~ After it being pointed out in a PM, I understood the confusion which might be going through your heads.

Well, heres the character list, which will hopefully clear the fog. ~

Tãlan: The Prince of the Elven Kingdom, who must become King through the acts of his own. His love, his Queen, is Reona Alres.

Reona (REE-owe-na) Alres: Is the start of the Shades, the lover of Tãlan, the Queen of the Elven Kingdom, and packs a punch.

Beorn the Edoc'sil: Tãlan's father, the King before him, and enslaved into nothingness by Eron.

Draumr the Hljödhr: Tãlan's mother, the Queen before Reona, who is struck unconscious by her gift, Seer.

Oro: Lord Baron of a fiefdom in the Arovian Empire.

Jor'len (Jhore-lynn, french J): Is, one would say, the real King. The one who instructed Tãlan, when his father went mad.

Adurna: One of Tãlan's high generals, a true friend and guide, and a well equipped Knight; equipped for all but death, that is . . .

Jrean (Jrene, french J): Much the same to Adurna, only a different skin.

Rauthr: One of Tãlan's many friends.

Eron'yilsna: King Beorn's personal secretary.

Iana (EE-ah-na): Jrean's mate.

Eron (Aaron): A mad elf, who previously took orders from Tãlan, and now take orders for Hell's drive-through.

Ire: Eron's only heir, a magnificent female specimen.

Gylo & Ket: Bandits, who took advantage of the sudden attacks.

Dykyr (Decker): A Fenskyll Ambassador, sent to be sure of the alliance between the two nations.

Viladi (Vill-ah-dEE) & Zera: Commanders in Tãlan's battalion, sent to desecrate the Ghroth Generals.

Karah & Lokin's: Your poster-children for the army, these two know what to do when the Watch is set-up.

Bianca: A Zave in Tãlan's battalion, who is later revealed to be alive, hinting to the years the Zave's live.

Earl Gr'llisa (Gehr-liz-ah): An Earl in Ghroth civilization.

Refr Skyhull: A Nothern barbarian, who leads the wild men beneath him.

Kόpa (Kupa) Alres, Korial (Core-EE-el) Alres, Leren Alres, and Scar(rlet) Alres: Reona's family, who all died besides the youngest, who suffered many burns during the final days of the battle.

Lord Kyra: A spoiled brat, who was taught a rough lesson by the youngest Lady in the Kingdom.


Zave: The Shifter race

Fenskyll: Winged, technologically advanced, these blue skinned people will one day rule the world.

Ghroths: Black winged creatures, who look pleasant from afar . . . and with a handful of arrows sticking from their skull.

Bryll: The magically marveled species, who hate their nit-wit cousins, the Goblins. who gave them a bad rep.