Death was no match for lawers such as Pheonix Wright. It had been maney years since his dissaperance after that fatefull accident and now he was going to get back into the feild of being a lawer. This time how ever he was investigating the death of the famouse NASCAR racer Racer X.

"Who could of done such things?" Pheonix ight asked while examening the freshly decaying body. The body had several bloody bit marks all over Racer Xs neck.

y whould anybody want to kill Racer X? Speed Racer cried as giant wet tears streemed down his young grotesque face.

'Race X was hated amoung many races so it is no surprise that many race would want him dead."

"Racer X was like a brother to me, but he wasn't my brother."

"I think this is the work of spies."

"Shut up Spritle!"

"Maybe Sprite has point?"

"This is no time for arguing you three." Phoenix Wright yelled as he tried to consentrate on the body that lay before him. The bit marks looked very familure like those of Edward Cullin, but they where not Edward Cullins bit marks. "Maybe these bit marks aren't bite mark?"

This is a very hard mysterie to solve. Speed Racist cried as he pull out very large knife and began to slite his wriste. The crimson blood spewed every wheres as Speed Racers cried harder.

"I must have quiet if I am to solve this mystory!" Peonix Right yelled at the top of lungz. Just than Racer Xs body twitched. This was very strange since dead bodyies usually don't move when they are dead. Maybe Racer X was becoming a vampire and Edward Cullen really did kill Racer X.

"Racer X isn't alive but he isn't dead." Phoenix Wright say as he stepped away from the twitching lifeless body.

"My brother is ALIVE?" Speed Racer said as he began to hug Racer X. Just then Racer X moaned and bit Speed Racer in the neck. Speed Racist shouted in pain as the collor in his face began to drain and dark read blood splattered evry wheres. It was now planly obvious that racer X was not human.

"Racer X isn't human!" Phoenix Write said in a calm voice as he started to walk away from the grizzly sight of Racer X ripping Speed racer body appart. "I don't know what is going on and that makes me woried.

"My brother is killing my brother!" Spritle shouted as Racer X finished off Speed Racer and started to attack Spritle.

"These poor racers must not realize that Racer X is a zombie which means that he isn't human. RACER X IS A ZOMBIE!" Phoenix rite realized and shouted to Spritle but it was too late because Spritel was now dead. The other racers who had seen the entire event unfold befor there eyes screamed as they tried to run away from the zombifed Racer X. The zombified racer z moaned and ran around in circles as he tried to atack the other racers.

"I don't want to die!" screamed another racer as he died. Nothing was making sense to Pheonix Write and he knew that if he didn't think of plan soon he was going two die, but then he thought of a plan and pulled out a gun he had been carrying this whole time and shot Racer X in the head.

"The only way to kill zombies like Racer X is to shoot them in the head. I was verylucky that I ws carrying this gun arround and that it had one bullet." Phoenix Wright laughed as he tosed the usless gun to the ground and watched as Racer Xs body hit the ground with a loud sickening splat. Everything seemed to be ok for the moment, but there was still a zombie infestation to deal with. This was just the start of much big problems and now Phoenix Wright had to discover how to stop this zombie infestation from spreeding evenmore. Just then govornment planes from Canada landed on the NASCAR race track. Presadent Obama stepped out of one of the helicopters and smiled really big at Phoenix Rite.

"Phoenix Write you are so amazingly cool and I thank you for discovering this mystery but now it is time for the government to take over this investigation.' Obama said as he ushed Pheonix Right into a hellicopter. The hellicopter began to take off and Phoenix Right felt safe because Francis, Zoey, and Louis where in the Helicopter with him. Bill wasn't in the helicopter because he was dead.

"I hate Obama." francis said as everyone in the hellicpoter laughed, but unbeknownst to everyone the zombies had surounded the government perimitor and where now attacking everyone at the race track. Soon the hellicopter that Phoenix Write, Francis, Zoey, Bill, and Louis where in ran out of gas and began to crash.

"Game over man!" Zoey screemed as the hellicopter started to crash.

"Maybe we can land on the skyscrapper?" Louis shouted in a questioning tone as the helicoppter began to crash and he pointed to a building in a city that they where aproaching while crashing.

"I can fly the hellicpoter!" Pheonix Rite said as he took controle of the helicpoter and steared it toward the building that Louis had pointed out. Luckily Pheonix Rote had taken several years of fight lessons and knew what he was doing so he was able to land the crashng helicopter ontop the building that Luis had pointed out. Everyone sighed with relief as they reaized that they where all alive and not dead like zombies.

I gotta hand it to you Phoenix your one cool guy. Bill said in a raspy dead tone, but he really didn't say that because he was dead and it was Zoey acting like Bill to make everything fell wright.

"I hate Pheonix Rite." Francis said and everyone laughed because they knew Francis wasn't joking.

"It looks like we are in Racoon city but I wonder where we really are?" Louis questioned as he looked out at the buring city.

"It looks like were in for a long moring. Phoenix Wright said as he watched the sun that had set start to rise. Just than the door to the roof opened and President Obama came runing throuh with blood stains all over his good suite.

"It looks like this entire city is being over run by blood thirsty vampires!" Obama shouted at he shot a vampire throught the head with his finger.

"Actually Prident Obama they are zombies and not vampires because they are dead but I don't know how this is relivent to our current situation so could you please shut that door because there is a slight draft coming through that is making me cold." Pheonix Write explained in a know it all knind of look. Obama slamed the door shut but luckily Leon S. Kennedy (who isn't related to John F. Kennedy) had acompanied President Obama.

"Who are you?" Asked Bill who was still Zoey.

"I am Leon and I have had a lot of experiance with zombies and vampires." Leon explained but then he was shot in the hed by Francis.

"I hate Leon." Francis said and everyone laughed again because Francis is funny.

"Now what will you do?" Obama said as he cried becaue everyone he knew and love was dead.

"We must find a way off this building and into a safe house, but only four of us can go." Pheonix Right said as he looked at everyone, just then Zoey pushed Obama off the skyscrapper they where on and he fell to his death. lets move out team." Pheonix Rght said as they opened the door and began to make their way to the safe room.