"So, since we are stuck here together, why not tell me a little about yourself?" Yinsen asked as he began to hammer down another missile for the palladium.

"Nothing much to tell. Whatever you hear on the news is basically it." I said, licking my lips as I began to melt the element I needed to live.

"Everyone has a story to tell." He countered, a smirk on his face as he came over with the missile head, setting it on the table. "What about your family? Childhood?" he prodded, me sighing.

"Mom was great. Made cookies and made sure I ate my vegetables. Dad, a cold hearted bastard that only looked at me if I was building something." I said, more distasteful then I wanted it to be.

"Ahh, so, tuff family life eh?" I scuffed as he made that comment. "Hm, so, what about after your parents death? I heard that you ran off for three years. No one thought you'd come back for the company, but at 21 you were more then ready." I stopped, staring off.

"I wasn't…" I muttered, only to have him stop whatever he was doing.

"What?" he asked, and I sighed, closing my eyes. God… This pain.

"I didn't want to come back. Ever. I was free from a demanding father, a reputation that I had to uphold and didn't have to worry about that stupid company." I sniffed, wiping away the sweat from my head. I finally had this wound scabbed over.

"What happened?" I smiled as he asked this, closing my eyes. It has been so long since I've indulged in the thoughts.

"I met a girl."


I shoved past the door, rain dripping from my hair. They were gone. After 18 years of living, and everything I've known is gone. One tiny car crash, and my parents are dead. I sat down at the bar part of the tiny restaurant, putting my head in my hands.

"Not the first time I've seen a man cry." I shot my head to look at a women down the bar.

"I'm not crying!" I snapped at her, only to have her smile. I stared at her for a minute. She wasn't tall, but long. She had long arms and leg. Her face was a bit sharp, eyes shining with green intelligence. She had long, dark brown hair that went to her butt, it tied in a ponytail. She almost seemed to glow as she stared me down, smirking as she chewed on a straw.

"Sure you aren't." She smirked and hopped down from the chair, walking over to me. She did a once over on me then smiled and held her hand out. "I'm Lorelei." I looked down to her hand, then back to her face, taking her hand.

"Tony Stark." I muttered, looking back forward. "Just a water." I said to the man behind the bar.

"Hmm. Stark eh?" I glanced over my shoulder at her, eyes narrowed. I didn't want to deal with anything right now. Not the company, not the press, and definitely not the funeral. "Yeah, I dunno." She said, making my brows come together. "Thought it sounded familiar." With that she sat next to me, me watching her movements.

"You don't know the name 'Stark'?" I asked, unsure of how to take this woman in. She looked about my age, 18ish.

"Not a clue. Sounds cool though." She said, then ordered some toast.

"You don't watch the news much do you? Or read magazines or listen to the radio." I scuffed, taking a dip of water.

"Woooow, sounds like your famous." She mused, making me shake my head.

"No, My father was." I growled, clenching my jaw.

"Ah, family issues. So, just going out to get away from them?" She asked. I paused, glass in the air, staring blankly ahead. Then, I smiled, laughing some, brining the glass to my mouth.

"Well, can't exactly get away from someone when their both dead in some freezer." I said and she winced.

"How long?" She asked, a little more sincere. I raised an eyebrow as I looked to her, putting my arm up and glancing at my watch.

"Three hours annnnnd twenty-three-twenty-four minutes." I said and she stared at me. "Look, I don't feel sad about their death. They were never really in my life. I was thrown into a military school for most of my life, then in college the rest. Graduated MIT three years ago. Dad was always at the office, working. Haven't seen him in three months. Mom was great and all, but she let my father do so much to our family." With that I stood and walked out, standing under the roof as I looked out to the grey, rainy street. I heard the door open and close, and soon Lorelei was standing next to me.

"So, your running away then?" She asked and I nodded.

"My dad's partner is running the company. They said I come back and claim Stark Industries as mine when I turn 21." I said, almost feeling apathetic.

"Three years is a long time to be running away." She whispered and I looked down at her. As she looked out into the rain, something finally clicked.

"How long have you been running?" She smiled sadly and looked up at me, green eyes bright.

"Five years." We stared at each other, and in that moment I felt as though we understood each other.

"Why?" I asked, both of us now looking out at the deserted road, a flash of lightning in the distance.

"Parents died when I was 12. Shot and mugged." I looked down at her but she continued to stare at the road. "I didn't have anything, so I ran. Ever since then I just blow through towns, doing odd jobs for money, food and shelter."

"Why don't you get a normal job? Find a place to settle?" I asked and she laughed.

"I'm 17. I shouldn't have to settle down, so therefore I don't. I live my life by the day. Sure it gets rough, but it's how real freedom is." I smiled and looked back to the road. Real freedom. To do as one pleases. I've always wanted a taste of that.

"Wanna runaway with me?" I asked and she looked up at me, eyebrows drawn together.

"Why?" She asked, suddenly on guard.

"Because I have a car and 100,00 million dollars to spend." I smiled as her eyes widened.

"Wow… So you're rich then?" She stuttered and I groaned.

"No! He didn't even leave me half." she definitely had difficulties after that statement. "My family as of now holds a good 6.5 billion dollars." She just stared at me and I smiled, looking back to the road. "So, I ask again." I said and pulled out my keys from my pocket. "Care to join me? I could use for some female company." I clicked the unlocking button and watched as her eyes widened when her eyes trailed over to my Comoro.

*Present time*

"Well, that is quite a meting eh?" Yinsen said as he got dinner ready.

"Yeah…" I said with a sigh, holding my head in my hand.

"You really liked her didn't you?" He asked.

"At the time, no." I stated with a smile, sitting up. He laughed some as he set the pot on the tiny table, between the two of us.

"Ohh, so there is more to the story?" he chirped and I nodded, putting some of the soup in the bowl.

"Oh, that was only the beginning. We spent three years together, from the day of my parents death till the day of my 21st birthday, we were never apart.