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Suki P.O.V.

"You're not gonna find a light switch."

"Found one."

"Oh my gosh."

"No way."

It was a ballroom. Millions of doors were on each inch of the walls.

"Wow." I said spinning around in the middle of the dance floor.

"Yeah. This is a pretty awesome room. As long as you don't get lost." I laughed. I liked this room it was surprisingly neat and orderly. All the doors were black. Except one. A yellow one.


I had given up. I was sitting and leaning against a wall. Ian was a fighter. He didn't give up. He kept looking and looking for an escape. Any escape.

"Ian. Give it up. There isn't an escape." I store at the ceiling, daydreaming. About Ian of course. It has been two hours and he hasn't spoken to me or talked to me even once. It felt like I was invisible. I was there, but not important. He had given signs that he liked me. We even kissed. Whats not to get about that? Stop it CJ. You know he cares about you. Would he be trying to get us out of here if he didn't? Then he stopped pacing. He sat down next to me. I read his face. He was angry and frustrated.

"Its okay Ian. You tried your best." I said patting his shoulder.

"Don't you get it CJ? It's over that's it! There's no way out. We're trapped, but at least you're here with me."

"Ian don't talk like that. We'll find a way out-"

"No CJ. We won't. I've looked at every single thing. I can't break the yellow elevator. There's no hidden tunnel entrances. No windows."

"Ian..I'm scared." A tear rolled down my cheek. Making it wet and cold.

"It's okay Ceige." He wrapped his strong arms around me. I weeped into his sturdy shoulder. Suddenly there was knocking. Like something hitting something. We looked around for the source. We looked up and on the ceiling was a yellow air vent. It burst open and hurdled to the ground. Dust rose. Me and Ian were wide-eyed. We store up at the ceiling. We heard mumbles. A figure jumped down.

"CJ? Ian?"

"Suki!" we screamed and ran to hug her. There was a blur in the shape of a person who landed on their stomach.


"Hey what are you guys doing here?" Gabe asked.

"Don't ask. It's a long story." I said. We heard the elevator from downstairs. Someone was coming.

"Quick you guys, into the vent." Ian said. Ian gave us each a boost. We got into the vent. We pulled Ian up and he pulled up the vent cover. We watched. The creepy doctor with the bug-eyed glasses came into the room. He was rolling a rolling bed. There was a patient I guess I could say. A new student.A girl. She had dark brown hair and light blue eyes. She wwas knocked out. The headphones were put on her and her memory was erased. The headmaster walked in.

"Sir, we found this in her pocket." The doctor held out a golden locket. The Headmaster opened it.

"Store it somewhere. She can't find out anything about her skill. She could definitely use it to escape." Ian was interested. I'm pretty sure the escape, not the girl. I mean what do I have to worry about?

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