Challenge: A Naruto/Alan Wake Cross over

Basic Idea: Modern AU setting, Naruto was a small time writer, making enough for him to live on. He lived in Uzugakure, a small town bordering a large lake with a island in the middle. Thirty years ago a volcano erupted sinking the island. He and his love(can be whoever you wish) were on the island when it happened. Most say they died. Others say it wasn't a eruption at all. Present day, Sasuke Uchiha, a Best-selling writer and his wife( again can be anyone you wish) are on vacation in Uzugakure.

Please have at least the basic Alan Wake plot, but not setting it up EXACTLY like the Alan Wake Story line. Other than that enjoy.

Must have the Bijuu in it. Protagonist/antagonist I don't care.

No Naru/Saku please. You can if you wish but please just don't.