N I G H T M A R E - W I L L

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There isn't a thing she can think about more. Not the math test she's sure to fail tomorrow, not the endless list of chores she still hasn't done, not even Nerissa can occupy a space in her mind longer than the thought of Matt.

It worries her to no end that Shagon was able to quote Matt's letter. Had Shagon actually written it? Does he have Matt? What have Nerissa and her Knights done with him? Is he even still alive?

Will takes a deep breath at this thought, stopping in her tracks on the way to the Olsen's pet store. Even though it's an option she has to consider, she can't go into her first day of her new job a complete wreck. Though, Matt's grandfather would understand. After all, he was the one who told Will about the letter in the first place. He sympathizes.

Still, it's not Will's style.

Blowing the bangs out of her eyes, an action she always does when she's frustrated, Will feels a jolt of electricity run through her body. The Heart of Kandrakar's calm beating begins to soothe the worry, the fear, the anger building up inside her.

Such emotions won't help her in the long run, especially considering the fact that her current enemies feed off things like desperation and hate. And boy, if there's one person she hates, it's –

No, Will, she tells herself. But really, it's too hard for a fourteen-year-old girl to control her emotions. Especially when the person she hates is the one most likely to be responsible for the entire Matt fiasco. Shagon.

Just the thought of that jerk makes her tense, makes her want to punch him so hard, he'll cry. His mocking voice still echoes in Will's mind, taunting her with knowledge about Matt. Oh what she wouldn't give to –

Will, she scolds. Calm down. She can't risk feeling hate. Shagon could show up at any time. Not to mention the animals in the shop can feel her emotions. Will doesn't want them to get out of hand because she can't stop thinking about how much she wants to punch Shagon's lights out.

She takes another breath before opening the door to the shop. She likes working here and she isn't about to ruin that for herself.

Will steps inside, smile ready for Mr. Olsen, Matt's grandfather. But the first person she sees isn't the old man. Instead it's a boy Will had thought to have run away or – the worst-case scenario – been captured by Nerissa.


She can't breathe. She can't hear a squeak out of the animals. The only sense of hers that seems to be working is her sight, the way it takes him in, especially that familiar smile. Will blinks and rubs her eyes to make sure she's not seeing things and when he's still there, leaning against the countertop, she runs to him.

"Matt!" she exclaims, hugging him tightly. She steps back to take all of him in again. There's no way to describe how much she's missed him. And because he's here that must mean Shagon was bluffing and the letter was real! How weird is it that she's relieved that her boyfriend ran away without telling her! "Why are you back?"

"Dropping out was a total bonehead move. And leaving you...was a total...bonehead move."

"Well, it is certainly great that you're back my boy!" Matt's grandfather says. Then he looks between Matt and Will and decides to let the two teens be teens for a moment. "Well, I'm going to step in the back for a few minutes to get the seed."

He winks at Will and she can't help but smile.

Once he's gone, Will's mouth is immediately on Matt's and she can't remember a feeling better than this. It's pure bliss. Matt is back and Shagon didn't get to him and everything is right with the world.

And then Matt reaches a hand behind Will's head, pushing her deeper into the kiss. All of a sudden he is more forceful with her and Will can't seem to catch a breath of air. Something isn't right; she can feel it in his powerful kiss. Matt's kisses are usually light and sweet, but this kiss they share now is demanding, suffocating. It chills Will to the bone.

She manages to push away from him – or maybe it should be that he lets her, but that's a scary thought and not one Will wishes to register – and stares into his eyes. They have changed and are no longer Matt's. Instead his eyes resemble those of a familiar foe.

"Shagon. Where's Matt?" Will glares. At the change, the animals in the room all squawk and bark and shriek loudly. They don't like the intruder either.

"Where do you think?" he laughs and then suddenly, almost as if by magic – and with all that's happened in her life, Will finds magic to be the source too easily – there is a Shagon behind her. She can hear his laughter, too. Then Will looks to her left and there is another. And as she looks all around, it is as if she is surrounded by copies and copies of Shagon.

The Matt in front of her transforms into his true form, joining the Shagons around her. His laugh only adds to the others' laughter, echoing throughout her skull.

Will is helpless to fight him as his laughter paralyzes her. And then the floor gives way beneath her and she falls into an abyss of shadow.

Will wakes with a start, breathing rapidly. It's almost as if her heart is trying to jump out of her chest, a thought that scares her. Will is scared, that's for sure; she can feel it all throughout her. She's scared and in shock and angry, but she can feel a bit of relief in her as well. The relief that follows every nightmare. Relief that it was only a dream.

But was it just a nightmare? After Nerissa's attack on the guardian's minds before, Will is never too certain about her dreams, a fact that has led her to get less and less sleep as the weeks have gone on.

Though that dream probably was a nightmare. The scene from the pet shop a few days ago still haunts her mind during the day. Why wouldn't it bother her while she's asleep? Everything is a nightmare nowadays anyway.

Will looks to her alarm clock – the one that would normally recite to her what exactly she had been dreaming about. After that dream, she's sure he knows better than to recount her with that nightmare especially. She sees that he was just about to wake her.

No point in going back to sleep, she thinks as she lies back down and stares at the ceiling. Her heart is still racing and she can't stop thinking about Matt. Matt… Will looks to the photo of Matt and Mr. Huggles, the dormouse he gave her. Matt is smiling in the picture, and Will can't help but smile back at him. She misses him so much.

