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It was a dark and stormy night New Orleans and no one was out at all because of the weather being poor and horrible. But that's what you think?…

Suddenly…a scream is heard!

Who you may ask…


"Please let me go…I don't want to do this any more!" Tiana said begging.

"No I won't you belong to me…ONLY!" the mystery man said angrily.

Tiana is on the floor bruised up. She had cuts and bruises on her face, a nose bleed, a busted lip, purple bruises on her arms and legs and a bloody gash on her head. Tiana is crying not because of just the pain but because of the hurt and suffering that this sicko of a man did to her for months!

Tiana had been maliciously raped. Not once or twice but tons.

She stood restricted on the wall in a dark alley in the rain by the hands of the rapist. Her beautiful green dress ripped, if not shredded making her look half naked. She had her panties on the floor and her bra showing. She felt so degraded and violated.

But there was nothing she could do to stop this. She had to be strong.

Poor Tiana!

"Come on…this won't hurt a bit." the mystery man said with an evil grin.

The man entered inside of her!

"Ah!" Tiana said screaming.

"Ah! The sound of your pain is like music to my ears!" the mystery man said smiling crazily.

"Help ME!" Tiana said screaming. "Someone please!"

The mystery man laughs out loud!

"My dear no one can hear you scream!" The mystery man said with a crazed smile. "There is no one hear for miles!"

"No…NO!" Tiana said crying and screaming.

"YES!" the mystery man said. "No one can save you….not even your dearly beloved husband!"

"No!" Tiana said kicking and screaming. "Naveen!"

"HAHAHAHA!" the mystery man laughs.

But no one can save her!

She was alone.

"Naveen…" Tiana said quietly.