The scene changes to early the next morning a car is going down the road in the car is a little boy and girl sleeping in the back and Cory leaning against the window sleeping and Topanga driving the car they had been driving since Washington D.C. where Topanga was a lawyer at a law firm they had planed to get there by midnight but it was now almost three in the morning she rounds the corner and pulls the car into the driveway of the Matthews house which is pitch dark

Topanga looks over at where Cory is asleep on the passengers side she shakes his shoulder "Cory were here"

Cory slowly looks over at her "ok" he says tiredly

Topanga smiles at him "lets go"

They open their doors and step out of the car Topanga looks at Cory "you find the key to unlock the house and I'll get the kids"

The scene changes to the front door opening and Cory walking in with a suitcase followed by Topanga with a duffle bag thrown over her shoulder holding a little girl and leading a little boy Topanga notices Alan asleep on the couch "He must have been waiting on us"

Cory looks at him for a minute "well I'm ready to do what he's doing"

Topanga shakes her head as they and the kids go upstairs

The scene changes to the next morning Topanga is downstairs in a night shirt and house robe holding a little girl who is in a pair of pajamas

Topanga leans over a griddle where she's making pancakes there are other breakfast foods "doesn't the food smell good Annie ?"

The little girl shakes her head just then Amy comes into the kitchen "Well something smells good"

Annie turns toward where the voice has come from "Grandma !"

Topanga puts Annie down and she runs over into Amy's arms

Amy smiles down at her four year old granddaughter Annie "Hey Angle"

Topanga walks in behind her "Hey Mom"

Amy smiles and gives her a hug "Hey Topanga where's Cory at ?"

Topanga looks at her "He's still upstairs asleep" she then looks down at Annie "Why don't you go wake up daddy"

Annie runs up the steps a few minutes later Cory comes down carrying Annie he looks at Topanga "Lady dose this belong to you"

Annie looks at him "Daddy"

Cory smiles down at her

Alan walks in the kitchen behind Amy she smiles up at him "It's good to have the whole family home"