay, sorry, but no! I'm not stripping!"

Ginny gave him an exasperated look. "You ponce, I don't fancy you! I want to see your tattoo."

"Oh. Maybe, depends how the guessing goes."

"I'll hold you to that." Hermione and Ginny unisoned.

As they approached the great hall, the volume decreased as everyone watched the Gryffindor group in curiosity before going back to what they were doing. Harry glanced at the slytherin table where, he found Draco looking at him and winked.

"Harry," Hermione said. "Keep on eating."

"Ok," Harry stuffed the final piece of toast in his mouth. "I'm done."

Hermione rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You're turning into Ron."

Harry laughed. "I hope not, I happen to have better manners." He jokingly mumbled then stuck out his tongue at her.

She rolled her eyes at him. "C'mon, we've got transfigurations."

Harry found himself in Draco's arms in the room of requirement after a long line of subjects. After a heated kiss, they parted for air. Still panting, they didn't move from one another's arm.

"Are you ready?" Draco asked while attacking his neck once more.

Harry moaned. "Are you?"

He kissed Harry softly. "Yeah."

Harry smiled, as he tightened his embrace on Draco. "Together?"

Draco held Harry's eyes for a second, his eyes burned, full of passion. "Forever."

"C'mon, We'll be late for arithmancy and divinations."

"Screw arithmancy." Draco whined, tightening his grip n me.

"I'd rather you screw me." Harry replied with a laugh as he untangled himself from Draco and ran to divinations.

Divinations and potions went by far too quickly for Harry's liking as the moment of truth finally dawned on him. Dinner time. His heart was pounding against his chest, it felt like it was worse than facing Voldemort. He saw his friends smiled teasingly. "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" he thought in defeat. No one seemed to notice the group entering the great hall, which came to a relief for Harry. They sat down, Harry facing the slytherin table; Ron;Hermione;Ginny and Neville sat across, blocking Harry's view on the snake's table, causing Harry to frown.

"Ok, what are the rules?" Hermione asked.


With this, everyone's conversation stopped, they all had their attention riveted at the Gryffindor table; even the professors. Everyone was anxious to find out who it was and who would win the large betting reward.

Hermione coughed. "The rules?"

"OH yeah," Harry looked around nervously at the attention given. "You have three guesses and one yes or no question."

"Ron," Hermione nudged him. "You go first."

The tension was thick enough to be cut by a butter knife. It was suffocating. Ron flushed red at the anticipating stares as he mumbled. "Theodore Knott."

Harry grinned, most people had agrin on their face; hinking they had won. "No." He replied with a laugh; easing some of the tension.

The grins quickly fell and the 'audeience' groaned.

"Blaise Zabini." Hermione suggested.

People edged away from their seats in anticipation, some had crossed their fingers, hoping to hear the word "Yes."

Harry laughed at the absurdity. "Of course, not." Then hastily added. "No offence."

"None taken, Potter." Zabini replied from the slytherin table. "I think I know how it is."

"Really?" HAry asked, a sly snile creeping onto his lips.

"Oh, yes." Zabini drawled. "How very slytherin of you."

Harry purred from the comment. "Why, thank you."

"Your welcome." Zabini smirked.


Everyone turned to where the sound had originated; it seemed that Professor Snape; Potions Master extraodinaire had fainted. Everyone sniggered as professor McGonagall mumbled "enervate" to re-awaken the potion's professor.

Professor Snape groaned. "Thank you, professor. I apologise for the interruption. I was merely shocked when I worked out who it was."

"Very slytherin of him, don't you think; professor?" Zabini smirked.

"Indeed. Although, admittedly, they are like ying and yang."

"Anyway," Harry turned to face Hermione once again. "You have one guess left and a question."

"You know, we could always tell everyone to strip to see who has your matching tattoo." Ginny quipped.

Everybody began buzzing at the new found information.

Harry smiled. "Yeah, but you won't because you're my friend and we are Gryffindors."

Everyone became silent once again, from behind Hermione, Harry could see his lover flush a delicate pink which made him smile widely.

"We're going to ask a question." Hermione decide for both her and Ron.

"OK," Harry prompted. "What is it?"

"Is he good to you?" Hermione smiled softly.

Harry's eyes widened in realization. "You've worked it out haven't you?"

Hermione nodded with a laugh. "So, is he?"

Harry laughed. "Very."

"Better be."

Everyone looked confused. That, or irritated for not being able to guess or wait for the awaited answer.

"What did I miss?" Ron asked, eyes wide in confusion.

"Nothing." Hermione replied out loud as she whispered something else into Ron's ears.

"Harry!" Ron's eyes grew wide. "The sorting hat was right! You should've been in slytherin!"

"So, you two ok with it?"

"IF he makes you happy…" Ron concluded with nod. "You deserve it after all you've been through."

"I agree with Ron, you know." Hermione grinned.

Ginny coughed. "Do you mind telling us? You know, the rest of the entire student body who are left in the dark."

The golden trio blushed.

"Here's our guess." Ron and Hermione chorused. "Draco Malfoy; the slytherin prince."

"Yup!" Harry smiled at Draco. He smiled back which increased Harry's heart rate. Everyone gasped at the interaction.

Draco had gotten up and waltzed towards the Gryffindor table with a smirk. "Granger, Weasley." Draco drawled. "I apologize for all the things I have done to you. As a token of apology, please accept This book: Hogwarts; It's founders and two season tickets to the chudley cannon match; front row near the minister."

Hermione and Ron sat there, dumb founded.

Harry beamed at his boyfriend and kissed him and he he kissed him back heatedly.

"Awwww." Hermione cooed.

He shook his head exasperatedly.

"Thank you, Malfoy." Hermione and Ron said "How did you know what we liked?"

"Harry, of course." Draco smirked "So, who won the bet?"

At that, everyone groaned, knowing they had lost except for two fellow classmates:

Luna Love good and Ginny Weasley.

Everyone was shouting; due to the shock of the revelation or due to the arguing because of the bet, they weren't sure.

"Shall we go to the room of requirement?" Ron shouted over the noise.

"Yeah." Harry and Draco chorused.

They reached the room of requirement and its peaceful tranquility; they sat down in big plush cushions near a table filled with cookies.

"Is the tattoo thing true?" Hermione asked, her eyes sparkled in curiosity.

"Hermione!" Harry muttered "You're turning into a fangirl."

"Yeah, but, I think it's sexy." Hermione smirked

Harry sighed. "Yeah it's true"

Hermione bit her lip, a little hesitant ."Can I see them both?"

Harry looked at Draco, they both nodded then laughed at the accidental syncronicity. They stood up and lowered our pants to show our tattoo.

Hermione gasped "that's so sexy and sweet"

The two lovers grinned and sat down, Draco's arms around the saviour's waist protectively.

Harry leaned back and thought with a grin as he settled himself inside Draco's vanilla warmth. "Life is good, it's not perfect but it's good enough for me"

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