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Aimee was walking along the corridors of the hospital in her prim and proper uniform looking over some charts. It's been three days since her and Rafe had their discussion in the torn down hallway of the hospital she can't help but notice how much more he's been coming around to visit both her and Danny, and Evelyn's smiles seem more reoccurring and more charming than ever.

"Good morning gentlemen." Aimee said politely to some of her less serious patients before going to check on Danny. "Good morning Capt. Walker.'"

"How many times am I gonna' have to tell you to call me Danny?" She only glances for a second to see his half smile that he does, his eyes dull leaving no emotion behind any word.

"How many times am I going to have to tell you, Captain, that it's completely unacceptable to do so?" She smiles lightly and checks his charts again.

"Any progress?" He sounds hopeful to the unaware ear but she knows his sounds, his voices. He hasn't had any emotion in them from the moment he woke up, although true he was getting stronger by the charts readings he wasn't progressing in any type of recovery.

"The same as usual Captain." She puts her charts back and goes over to her desk to check her calendar. "Hmm, you know if the doctor checks everything clear today you're permitted to leave in the morning."

"Great, I need to log up some flight hours." She turns to him and raises a fine eyebrow. "I mean, rest, I need to get more rest?"

"Exactly." She sits down and starts marking down her lists for the day while holding a civilized conversation with the young pilot. "I'll not have you come back in here because you worked yourself into an illness or disturbed the injuries."

"Don't be like that ma'am." She looks up at him with the banter. "I had a good nurse taking care of me." She blushes lightly before turning back to her work.

She can't fall for the silly flirtations of the young Danny Walker, even if he seems sincere. She was informed just the other night that Danny was in fact the father of Evelyn's baby she obviously chose Rafe over him, who better to pursue other than the young and naïve nurse taking care of him. She wasn't having it either.

The day continues on as any other, hardly anyone stepping foot into the ward for anything serious or time consuming. Danny slept on and off when he wasn't sleeping him and Aimee kept a steady conversation going. It seemed effortless on both parts, one confiding in the other, but at the same time no secrets were told. No they talked nonchalant, which was preferred on both ends of the conversation.

"Mail call!" A nurse named Rosy came bursting in holding rubber banded envelopes. "You have a bundle here Aimee."

"Thank you Rosy." Aimee takes the small bundle from the woman's hands sending her a smile why doing so.

She sits down and starts organizing them into neat piles. "Got yourself a boy sending you them?"

Aimee ignores him and opens the first letter reading the mechanical words like every other month. "Damn it." She mutters she unintentionally drops the letter and rests her head in her hand her thumb and pointer finger rubbing small circles around her temples.

"Trouble in paradise?" She can't continue to ignore his small harmless banters.

"Evelyn and Rafe both said you were a respectable and polite gentleman. So far you've been nothing but rude." She snaps at him before continuing. "If you must know, no these are not love letters, they're bills."

The remainder of the afternoon he remains silent. There's enough tension in the air to make him want to crawl into a shell. "I'm sorry…"

"What?" She looks up from her bills from what he gathers.

"I said I was sorry. I know I haven't been the nicest person to get along with, but it's just…" He's cut off with Sandra sweeping in disrupting them both.

"I'm sorry I'm late Aimee." She looks at her apologetically before turning over towards Danny. "Glad to see you up Danny, the doctor will be in a few moments for your final check up." Aimee's gathering her belongings quickly before side stepping around Sandra. "What's the rush?"

"I need to get to the bank and get these paid off before the end of the day." She smiles towards Danny. "See you around… Danny." It's the first time she ever said his first name, at least to his face, and he can't wait for her to say it again.

"Poor thing…" Sandra mumbles but before he has the opportunity to ask the doctor comes waltzing in.

"Alright Capt. Walker let's have a final check on your injuries, any dizziness recently? Black outs? Pain?"

"Evelyn what are the girls doing tonight?" Rafe asks as his hand travels lightly over the growing bulge in her stomach.

"Hmm, well I thought you and I were joining them at the club." She smiles up at him the sea breeze blowing their hair lightly. "Why?"

"Danny hasn't been out much and I was thinking of having him join us."

"That's a perfect idea!" Evelyn sits up with some help from Rafe and smiles brightly at him. Yes, the perfect idea she thinks, too bad he won't agree. She feels awful for the position she's put both men in, but the heart wants what the heart wants… until it wants something else. "And I know the one way he'll come for sure."

"What are you thinking?" Rafe smiles and softly kisses her cheek.

"Aimee." Just that one name and Rafe knows what game she's playing. "See I knew you'd agree!"

He nuzzles his nose against hers murmuring softly about how perfect the idea seems. They lay like that for a few more minutes before her bladder acts up and they decide to set their plan to motion. "I'll see you tonight Rafe." He nods and mock salutes as he walks around to the front of the house.

"That was sweet." Aimee says from the kitchen as Evelyn turns a charming shade of red. "Oh stop it, you and him are in love bask in it." She giggles.

"What are your plans tonight Aimee?" Evelyn leans as best she can against the table. "You aren't working right?"

