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Emma stumbled into the dimly lit restroom. Her head was swimming from too many drinks. She was a light weight, and the six drinks she had was more than her system could handle. There was another woman standing at one of the sinks. Emma nodded at her as she turned on the sink. She wet her hands and dabbed the water at her face and neck.

"Rough night?" The woman asked. Her voice was husky from one too many years smoking, Emma guessed.

"Mmm." Emma turned off the sink. "Too many fruity drinks." She swallowed a gulp of air while trying to steady her stomach. "Either too much alcohol or too much sugar." The woman nodded. Emma noticed that the other woman was very attractive, even for being in her late thirties. She had dark blond hair that had slight streaks of gray running through it. Her eyes were a vivid green with gold flecks in them. Her lips were a medium fullness and stained red from the lipstick that worn off earlier in the night. She had a good figure for her age that showed she worked out. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a low cut red sweater. Emma was pretty sure she was considered a cougar, but she also had a feeling that she had no problem getting men, no matter their age.

"I know that feeling, Emma." Emma looked at the woman again. How did she know her name? The woman took a step closer to Emma and smiled. The smile was supposed to be pleasant, but it sent a sickening feeling into the pit of her stomach, one that made the effect of the alcohol seem mild. "Just relax, open your mouth wide and take a deep breath." Emma did as the woman suggested. "You'll feel better in a few minutes." The woman came within inches of Emma's face and opened her mouth as well. What the hell was going on? Emma knew she was drunk, but someone had to have slipped something into her drink because she swore she saw black smoke coming out of the woman's mouth. Emma drew in a deep breath to scream, but was quickly choking on the black smoke, then all went black.

Emma was standing at the sink looking in the mirror when her friend Natalie entered the restroom. "Emma, honey, you okay?" Natalie asked. She stopped short when she saw the woman lying on the floor unconscious. "Is she okay?"

Emma didn't look away from the mirror. "Yeah. She passed out a second ago, too much to drink." She glanced at Natalie in the mirror as she applied fresh lipstick. "Natalie, you look amazing tonight." Natalie smiled at her friend as they exchanged a look in the mirror. Emma moved behind Natalie and lifted her hair from her shoulders. "You should wear your hair up more. You look so sexy that way. The guys really love it." Natalie tried to pull away from her friend. They were close, but this was making her more than a little uncomfortable. Something just didn't seem right about Emma.

"Thanks, Em. I'll remember that next time we go out." She again tried to move past her friend, but Emma kept right with her. They locked eyes in the mirror and Emma smiled. It wasn't her normal warm and friendly smile. Something about this smile sent chills down Natalie's spine.

Without saying a word Emma leaned forward and kissed Natalie on the neck. Natalie stiffened and whirled around on her friend. "What the hell?"

Emma shrugged. "I've always wanted to do that," the chilling smile came back, "and this." Natalie gave Emma a puzzling look as her friend placed her hands on each side of Natalie's head and with a motion that was as quick as a blink of the eye, she snapped her neck. Natalie's lifeless body fell to the ground beside the other woman. Emma looked in the mirror and her eyes flashed black for a second before she left the restroom.

"Dean, I'm telling you that missing person's case in Bloomington was more than just a standard missing person's case," Sam said waving the newspaper article in the air. Dean glanced over at his brother and then back at the road.

"No it wasn't. We were there for three days and nothing came up. No EMF, EVP, sulfur, nothing. It was a case of a psycho went into that club, killed those two women and took the third, nothing more." Dean's tone was getting edgy. This argument had been going on for the last fifty miles, and he was tired of it.

"The one woman had been dead for weeks. The other woman was dead only a matter for minutes when the bodies were found. The surveillance tapes showed the other girl, Emma, left on her own, without her friend. Doesn't that seem odd to you?"

Dean shrugged and kept his eyes on the road. "We've been over this before. Maybe they were on the prowl for guys, and she figured her friend left with a guy. She wasn't having much luck and left the club. Now, she disappeared after that. It's possible. People vanish all the time and are never found. It doesn't mean that something supernatural is going on, Sam. This wasn't a case for us. End of discussion." Dean's tone showed he was done with the topic. Sam dropped the article in his lap and slumped into the front seat in a huff. There were times like this that Dean reminded him so much of their dad, his way or the highway, no room for discussion.

The road was dark and lonely. It had been fifty miles since the last gas station and road lights were only every few miles. Sam started to feel his eyes droop when he suddenly saw a woman stumbling on the side of the road. "Dean!" Dean noticed the woman at the same time and hit the brakes. The Impala stopped just feet from hitting her. She was dressed in a short black skirt, a royal blue sleeveless blouse, and strappy heels. From where they were sitting, both men could see bruises on her arms and a cut on her cheek. She placed her hands on the hood to steady herself. Sam looked down at the article, "Dean?"

"Yeah. I was thinking the same thing." The slowly got out of the car and approached the woman. It couldn't be her. They were over two hundred miles from Bloomington and hadn't seen a car for hours.

"Emma?" Sam asked and she turned to look at Sam. She nodded and wobbled a little. Dean rushed to catch her before she fell to the pavement.

"Sam? Sam Winchester?" The brothers looked at each other confused since they had never met the girl before.

"Yeah?" Sam stepped closer to her.

"I've been looking for you." Emma passed out and slumped into Dean's arms.

"Didn't expect that," Dean commented as he scooped her up and carried her to the back seat of the Impala.

"No kidding." Sam got a blanket out of the trunk and covered her up.

Dean threw the car into gear as soon as they were all settled and looked at his brother. "Okay, maybe that was our kind of case." Sam frowned, nodded and looked back at their sleeping passenger.