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thischapter! Huzzah for TAKS week…not really…at all it's actually pretty awful.

After a while I find myself lost. I'm in a part of Morganville that I don't really recognize. The grass looks as though it hasn't been mowed for months and there seems to be dozens of mini junkyards on the lawns. It's all kind of…..ghetto.

'Back to the main point though, how could Shane do this to me? And after all the time and effort we both put into our relationship it just doesn't make sense. Of all the people in the whole entire city he could cheat on me with, it was with that stupid….I can't even say anything bad about her even though I hate her.'

Yes you can and you will, I hear a voice say.

"What? Is somebody there?" I call out, looking out into the darkness. There's no response. 'I wonder who's out there.'

No one dumbass except for you, the voice speaks to me again.

'So if I'm the only one here then the voice must be coming from…'

In your head? Cerrrrrect! One hundred points for the idiot standing in the middle of Scottsdale Boulevard at night!

'Shoot! That's just fanfreakingtastic, not only am I on the ghettoest street, in the ghettoest part of town, at night, but I'm going crazy hearing things in my head. Could this day get any….'

Don't you dare wish it! The voice interrupts me just as I finish thinking 'worse'

There's a big rumble of thunder and suddenly rain starts to pour down. I'm getting drenched and I really need to find somewhere where I can get some shelter from the rain. Lightning strikes, I jump and shriek. I spot a water runoff tunnel in a ditch that's about 3 feet high, run to it, and duck into it.

It's suddenly very quiet due to the lack of rain failing on my head and the only thing I can hear is my own loud, deep pants. After a few moments the rain begins to abate. 'I figure that in about 5 minutes it'll have stopped raining and' I shudder 'thundering.'

"Hello again." I hear a voice say.

'Oh cut that out voice and stop trying to scare me.'

That wasn't me Claire, the voice, my inner voice, says seriously.

'Then who..' I feel a cold hand grab my ankle and I scream for the seceond time tonight.

Run! My voice yells at me.

I kick my free leg out and my foot connects with the things body, or face I guess. I hastily climb out of the drain pipe and run towards the nearest house. I bang on the door, "OPEN UP! HELP ANYONE,PLEASE!" No answer. I run to another door, "PLEASE OPEN UP!" I look over my shoulder and make out white figure standing hardly 20 feet away from me in the pouring rain. I bang on the door harder, "PLEASE THIS IS LIFE AND DEATH, SERIOUSLY!" Still no answer. I know if I run for it that the person in the rain will catch up to me, I mean I'm no match for any vampires speed. 'Crap on toast Claire think. Ummmm.'

I feel a hand tap my shoulder. I whirl around and come face to face with the predator. I scream and the next thing I know my world is dark.

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