"Well no, but I was going to stop by the hospital anyway and do a quick inventory." Evelyn shakes her head at every word. "I'm not?"

"No you're not." Aimee blinks. "You're joining Sandra, Rosy, and myself for a night of dancing." Evelyn smiles sweetly towards her.

"That's nice of you Evie but honestly that's not really my thing." Turns back down to what she was doing, washing the dishes, before continuing. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline on the invite."

"That's a shame… I'm not taking now for an answer Aimee. Be ready by seven sharp!" Evelyn yells at as she walks towards her room.

There was no avoiding that she was going now thinks Aimee she might as well at least attempt to make herself look nice. So that she did.

"Now Danny I'm not taking no for an answer." Danny and Rafe are walking through the plane hammer arguing over the night's activities.

"Too bad Rafe, my answer's no." They argue some more. "I don't understand why you want me to go so bad? All you're gonna' end up doin' is dancin' with Evelyn."

"Not tonight I promise, she ain't even goin'!" Danny takes a side look towards Rafe. "Danny I happen to know for a fact that a pretty little nurse is gonna' be looking for you."

"Who?" Danny scoffs because the only nurses he knew already seen him, what makes this one nurse special.

"Aimee." Rafe says it so smug that Danny almost itches to elbow him in the side, but that would lead to their usual rough housing and Danny just wasn't up for that yet.

"Now Rafe, why would Aimee going to the club make me anxious to go?" His interest was peaked at this point, the last two nights Danny's been to the club (the same two nights ago that Rafe promised he wouldn't run off with Evelyn and leave him standing there like an idiot) Aimee wasn't there. And just like those two nights ago he'd ask where she was and Sandra shrugged and answered probably the hospital.

"C'mon Danny!" Danny just laughed at Rafe's childish expression. "Just one more night and if you don't have a good time then fine I'll never, ever, ask you again."

What the hell, thinks Danny as he nods his head. "Yeah alright I'll go but I ain't sticking around for long."

"That's fine Danny as long as you go!" Rafe turns towards Red and Gooz. "You hear that boys! Danny's goin' out with us tonight!" Danny shakes his head at the cheers from behind them.

"Mature." Danny mumbles before walking back to his plane and fixing some minor details up.


"What Rafe?" Danny asks as he drops the wrench.

"Seven sharp got it?" Rafe points to him and walks out of the hangar.

"Yeah Rafe I got ya'." He picks up his wrench and starts tightening a loose bolt up. "You crazy coot."

Now it took these boys less than forty minutes to get all ready for the club, most sticking to the usual attire of nice pants and button up top. They arrive at the club at exactly seven an start taking small drinks, some of the more available men take up to flirting with some more available women in the pavilion.

When seven thirty rolls around he hears a shriek and sees Evelyn come flying in towards Rafe. "Look who's here." Danny's not mad, not really, but he's a little hurt by the obvious affection shown between the two of them.

"Hello Danny." Evelyn presses a small kiss to his cheek, it feels like he got burnt but he smiles and nods.

"Now if you'll excuse us, Danny Aimee's over at the bar, alone." Rafe says as Evelyn giggles at Danny's expression.

"Yeah, fuck you too Rafe." Danny says with a smile as he walks over to the nurse clad in a short sleeve black knee length dress. It has eight white buttons going up the front with pleats fanning on her skirt from the hips down, her collar and sleeve line are white lace designed. Her hair was curling and only half up, her make up only a then line of black and her eye lashes coated with an almost maroon color on her lips. Her freckles being shown off in the light.

"No sir." She says sharply as he watches a sailor get shot down after asking to buy her a drink. "If you'll excuse me." She says curtly before turning into the chest of a man. "Oh my, I'm so sorry."

"No need Aimee." She knows that voice she thinks, she knows that voice very well. "I take it you're breaking hearts tonight?" He asks nodding towards the dejected sailor.

"I'm so sorry Capt. Walker, I had expected a clean get away and a quick slip to the hospital." She admits with one hand on her hip the other now resting against the bar.

"It's Danny." He says knowing it's falling on deaf ears.

"I know your first name Capt…" She's cut off by him ordering two drinks for them and correcting her again.

"We're not in uniform, or even near the hospital it's Danny. Come sit and have a drink with me." She nods mutely and sits next to him sipping the drink he ordered. A simple mixed drink, vodka and orange juice, the sting feels nice as the alcohol taste afterwards on her lips and in her throat.

"Thank you Danny." She whispers as she sets the drink down after sipping most of it. Noticing his expression she quickly looks down then touches her face lightly. "I'm sorry is there something on my face?"

"You just nearly drank more than half your drink in a matter of seconds." She blushes a deep color that just seems to accent her very being before mumbling an apology. "I'm not insulting, simply impressed." He says as he sips from his beer.

"Well I AM Irish." She says slyly as she goes to sip again.

She wasn't sure if Danny was simply holding more emotion here in the bar, or if she was just imagining it from wanting him to be happy but his smile seemed real. She could spend the rest of her night sitting here next to him.

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