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She dropped to her knees and looked down over the ledge and cried out in misery at what she saw…

Surrounded in a pool of blood in the middle of the street was Damien. His once broken arm was completely snapped off and his form was sprawled about awkwardly.

"Ah…haha." Tiana cried and fell to the side of the ledge crying on the ground.

Naveen came over and held her up carefully.

She looked at him before leaning on his chest and crying in his chest.

Naveen looked down on her heartbrokenly and rubbed her back affectionately.

The sirens from the police were very loud now as they soon arrived and surrounded the body before getting out and inspecting the body.

Some of them then ran to the apartment complex and went inside.

"Oh Naveen…he's gone." Tiana said sadly.

"I know…" He said bowing his head.

But then he winced and cried out.

Tiana looked up at him in shock.

"Naveen…what's wrong?!"

He then fell backwards on the ground and scrunched his face in pain.

Tiana rushed to his side and placed a hand on his chest.

"Naveen…what?" But then she spotted a pool of blood coming from the side of the ground.

She lifted him carefully and inspected his back and gasped.

His back was completely soaked with blood and had a blade stabbed in his back deeply.

She realised that this was the fear she had before and it came true.

"No!...Naveen please speak to me." Tiana cried out to her husband and gazed at him.

Naveen opened his eyes slowly and gasped as he began to spasm.

"Tiana…" He said and reached his hand to touch her face. "I-I…"

Tiana held him close and cried in his chest.

Suddenly, he disappears from her cloches!

Tiana gasped and stood up.

"Naveen!" She called out. "Where are you?!"

Her voice echoed as if she was on her own.

She looked around her and only saw an endless darkness. She was growing scared because of the overgrowing silence.

"Where am I?" She said quietly.

She moved slowly through the darkness but then heard a whisper…


Her eyes widened.

"What?!" She said. "Who's out there?"


"Show yourself now!" She said while trying to be confident.

Then a large blob of darkness rose slowly from the ground before forming into a human figure. It was…

"Damien?! Tiana cried out confused and horrified.

Damien stood there with a crippled body and a missing arm. He looked gravely pale and looked at her with a dead gaze that made her shiver.

Tiana couldn't move a muscle as she was too frightened and feared for her life. Tiana had been intimidated from Damien's gaze many times but now his eyes were like death itself and pierced right through to her very soul.

"You disgust me." He said in a deep low tone.

"What?" Tiana managed to respond but quietly.

"I thought you'd love me." He shouted out now in anger. "But you did this to me."

Tiana grew teary eyed.

"But I...I didn't-" She said with a stutter as she tried to speak.

"Haha!" Damien laughed. "Look at yourself…you are pathetic!"

Tiana bowed her head as her tears went down her face.

"You not only endangered me but your dear husband too!" Damien shouted and chuckled.

"No…no…" She said faintly as she covered her eyes.

"I'll bet you would like to see him wouldn't you?" He said. "Hmm…why don't you turn around and face him…"

Tiana gasped and turned around.

She almost had a heart attack!

Naveen stood right behind her and didn't look at all right. He stood there with a dead gaze also and gravely pale.

Tiana lifted her hand to her face and stepped back.

"Naveen…" She said fearfully.

"Hahahaha!" Damien laughed. "Sucks to be you!"

"Tiana." Naveen said very coldly. "Nice to see the woman who ruined my life."

Tiana's eyes widened.


Naveen chuckled.

"Oh don't be so innocent." He said smugly. "Everything was going so well Tiana…but you kept all these secrets."

Tiana went silent.

"I would have thought that we being husband and wife meant something…I thought..." He said and chocked. "You loved me…"

"But I do honey…" Tiana spoke now in tears. "Naveen you're my world."

She stepped forward to touch his face but he turned around and she saw his back and winced. The blade imbedded in his back was there and the back of his shirt completely soaked with blood.

"No I can't…you've brought me much pain and now thanks too you…" He said as he walked away. "You not only broke my heart…you killed me."

