I wrote this before Christmas, which is the time frame it was meant to be in, but I couldn't get the ending quite right, so I re-wrote it and re-re-wrote it. But I STILL don't like the ending!

If anyone wants to help, I would greatly appreciate it! Just, a new ending because my one doesn't seem to properly fit... If someone sends me a better ending and allows me too, I'll change this ending for it!

There were many things Castiel remembered from being human. He remembered cell-phones and their irritating ringing noises and flat voices which were always telling you that you couldn't do what you were trying to do. He remembered rain, how drenching and cold it was, especially when you couldn't just make yourself instantly dry. He remembered burgers, and how delicious their red meat was. He remembered plenty of things, good and bad, but he simply couldn't remember what this little brown tasty thing was called.

Oh, he remembered eating it once. He knew he'd liked it then too. He wished he knew what it was called, this delicious brown, sweet substance that melts slowly on your tongue. He had been given a little from very young girl when he was waiting for Dean in a mall. She'd teetered up to him and told him that sharing was a good thing to do, gave him a little sweet brown stuff, and wandered back to her mother, who had been quietly laughing. Maybe it had something to do with Christmas?

When Dean came out of the adjacent shop where he and Sam had been investigating several strange deaths, he listened politely. "It has to be ghosts. A locked storage closet, no forced entry, and blood spattering the walls. Besides, one man hung himself in the same room a year and a half ago. We know where he was buried, so we can dig up his grave and- Cas, you have a little something. There." Castiel wiped the brown smudge off his face.

"What is this delicious brown stuff?" He asked Dean. He realized he'd eaten it all, so he pointed in the candy shop window, and Dean laughed.

"It's chocolate Cas." The angel looked at him, confused. "You don't know what chocolate is? That's pathetic. Come on, we have a job. Once we're done I can show you the magic of chocolate and candy." He pushed on his way, but the angel stayed a moment longer before following.

"Cho-co-late." He said. Even the word sounded nice... throughout the mission he thought of it, and was rather scared he was turning into Gabriel. Yes, that angel DID have quite a sweet tooth... he decided he didn't want to become Gabriel, but that a little chocolate and decadence couldn't hurt, could it? Just a little... he resolved that he'd only have a tiny amount, and in the following hours he ate so much of the sweet dark candy, he marveled that his vessel didn't explode.