Will feels a tear escape her eyes as she sighs. This is probably one of the only things she can't show to the guardians, to anyone really. Her emotion. She has to be the strong leader.

And not five minutes later, the strong leader gets up and prepares herself for school. Her mother is surprised at how early Will has gotten up. Considering Will's track record for sleeping in, this doesn't come as a surprise. Besides, Will is too concerned about Matt to care what her mom has to say about anything.

Will is whisked through the day. She doesn't care much for math as it is, but today it's like she's on a completely different planet. Even at lunch, she doesn't bother to take part in the usual banter. Her friends notice, but they know what's wrong and figure it's best to give Will her space.

In fact, the only time Will even focuses is when she sees Matt – or rather, Shagon. He's like a wolf in sheep's clothing, parading around as Will's boyfriend like that. Every time she sees him, her heart skips a beat and she has to continuously tell herself, That's not Matt, before she runs up to him and makes a mistake worth regretting.

Every second, she wishes the real Matt would come back safe and sound.

Will doesn't know how long she can go on like this.

It's only during swim practice after school that she can really clear her head. As Will swims back and forth in the pool, she thinks of absolutely nothing but the water around her, and she's wholeheartedly grateful for it. But she knows she can't stop the clock from advancing to the worst part of her day, the part of her day that used to be the best part.

She takes her time walking to the pet shop, knowing who awaits her. His laughter is still there. It left a resounding mark on her psyche and she can't seem to make it go away.

Just like in her nightmare, Will takes a deep breath before she enters the shop, readying herself for whatever the demon is going to throw at her.

He smirks as she walks in, and Will sends a glare his way. She then turns to Mr. Olsen with a smile and asks, "How is everything today?"

"Oh, just fine!" the old man says. He then gestures to the parakeet sitting on his arm. "This bird, however, is such a rascal! Aren't you, Tally?"

Will glances at "Matt" from the corner of her eye. He hasn't done anything yet, but his problem is all too obvious. Though, why he would need to wait for Mr. Olsen to be out of the way is beyond her. She's never known any evildoer to care if a bystander saw them do something, well, evil.

And, just as she suspected, he doesn't make his move until the old man goes to the back room, saying something about "taking care of this bird". As much as Will is prepared for him, she is still surprised when she turns around and there "Matt" is, backing her into a wall.

Her heartbeat quickens to her dismay; her body senses Matt's body. And really, he does feel like Matt. Just like Matt. Will still curses herself for it when Shagon notices and smirks wider, something that doesn't look normal on Matt's face.

"My, my," he says, though it's Matt's voice Will hears. She doesn't like it. "How is the guardian leader today?"

"Get bent," Will spits, attempting to shove him out of her way. It's to no avail though, something that really irks her. She's too used to fighting with her enhanced strength. These were the moments where Will wished she was always in guardian form.

Shagon laughs, throwing his – or, more correctly, Matt's – head back. "Is this how you greet every boy that makes your heart beat like…" He places a hand on her chest. "so?"

"Shove off, Shagon," Will says, swatting his hand away. "I thought we made a deal: I don't bother you, you don't bother me."

"Well, I guess I don't mind if you bother me, my pet." He smirks and places the hand she swatted away under her chin, pulling her face closer to his. Shagon traps her in a kiss, but to anyone else it would seem like it was just Matt kissing Will. Normal stuff. Her body seems to think so.

The kiss is the same one from her dream. Demanding, suffocating, paralyzing. Nothing like Matt's sweet, hesitant, gentle kisses. Will can't help but think that she might actually…like the way Shagon kisses her.

No, no, NO! Will screams inside her head. I will never have feelings for this jerk! The kiss has lasted much longer than she really wanted. And honestly, she doesn't want to kiss him at all. He is not Matt.

She pushes him away, something that is much easier to do than it was in her dream. She did happen to catch Shagon off guard, though, so that might have had something to do with it. At the moment, Will can't care less as she's too concerned with getting as far away from him as possible.

Shagon's face lights up in surprise at Will's action, but he just smirks it away. Will doesn't want to imagine what kind of perverse thoughts are floating through his mind. God, how she wants to –

She does. Before leaving, she turns back around and shows off her strength. Even in her regular form she can pack a punch, and that's what she does. Punch. Slapping is definitely not her style in the first place and definitely not a luxury Shagon deserves.

As Will stomps out of the pet shop, she thinks about her nightmare. That was definitely the way to combat it. And since she's living a nightmare – all started by Nerissa – without the slightest idea of how she's going to get out of it, she's going to do what she knows best.

Will is going to fight.

And she will certainly make sure that even if she doesn't get out of this nightmare, Matt will.

Shagon will not win.

A/N: This is based off that pet store scene in M is for Mercy. Well, really, it's based off the whole idea of M is for Mercy. To be honest, I never thought I'd be writing Will/Matt. I hated Matt when I first watched the series. Now that I've been re-watching it and reading the comics and such, he's earned some of my respect. Though, I'm still probably a Will/Caleb shipper above all.

This fic was definitely not this long originally. Actually, I think I put two ideas together to make one. Regardless, excuse me if it seems like I'm going in circles for the dream. It is a dream after all, and that kind of thought process is normal.

Shagon's part is next! Whenever I actually write it, that is.

I hope you enjoyed this!