"No Naveen!…" Tiana called out and tried to run after him but something was stopping her.

She looked down and screamed.

The darkness was beginning to coat her body from the ground and pulling her down slowly like quicksand.

"AAAAAAH!" Tiana screamed out but looked at Naveen desperately. "Naveen come back…please!"

Naveen looked over his shoulder.

"No Tiana…you are on your own." Naveen said without a care and then disappeared in the darkness.

"Naveen…" Tiana said quietly and this time didn't move as the darkness now covered her shoulders. "I'm sorry…"

She closed her eyes and looked up.

The darkness then smothered her whole…


"AAAAAAAAAH!" Tiana screamed loudly.

She was in a hospital bed in a scrub dress with an I.V connected to her wrist. She was thrashing about wildly with her arms and legs, her hair shaking and whipping side to side. She was also sweating a lot.

The door to the room she was in opened to reveal a nurse who ran inside and to her aid.

"Miss please calm down." She said calmly and tried to restrain her. "I'm here now…you are safe."

"Aaaaah…ah." Tiana screams now stopped as she turned her head to the side while panting.

The nurse swept some hair away from her face.

Tiana turned to her and opened her eyes.

She couldn't see very well as her vision was blurry.

"Please…where am I?" She said quietly.

The nurse smiled.

"Miss your at the hospital." She said.

Tiana shook her head.

"Hospital?..." She questioned in confusion. "How did I get here…who brought me here?"

"An ambulance did…they took you and your husband-" She tried to say but got interrupted.

"My husband where is he?" Tiana said quickly as she got up fast and grabbed her shoulders.

"He's getting treated right now." The nurse said. "He's lost a lot of blood from his serious injury and is in the emergency room as we speak."

Tiana's eyes widened.

"No!" She cried out growing dizzy and leaned on the nurse's shoulder. She had tears growing in her eyes.

"Oh dear miss." The nurse said and coaxed her to lie down. "Please do not worry your husband will be fine."

"Eh…it's my entire fault." Tiana cried and turned her head to the side.

"No dear…do you need a glass of water?" The nurse said sensing her distress.

Tiana said nothing but nodded.

The nurse then went off to go fetch her some water.

Tiana got up and carefully moved her legs to the side of the bed then her small feet touched the cold tile floor. She eased herself off the bed to stand but as soon as this happened she fell to the ground.

She gritted her teeth and panted.

Tiana was so tired but she didn't give up and got up in agony and walked carefully to the door, the I.V connected to her wrist prevented her from moving.

She glared at it before pulling the needle out of her wrist and immediately blood started to come out. She shook a little but looked back at the door.

Tiana inhaled and exhaled before once again heading to the door ignoring the blood leaking from her wrist to the floor.

She placed her hand on the door handle before pressing down and it opened.

She opened it halfway before moving out the room. She looked left and right seeing no one in the corridor and moved again down the corridor.

She looked and saw the many door rooms for the patients as she passed by them. She soon turned a corner and saw at the end of the corridor two double doors with a sign at the top saying the emergency room.

Tiana shook and stood there watching the doors fearful that may' be her poor husband was there and undergoing surgery. The hairs on her skin stick up as part of her tension.

She shook her head

"No I must…" She said in a strained voice.

She moved down the corridor towards the double doors and looked through one of the doors windows.

Her eyes widened and her heart stricken at the sight…

A group of doctors dressed in there surgical attire surrounding her husband was operating on him as we speak and some monitors near them let out loud alarming sounds which wasn't a good sign…

"Doctor he's bleeding a lot of blood from some arteries!" One of the doctors said in a female voice.

"Well dammit…pressurise them and begin the stitching." A doctor said now in alarm. "One of the monitors is saying his heart is going in a panic!"

Tiana stormed through the double doors.

"Nooooooooo!" Tiana screamed out. "Naveen!"

The doctors hearing her voice looked at her.

"Hey you shouldn't be here!"

But Tiana didn't care and ran to her husband screaming out.


"Restrain her back!" One doctor said.

