The movie starts out with Alan Matthews standing in the middle of a busy airport terminal when he fells his phone ringing in his pocket he pulls it out and looks at who is calling the screen reads Amy he flips the phone up to answer the call "Hey Honey"

The scene flips to the Matthews house Amy is sitting on the couch and there is a high school aged boy bringing boxes down into the living room from upstairs "Has she got there yet ?"

Alan shakes his head as he continues to talk "Amy you just called me five minutes ago she flight doesn't get here for another five minutes"

Amy smiles as she continues to talk "I know I was just hoping it would get there earlier"

Alan smiles into the phone "I know ill call you when she gets here" just as he gets ready to hang up the phone a girl with her hair cut short wearing a blue v neck sweater and rolling a pink suitcase peeks her head around the corner Alan notices her "She's here" before Amy can respond he hangs up the phone as the girl drops her suitcase and runs toward him "DADDY !" She leaps into his arms

Alan looks down at the girl still hugging his neck "Hey sweetheart" Alan had been waiting in the airport for the last two hours waiting on his only daughter Morgan to arrive from Chicago where she was a Pediatric Assistant at a hospital Morgan finally let go of his neck and Alan walks over and gets her suitcase from where she has left it on the floor "now lets get home your mom's been calling me every five minutes for the past two hours wanting to know if you where here yet"

Morgan smiles as Alan puts his arm around her as the walk towards the door where they exit the airport

Back at the Matthews house Amy is staring out the window as her youngest son walks over to her "Mom"

She turns around "What is it Josh ?"

Josh holds up a strand of lights "do you want me to go ahead and put these on the tree ?"

The Matthews had brought a tree a couple days earlier but had not started decorating it yet "no lets wait for your brothers and sister to get here" as Josh walked away Amy continued to look out the window this was the first time since the year Morgan was a sophomore in college that everyone would be home to spend Christmas together Morgan was on her way home with her father, Eric, His wife Allison, and their daughter Emily would be there later in the evening tomorrow and Cory and Topanga would be there early in the morning with their two children the day after tomorrow

She is lost in thought as Alan's car pulls into the driveway and he helps Morgan pull her bag out of the trunk she starts rolling it towards the front door but stops halfway when Amy comes running out across the lawn towards her "Morgan !"

Amy runs over and embraces her in a hug Morgan smiles "Hey mom"

Amy then grabs her bag from her and leads her into the house "Come on I want to hear everything about your job and about Chicago"