The Sojourner's Job

Last day of leave.

Evan wondered how he was going to spend it. He had already spent time with his family. His mother had been delighted with the two small oil paintings he had finished and brought home. Anywhere that inspired her 'little boy's muse' was good in his mother's opinion. He just wished that Atlantis was not classified; his painting of the City was definitely his best work in years.

He would still be at his parents' house, except that he needed to be in DC to sign more papers for the expedition. As a result, he had to find things not normally in Atlantis to enjoy instead of people. Ice cream looked good. The Marines could make a sort of ice cream, but it was bitter not sweet.

A slim hand slipped into his. "I want Rocky Road," Parker told him.

Evan squeezed her hand. "Sounds like a good idea."

They had ice cream and just walked about. They played a game of 'I spy the security camera' everywhere they went. Evan had to admit that Parker was better at the game than he was. They had dinner at a pizza parlor and Parker followed him to his hotel room. She was gone when he woke up. He packed the last of his things, put a fifty in an envelope for Clone Jack, and glanced around the room. Nothing was out of place. He caught his plane to Colorado and it was only when the captain sent to pick him up was piling an extra bag into the SUV, did Evan realize that Parker had given him a good-bye gift.

He asked for the extra bag to be placed next to him during the ride to the Mountain, under the pretense of needing something. Evan double checked everything to make sure that she hadn't tagged him with a tracking device.

She hadn't.

Parker had given him the climbing gear she had promised, an extensive set of lock picks that would probably be useless on Atlantis, new (expensive) paints and paintbrushes and tons of chocolate.

She had also given him her e-mail address, asking him to write her when he was back in town.

Evan considered the e-mail and decided that she wouldn't mind if he wrote her during leave. Maybe she would even write back.