I am so sorry for the long wait. I wanted to finish this sooner but life sort of took over and got in the way. I took a trip down to Florida and visited the Magical World of Harry Potter and it was fabulous. If any of you go, try the frozen butterbeer and eat at The Three Broomsticks. I'm not sure who was more excited to be there, me or my two nephews. Anyway this is the end of the story. I may write another mystery for Severus to solve with his new team ala Criminal Minds but I have another idea floating around my mind. This has been a stressful year for me and writing has helped me relax and escape for a while. Thank you for all of the reviews.

The sun shone into the bedroom waking its occupants. Hermione grinned when she looked into Severus's sleepy eyes. Her companion said nothing but only raised his hand and wandlessly closed the drapes and pulled her closer to his body. He told her he wasn't letting her out of his bed all day and he meant it. Hermione just snuggled into his embrace and fell back to sleep. It was a little later when she woke to his lips on her neck and his hands doing amazing things to her body. Hermione shouted out her orgasm and then reciprocated the attention her lover gave her.

Hours later Severus had to let Hermione out of bed due to her body's needs and the endless grumbling of his stomach. While she saw to her needs he looked in the kitchen and found the supplies he had the house elves bring when they brought Hermione's clothes. By the time she walked into the kitchen Hermione found a very late breakfast waiting for her.

"I found my bathrobe in the loo, any idea how it got there?" She asked as he pulled her chair out for her.

"The same way some of your clothes are in my closet and the cupboards are full, very helpful house elves."

"You certainly were busy yesterday, furnishing a new flat, enlisting the help of house elves and catching a serial killer all in day."

"Don't forget seducing a very beautiful woman into my bed and ravishing her." He smirked at her blush.

"That my dear Severus did not take much work as far as I can remember."

He was about to say something when an owl tapped at the window. Hermione recognized it as Harry's owl and Severus opened the window to let him in. He took the envelope from his foot and fed him a piece of bacon.

Severus scowled as he read the note, Harry apologized ahead of time but Severus was needed at the ministry to complete a report to be brought in front of the Wizengamot Monday morning. Kingsley wanted everything wrapped up nice and tight so he could propose the development of a new department at the ministry, the MWBI or Muggle Wizard Bureau of Investigation. He was hoping Severus would agree to head up the unit and build his team with both muggles and wizards.

Severus looked at Hermione apologetically and showed her the letter. "I'm sorry love but we have to cut our time together short."

Hermione just smiled and kissed him, "It's ok, I'll just go get dressed and meet you at Grimmauld later."

She was about to go back to the bedroom when he pulled her back into his arms. "Next weekend is ours love, we will have an undisturbed two days if I have to put up wards to keep even owls away."

An hour later Severus was at the ministry working on the report and Hermione was at Grimmauld place being interrogated by Ginny and the other women. Victoria was pleased her cousin was in a relationship with Hermione but chose to seek out Sirius when Ginny asked more personal questions.

At the ministry Severus and Harry were done with the report and were waiting for Kingsley to approve it. Harry looked at Severus and approached the subject that was weighing on his mind since last night.

"Severus please don't take this as intrusive but as Hermione's best friend I want to know your full intentions."

Severus looked at his former student; he knew full well the extent of Harry and Hermione's relationship. They loved each other as siblings. He did not resent Harry's question, he answered it.

"My relationship with Hermione is private but I will tell you that I will never intentionally hurt her. I am looking for the long term with Hermione."

Harry smiled, "That's what I thought you would say but you have to understand I have to act the protective brother, she is my family. After what Ron did to her I vowed never to let another man treat her that way."

"Weasley was an idiot. Hermione is a warm, loving, passionate woman and his loss is definitely my gain. I don't know where we are headed but I can tell you that she will be cherished everyday that we are together."

Severus was a man of his words. The relationship between Severus and Hermione grew and blossomed. When he returned to the States for his cousins wedding she accompanied him. His family accepted her with open arms and his aunts were thrilled that Severus had found someone he cared for.

Hermione's parents were just as thrilled to meet Severus. He was the complete opposite of Ron and for that they were grateful. The age difference concerned them at first but after careful deliberation they saw that an older man was a good fit for Hermione.

A year after Severus had returned to England he was heading the new department Kingsley had set up, he had a modern flat in Muggle London, a close knit group of friends and a very sexy live in girlfriend. He was about to make that relationship much more permanent.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Severus and Hermione were out in Muggle London enjoying the beautiful spring day. They had just had lunch at his favorite place for fish and chips just like they did that first date. They walked for a bit and stopped at the same bench they sat on a year ago when they shared their first kiss. Only this time instead of sitting next to her Severus bent down on one knee, took her hand in his and looked into her eyes.

"Hermione this last year has been amazing for me. I never thought I would find the right woman I could settle down with. That was before I came back to England, before I fell in love with you. Every moment we spend together is precious; I want to share the rest of my life with you. Hermione, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Hermione's heart was beating so hard she could hear the pounding in her ears. The words were stuck in her throat and all she could do was nod her head as the tears of joy flowed freely down her face. Severus placed the diamond solitaire on her finger and took her in his arms. It was a few minutes before she could speak but when she did all she could say was, "I love you."

"I love you too Hermione, more than I have ever loved or cared for anyone."

Three months later in a ceremony attended by all of their family and friends Severus and Hermione took their vows and promised to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. Their marriage was filled with love, friendship, respect and passion and Hermione felt cherished every day.