Some of the doctors near the operating table ran towards her and restrained her from going near Naveen.

"No!" Tiana cried out. "He needs me!"

"Miss calm down!" One of the doctors restraining her said.

The heart monitors quick beeping dropped to a deathly loud noise.

Tiana gasped and whimpered as tears came to her eyes.

"Naveen…please don't leave me."

"Quick we must revive his heart and now!" The doctor said and took out the magnetic pads on the machine and began reviving Naveen's heart.

"Clear!" The doctor pressed the pads on his chest as a jolt of electricity shot into Naveen.

The heart monitor beeped a bit before doing the loud noise again.

"Come on clear!"

The doctor did it again and the monitor beeped a bit before continuing its normal beeping.

The doctor sighed in relief as all the other doctors did the same.

Tiana sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness." She said quietly.

"Come now lets finish operating on him." The doctor said as he looked at Naveen then turned to look at Tiana. "And where's the nurse for this patient?!"

The nurse who had been with Tiana stormed inside.

"Right here!" The nurse said panting and looked at Tiana. "There you are Mrs Tiana…I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"Well please escort her out of the room nurse." The doctor said. "We can't afford any disruptions."

"Okay come along Mrs Tiana." The nurse made her way to Tiana and coaxed her to leave the room.

"But I…" Tiana tried to speak but winced.

The nurse saw Tiana wince and looked her to check what was wrong before spotting her wrist bleeding.

"Oh dear…Tiana your wrist!" The nurse pulled her along out of the room quickly. "Let's have it checked out."

. . .

Tiana lays back on the hospital bed that she once was in and gazed out the paned glass windows to look at the sky and saw the sky going an orangey yellow showing that it was already sunrise.

The nurse cleaned and wiped away the blood on Tiana's gently before sticking the needle which connected to the I.V drip back into her wrist.

"Well there now Mrs Tiana." The nurse said. "Good as new…well now that it's sorted I will head off to check on the other patients."

The nurse turned but looked back.

"Are yo going to be okay Mrs Tiana?"

Tiana nodded but touched her head as she grew a dizzy spell.

"Yes…but I'm not feeling to well…"

The nurse moved to gently touch her forehead and pulled back.

"Oooh…your getting a fever." She said. "I'll get some tablets to ease it…that drug pumped into your body is causing some pretty bad side effects."

"Drug?" Tiana said confusedly. "What…drug?"

The nurse gave Tiana a raised eyebrow.

"Well don't you know the answer too that Mrs Tiana?" She said.

Tiana thought about it for a moment before widening her eyes and shouting.

"What…I'm not a druggy!" She said now with narrowed eyes at her. "I'm not the type of woman to do such a thing."

The nurse put her hands up defensively.

"Hey I'm not saying you were but I'm just curious as to why you have yourself pumped up with so much of an illegal drug in your body." She said.

Tiana's expression then turned into a look of worry. She remembers the many times when Damien injected her with that unknown substance.

"Oh god…am I gonna die?!" Tiana said with her hands touching the sides of her face.

"No…no Mrs Tiana try not to worry." The nurse said calmly. "You're not going to die…but your going to have to be checked every now and again by the doctor, so we can run some examinations on you."

Tiana sighed in relief but raised an eyebrow.


"Yep...we just wanna run some tests on you and check how bad the drug is affecting you and what solution we will provide for you if necessary."


"Well you should rest now…the doctor will come in a matter of time, your water is on the side next to you and if you need me just buzz at the button on the wall next to you okay." She said.

Tiana nodded.

The nurse then began moving towards the door when Tiana called out.

"Wait." She said. "What's your name?"

The nurse looked back and smiled.


Tiana smiled.

The nurse then left the room.

And Tiana gazed up at the ceiling before frowning as she thought about what she heard from the nurse and her poor husband…

"Oh I hope I get better and…Naveen." She said closing her eyes as she shed a few tears. "Please god let Naveen make it through this…no matter what Naveen I'll always love you…"