Not One But Three

What if Bella never met the Cullen's but she met three men who she felt instantly drawn to and they to her. You never know what will happen!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight saga or the characters. They are claimed by the talented Stephanie Meyer.

Chapter 1

I had arrived in Forks yesterday and I was going off to school this morning as Charlie had enrolled me in school as quickly as he could.

I laid in bed, just listening to the rain outside when I heard Charlie shout my name from downstairs asking me to come down and meet someone.

I got up, showered and got dressed and headed downstairs. When I got down there, Charlie and his friend were in the dining room so I headed into the kitchen went straight to the fridge and got some fresh orange juice then sat down at the table.

"Bella I would like you to meet Caius" Charlie said as I sat down. I looked over and couldn't believe my eyes. He was drop dead gorgeous.

"" I managed to say blushing. Charlie laughed and Caius just smiled.

"Pleasure all mine" he replied smiling. Charlie got up then excused himself to get ready for work. As soon as Charlie had disappeared, I stood up and went over to the counter to wash the pots. As I started them, Caius came up behind me and put his hand around my waist. I could feel his breath on my neck as he started to kiss it. I tried to ignore him and carry on with the pots but I couldn't concentrate as he had then slid his hand up my top and started to pinch my nipples. When we heard Charlie coming back down the stairs, Caius moved away and sat back down while I finished the pots. Charlie came over to the table and sat down. As he sat down, I looked at him as he started to speak.

"Bella, Caius offered to take you to school and pick you up as we haven't got you a car yet." I looked over at Caius who just smiled.

"Sure that would be great" I said hesitating. After a little while, I stood up and went and got my bag and met Caius at the door. Charlie wished us luck and thanked Caius for driving us so he wouldn't be late to work. When we got outside, we headed to his car where two men stood and who were just as gorgeous as Caius. Shockingly, I wanted all three gorgeous men. When Caius and I got to the car, Caius stopped to introduce us.

"Bella these are my brothers Aro and Marcus."

"Hello" I replied as they smiled.

"Do you mind sitting in the middle of us Bella" Aro asked smiling at us. I just nodded as Marcus opened the door and I got in. Aro sat next to me on my right and Marcus sat next to me on my left, while Caius got in the driver's seat and started the engine as we set off towards the school. As soon as we were away from Charlie's further down the road and out of sight of anyone, Caius pulled off to the side of the road and stopped.

After we stopped we sat in silence I could feel my heart pounding in my chest I started messing with my fingers and looking down on my lap when my phone went off I jumped I got my phone out and picked it up.


"Bella where are you" Jake asking worried

"On my way why"

"Cause your dad said you set of half hour go and should be hear by now"

"Well I'm on my way"

"How long you going to be and who you with"

"Don't know and it a friend of Charlie's"

"Okay bells don't be too long class begins soon" the phone went dead and I put it back in my pocket when I noticed that Caius had turned his chair around and now was looking directly at us

"Isabella" Caius said I looked up

"Would you come over here please" he asked in a sexy voice I nodded and moved so that I was sitting on his lap I looked down at my hands when Caius lifted my chin up and moved slowly towards us I could feel his brothers pressing up against my back when Caius lips touched mine I felt an electric shock go threw me I could feel his brothers kissing my neck and rubbing my thighs I started to moan into Caius mouth which gave his tongue access.

"Isabella before we go any further you needs to know some things but there are rules and consequences if you agree to what we tell you and also you accept us."

I looked up at Caius and he smiled as I nodded. He looked at his brothers. I just started to mess with my fingers, pulling at them when all off a sudden my hands where behind my back and being handcuffed. I looked up at Caius and he was smiling.

"Why am I handcuffed?"

"So that we can talk and you don't hit us"

"Okay talk"

He laughed, causing me to frown at him as I felt his brother's move closer behind us. I felt one of their lips moving up my neck. I moaned and Caius just sat back watching his brother. I moaned, "More!" as the brother kissing my neck moved up to nibble on my ear.

