By PaBurke

Summary: Mary Shannon and Jack Carter used to be friends and classmates. They lost touch but sometimes paths cross.

Disclaimer: Not mine

Spoilers: Season One-ish of In Plain Sight and Season One-ish of Eureka

Word Count: 450

Author's Note: There are not enough In Plain Sight crossovers. I'm trying to correct that.


When Mary Shannon walked into her office Monday morning, the last person she expected to find standing around was Jack Carter. He was a friend from training. They had studied together and graduated together. He was one of the two people she told when she had been hired into Wit-Sec.

The smile he was offering her was both a welcome and a warning. Mary slid her ID through the card reader and opened the door. "Carter," she called.

"Mary," he answered.

"I see Eleanor got you some coffee."

Jack looked down at the Albuquerque mug. "It's good coffee. She spoils you."

Mary sat at her computer and booted it up. "Are we going to have some more chit-chat or are we going straight to the real reason you're here?"

Jack picked up a file from the corner of her desk and handed it over. "One of your people is being relocated."

"To where?"

"Mary," he warned.

She opened the file and wasn't horribly surprised to find Dr. Chen's face smiling back at her. He was a physicist who had been strong-armed into making a dirty bomb for a homegrown terrorist group. At the last minute, when the terrorists had been celebrating their impending victory early, Dr. Chen had grabbed the bomb and ran for the nearest FBI office. The FBI, CIA and Homeland Security had interviewed the man many times already. "Who wants him this time? And for how long?"

"It's permanent."

Mary's head jerked up. "Does he know?"

"He was approached directly for recruitment. He already signed on the dotted line but asked them to break the news to you. I saw your name on the transfer order and volunteered for the job."

Mary checked the paperwork. It was perfect and it didn't tell her where Dr. Chen would end up. It didn't take her long to figure out Carter's boss's recruitment strategy. "He gets to use his education." The man hated not being able to teach or to work in his field. She and Marshal spot-checked his apartment several times a month to insure that he was following the rules and didn't have any high level math scattered about.

"Yep," Carter confirmed. "You going to sign now?"

Mary signed. "How long are you in town?"

"Just long enough to get Dr. Chen on a plane."

Mary raised an eyebrow. "Plane?" Carter hated planes.

"I'm not flying," Carter told her. So he hadn't changed that much. "I just need to get him safely in the air and then my deputy will meet him at the end. I'm driving back."

"He'll be protected?" Mary asked.

"Yes. I'll keep an eye on him," Carter promised.

"Good." Carter would keep his word.