The Sketchbook Job

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: not mine

Rating: G-ish

"Hey, you can draw."

Evan Lorne turned to face the woman hanging upside down on the monkey bars. She was yawning and stretching easily. She looked comfortable. She was pretty and blonde and in very good shape. She swung off the monkey bars and walked right up to him.

"Hi. I'm Parker. I can draw too. I used to think that everyone could, but Nate says that I'm special."

A bit bemused, Evan shook her hand. "Evan Lorne."

Parker had his sketchbook in her hands in such a smooth move that Evan had to blink. She flipped through it with no hesitation at personal boundaries. He had –at General O'Neill's request- drawn the national museum complex. "I love it. It's so accurate. Most people just skip over the security cameras. That can be a thing of beauty too." She was so earnest and serious. She was crazy.

It was kinda cute.

"I like you. Wanna have sex?"

Evan blinked. He had not expected that. He glanced at his watch. He had time. He had finished early. He really, really shouldn't. It wasn't as if he played Kirk like Colonel Sheppard or Dr. Jackson.

But Parker was dragging him off and into a backyard tree house of an abandoned home. He had to go along.

She still had his sketchbook.