Hey peoples of Earth that like reading fanfics! I'm about to do my first fanfic on Tower Prep, because lately I've become obsessed with the show. :D Bear with me and we'll get through this together.

Ian P.O.V.

We were in the observatory planning our next escape when Suki said," You guys, Biology just emailed everyone that we are doing something a little different tomorrow."

"I hope this won't affect our escape plan," I commented.

"We'll just have to wait and find out what it is." said Suki staring at her PDA.

I started pacing back in forth. This could ruin our whole plan. We were supposed to sneak out of class and go down to the observatory. We'd start mapping were the tunnels go. We'd have a full class period to do that without monitors checking our rooms to see if we were there. It was perfect. I smiled at myself for coming up with such a genius plan. Little did I know that Biology had something more in store for us than cataloging wildlife.

Sorry that was extremely short. Its just a little introduction. The other chapters will be much longer, promise. I'm pretty sure I'll do another chapter today depending if anyone reviewed or even read it. :D