This is the kind of thing that I did not personally wish to happen, but here it is... A story notice...

I'm extremely sorry to my readers for not updating for a good while, but I've been contemplating in what direction the story should go. On top of that, I am not satisfied with the perspective in which this is written, or in this case, 'First-person'. Therefore I, after much deliberation, have decided to rewrite this in 'Third-person', to better express the environment, setting, characters interactions and their individual personalty.

While I am rewriting this, there might be the possibility of more stories, not necessarily Stratos 4 themed, over the coming weeks and months.

This current version of the story will be kept in place, but I will decide if I should post the new edit of it under a new story, or just to replace the chapers on the original one, though I am leaning towards the latter.

For updates on any of my current and future story plans will be posted on my profile, and please leave a comment or PM for concerns, questions, and comments!