"Isabella. What do you know about vampires" he whispered in my ear. I knew it was Marcus by his voice from before.

"That they're not real" The three of them started to laugh. Then what they were trying to say hit me. I tried to move but three pairs of hands held me still.

"Isabella, we will not hurt you" Caius said. I nodded and stopped struggling.

"Okay, I trust you"

"Well, now that you know there is something else. Have you ever heard the term soul mate?"

I nodded my head and he smiled.

"Well it seems that all three of us are your soul mate and you are ours" I nodded so that he knew I understood and he carried on.

"Well, we were wondering if you were ok with this. But before you decide, there are things that we need to tell you."


"Well for starters, if you agree to become our mate, you have to agree to only allow the three of us your heart, soul and body" I nodded.

"There will have to be rules and punishment if the rules are broken. For starters, you are not allowed to let another male touch you, apart from your father. Second, you are to do as we say when we say. Third, you are to come and stay with my brothers and me every night when your father has fallen asleep. Fourth, you are to let us buy you anything we want. Fifth, you are to have dinner with us in one of our classes at the school every night. Finally, we will call you Isabella not Bella as everyone else calls you Bella."

I nodded and Caius smiled at this.

"Also, we have been able to get it to where you only have Aro, Marcus or I as your teachers for school so that you will always be near one of us. We've also made it so that you have a table at the back of the room by yourself so that we can help you catch up your school work." I nodded.

"So Isabella, is this all okay with you?" I looked at Caius as I thought about all of the conditions.

"Yes" They all signed in relief.

"Isabella, you'll need to declare yourself as ours."

"I will be all three of your mate and I will follow your rules"

"Good. Now, I believe that we were doing something before we started talking." with that Caius leaned over closer and kissed me as his brothers moved to each side of my neck and started to kiss it as they stroke higher up my thighs, getting higher and higher until I felt them at the top of my thighs. I looked at them both. They were both smiling. I then realized that I still had on the hand cuffs as Caius continued kissing me. Then, all of a sudden, my top was off. I moaned as Caius moved his mouth down to my nipples and put one in his mouth. I could feel my skirt being lifted up and someone slipping their hand down to my centre and ran his fingers across it then the stopped and moved away slightly.

"We should get moving. We don't want you to be late for your first day"

I put my bra back on properly then my top as I got out of Caius's lap and sat back between Aro and Marcus as Caius put his seat back and started the engine. I fixed my skirt and panties and we set off to school. I felt all of their eyes on me. I also felt Marcus put a hand on my left thigh and Aro on my right thigh and then start stroking. I moaned as they did this and before I knew it, we were parked in the teacher parking lot at the school. We got out of the car and

I was glad no one could see us as we had parked on the staff car park. Unfortunately, to get up to the main reception, you had to walk through the main student parking lot.

We all got out our things out of the car and began to walk to walk to the reception room. I was walking between Aro and Caius and Marcus was on Caius's right side. Everyone was watching us as we walked past the cars. Then I saw Jacob, and began to walk over to him. I was aware of the three brothers following me.

"Bella" Jake said stepping closer to hug me, but I stepped back and he looked confused.

"Jake. Sorry, but you can't touch me as I fell the other day and bruised my arms and sides and they're really sore"

"That's okay. What are you doing with the Volturi teachers?"

"Oh, they gave me a lift" He stepped closer and looked like he was smelling the air around me. Then he turned and made a hand gesture to someone and they came over to us. They stepped back and looked like they were talking low enough to where I couldn't hear them. Then Jacob turned to me.

"Bella, could I speak to you please?"

"I can't. I got to get to the office sorry" I spoke before walking away with the brothers following taking over the lead so they could get their before me so it wasn't suspicious.

Please let me know what you think. I know this is copy of the first couple chapters of my story three brother's but I wanted to change the story a little but keep the other one where she knows and this one where she doesn't with a twist. Next chapter will be up before the end of the night.

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