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Elliot stood there sweat dripping down his back, the smell of a wood stove hitting his nose. The jog had tired him as it always does but a run through the county side of Boston was much more relaxing then running through the busy streets of the inner city. Elliot started at a slow jog again ignoring the pain in his lower back that was the cause of a good swing of a baseball bat that had made solid contact with his back. Elliot never took the same route two times in a row; too much of a chance he could be followed and someone could learn more things then Elliot needed known about him. Though he had trouble keeping himself from going down this trail during this time a year even though it was freezing the land was beautiful Elliot continued jogging he cleared his mind and just ran. Elliot continued to run closing his eyes and just listening to the sounds around him. About five minutes later Elliot ran straight into something that knocked him and what he ran into down.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry are you ok?" Elliot opened his eyes to see a brunet woman sitting on the ground looking down at him. Elliot's back was now hurting him worse than before but he pulled himself up to a sitting position.

"Yeah I'm fine." Elliot got a good look at the woman that was now sitting on the gravel road in front of him. She was about 5'4 and 130 pounds. She was fit and had an athletic build. "Are you ok"? Elliot asked.

"I think I sprained my ankle, but other than that I'm fine." the woman stuck her hand out to Elliot,"I'm Shay."

"Nice to meet you I'm Elliot". Elliot stood up and dusted himself off. Shay went to get up but the pressure on her ankle sent her right back down. Elliot stretched his hand out to her.

"Need some help?"

"Um yeah thanks". Shay grabbed Elliot's hand and he helped pull her up. Elliot watched as Shay barley put any weight on her foot. Elliot felt bad now he should have had his eyes open, he also realized Shay wasn't going to walk back to her car or house with her ankle the way the way it was. "Elliot do you have a cell phone I can borrow I need someone to come pick me up." Shay pointed to her ankle "obviously". Shay laughed as Elliot nodded.

"Here you go." Elliot handed the phone over and watched Shay push in a number on the phone. Elliot heard the phone ring a couple times and then someone answered.


"Hey babey is your brother there?"

"Ok can you put him on?" Elliot didn't think she looked old enough to have a kid and she wasn't wearing a wedding band.

"Thank you sweetie" They're a pause then someone started talking on the other end of the phone.

"Hey Tim can you come pick me up?" Elliot heard someone yell on the other side of the phone and not long after Shay was yelling back.

"Wow thanks for the concern, stop being a smart ass or you're not going to the gym tomorrow" Shay yelled while she kicked a stone down the road. Elliot sat down on the side of the road, pulled out a bottle of water from his backpack and watched shay with amusement. In a way Shay reminded Elliot of Hardison, the way she talked with her hands and the sarcasm that was still continuing with whoever Uncle Tim was. He was then brought out of his thoughts when shay came over and sat next to him still on the phone and she didn't seem that happy.

"Tim get over yourself and grow up!" Shay hung up the phone and handed it back it Elliot. Shay took a deep breath and let a shaky one out. Shay took her shoe off and made an attempt to rip a piece of her jacket off but failed and looked over at Elliot as if to say, help. Shay out stretched her arm out and handed Elliot the Jacket.

"Hold on I might have an ace bandage in my pack." Elliot opened his pack and sure enough the ace bandage was in his pack. "Here" Elliot patted his leg and Shay put her bare foot on Elliot's thigh as Elliot started to wrap her foot he couldn't keep himself the question that's had been bugging him sense she made the phone call. Elliot cleared his throat and started talking.

"So you have kids huh?" Elliot asked not even looking up as he continued to wrap her ace bandage.

"Well kind of."

"What do you mean kind of?"

"They were my best friend's kid; I was the god mother so I got custody when…" Shays voice died off and Elliot all the sudden felt worse than he had before.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked." Elliot said guiltily; shay pulled her foot down from on top of Elliot's leg and put her shoe back on.

"It's ok you were just curios. Well looks like I'm walking home so see yeah around Elliot." Shay turned around and started to walk and Elliot could see the limp in her step and his mamma taught him better then to let a woman go home by herself at night, and definitely not an injured one.

"Hey Shay um I can give you a ride if you want feel bad about your ankle it's the least I could do." Shay turned around and looked at Elliot.

"I don't know…?" Elliot understood why she was unsure about getting in a car with a man she just met. Smart girl.

"Hey it's ok I'm a cop." Elliot pulled out a police badge that the team had used for a con not so long ago and he just kept it with him. Elliot never knew when a badge might come in handy. Shay headed back over to Elliot.

"Ok then let's go." Elliot nodded and headed towards his truck.

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