Prompt: Ice

Character: James Potter

A winning smile

Smooth as Ice

A cocky look

Powerful as the cold

A teasing wink

Tempting as the first snow fall

Eyes follow you wherever you go

Batting eyelashes

And sensuous smiles

And maybe you will take one of them to Hogsmeade next weekend

Or meet another in a dark corner of the grounds

And you'll lead them on

Bat them around

Like a Cat p l a y i n g with it's pray

And before they know what's hit them

You've moved on to the next girl in line

But maybe it's kinder this way

Don't you think?


But it wasn't always this way

Was it, Darling?

You used to be the Summer King

All warm laughter

And loving smiles

As you ruled over your kingdom

With a gentle hand

And a loving heart

But then the cold came

Who knows when that first icy breeze blew in

Or when the first frost formed on the greengreen grass

Maybe it was when your dream

Of being just like your father

Was shattered

Of course it wasn't until later that you learned he wasn't the best wizard in his year

Or maybe it was when you received your first howler

For blowing up a Hogwarts toilet

You didn't know it was a bad idea to listen to your Uncle George

Or maybe it was when Ice-Queen

With her winning smile

And cold eyes

Broke your heart


But it doesn't really matter anymore

Does it, Darling?

The whos, whats, whys and wheres

Fade to the background as time wears on

All that matters is the now

And you are standing in your kingdom

Snow covers the grassy fields

And once-beautiful flowers

Gray clouds hide the golden sun

And a freezing wind blows away all memories of chirping birds

And warm summer nights spent watching the stars

Now you rule with a winning smile

And an iron heart


You never let anyone in

After all

Who else could survive

Without freezing to the bone

But you can

Under it's iron shield

Your heart still beats strong and warm


But Darling

Do you even remember what warm felt like?


You are a p r i s o n e r in your palace ofice

The walls of snow keep everyone out

But they also keep you in

And you don't even know it


But somewhere

In the darkest, deepest, halls of the palace

Is a room

Just a little warmer than the rest

And in the corner

Is a small patch of grass peeping out from the snow

That is just a little thinner than everywhere else

And in that patch of grass is a single red rose

Untouched by the ice and snow

Unsullied by the freezing wind

One little flower

Showing that your kingdom

The land of summer

Is not completely gone

But you don't know about this flower

Do you, Sweetheart?

Or so you claim

But maybe

Just maybe

You're not as cold as you'd like the world to think


You sneak down to that hidden room

In the dead of night

When no one can see you

And you sit for hours on the cold, hard snow

And just watch the rose

Your rose

As it stands tall in defiance of the icy wind

But when morning comes

You close the doors

And all that is left is ice and snow

And no one bothers to look deeper


So sit on your throne of ice

In your castle of snow

The cold winds howling through the empty halls


Although you'de never admit it

Would you, Darling?

Who would look at you

And truly see

See the ice and snow and cold

And see that single rose

And pick it

And bring it out for all the world to see

And maybe the walls would begin to crumble

And your throne begin to melt

Maybe grass would come out of hiding

And flowers grow

But until then

You stand in the doorway of your castle

Looking out over your frozen kingdom

For you are the winter king

Right, Darling?

So all hail the king of Ice

And snow

And cold

And a single red rose