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The sun is way too bright this morning. That was the first thought that came to Clare's mind when she woke up in the morning. She kept her eyes closed but she could see that there was entirely too much sunlight coming into the room through her eyelids. She also had a pounding headache and her mouth felt entirely too dry. Her body felt sore as she turned around in the bed but something didn't feel right. She felt completely naked under the covers and she touched her stomach and realized that she was naked.

Oh my God…

Slowly, Clare turned her body over and saw a very masculine, sleeping body beside her. Their back faced her and she could see clearly defined muscles and shoulders and arms. The man had a thick head of black hair as well that she recognized but couldn't remember very well. Shyly, she lifted the comforter to see the lower backside of the man exposed and she blushed profusely and let the comforter down again. When she did, the guy turned over as he let out a comfortable sigh. When Clare saw the man's face, she almost jumped out of the bed and screamed. She almost did but she would feel too bad to wake him up in such a rude way.

It was undeniable that she had sex with the man sleeping next to her. That was shocking enough but when she realized who that guy was, she could not believe herself. Eli Goldsworthy.

The two went to high school together and were friends but never anymore than that. He was a grade older than her and when he went off to college, they lost tough entirely and she didn't even know where he went. But now, she guessed she lived near him if they ended up in the same place.

Where was I last night? What did I do? Clare asked herself. She sighed deeply and laid back down on the bed. She felt Eli shuffling beside her again and when her blue eyes met with Eli's deep green ones, the memory of that night hit her like a ocean wave.


Birthdays. Birthdays are meant to be celebratory and fun and carefree. When Clare Edwards went out to a club with her best friend Alli Bhandari for her 19th birthday, she wasn't expecting to meet a guy and be completely enticed with him. She didn't even want to go to a club but because it was her best friend's birthday, she didn't really have a choice.

"You don't have to drink or anything, just dance with me and maybe meet some cute guys," Alli suggested with her eyebrows rising suggestively.

"I'll probably see cute guys there but I don't think that any of them would want to talk to me," Clare scoffed as she adjusted the curls on her head.

Alli turned her best friend in the chair she was sitting in and made her look at herself in the mirror. "Look at you, you're gorgeous. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're beautiful and annoyingly intelligent. You're the perfect package, Clare."

Clare smiled at her best friend. "I thought it was my job to compliment you today, it being your birthday and all."

"Well, you are completely putting yourself down and as your best friend, it's my job to help you. Besides I don't want you to be in a downer mood when we go out tonight. It's my birthday, Clare! We have to celebrate the right way! We'll go out to dinner first and then we'll head to the club and just have fun, okay?"

Clare sighed but smiled anyways. "Okay, let's go."

After they had a large dinner at Alli's favorite (and expensive) restaurant, the two headed over to the local club. They both got in without a hitch because they were both above 18 and they also looked hot, as the bouncer pointed out. That made Alli and Clare giggle as they entered and their hearing ability lessened quickly as they went into the large room. The music was crazy loud and it was very dark other than the neon lights flashing and Clare immediately took a hold of Alli's arm, scared to be separated. Alli laughed and linked arms with Clare and she led them over to the bar and took their seats there. The bar was near the dance floor and Clare could see that Alli was practically bouncing out of her seat to dance.

"Can I get anything for you ladies?" the bartender asked them, leaning his elbows on the table.

"Mango daiquiri for the birthday girl and a virgin Shirley Temple for me please, thank you," Clare said cooly to the bartender who nodded his head and went to make their drinks.

"How did you know I wanted a daiquiri?" Alli questioned, stunned.

"We're best friends, Alli. I know your poison of choice," Clare joked. Alli nudged Clare slightly who laughed and the two looked over when they saw the bartender again.

"Okay, Shirley Temple for the curly haired cutie and a mango daiquiri for the birthday girl. On the house," he told them when he set down the drinks. "You girls are lucky that you're both gorgeous." He winked before walking away.

Clare's jaw dropped slightly and Alli was squealing like a little girl. "Free drinks AND a compliment from a hot bartender? Best birthday ever, I'd say."

"Definitely progress," Clare laughed. The two clinked drinks before taking a sip.

The first thirty minutes they spent in the club consisted of finishing their first drinks and looking around trying to spot cute boys. Alli spotted one first but was disappointed when that guy went over to a girl and wrapped his arms around them. Clare didn't see anyone yet that sparked her interest but she wasn't looking very hard.

"Is that…that is! Drew Torres! Clare, look!" Alli was pointing over near the entrance and Clare followed the direction and saw the infamous Drew Torres. He was Alli's high school crush and the two went out for a little bit but Drew screwed it up. "Man, he's looking fiiiiine."

Clare had to admit that Drew did grow up a bit after she last saw him but he definitely wasn't Clare's type. The athletic, cocky type – yeah, Clare was over that. She already dated that type and it didn't end up very well.

"Go talk to him," Clare suggested. "Ask him how he's been doing."

"I might just do that but I have to do it in a subtle way," Alli said, turning around in her seat so Drew couldn't catch her staring.

"Well what's more subtle than him coming up to you? He's heading this way," Clare whispered the final part and turned in her seat also and sipped on her virgin drink. Alli started talking about the song that was playing and Clare played along until Alli felt someone tapping her shoulder. She turned around and smiled when she saw Drew who was flashing his signature smile.

Clare turned away once Alli and Drew were done with the awkward re-introduction and she started looking around. Her drink was long gone and she didn't really feel like getting another. So she sat there awkwardly, just looking around the room.

"Is this seat taken?"

Flipping her head around, Clare was met with the one and only Eli Goldsworthy, her former classmate and secret crush from way back then. He still looked the same but seemed to be bigger in the muscular sense. He still had the same smirk and when Clare noticed her staring, that smirk only seemed to get bigger.

"Not at all," Clare recovered and turned her body to face Eli's. He took the free seat on Clare's left. "How are you doing?"

"Pretty well," Eli said. "Yourself?"

"Great," Clare smiled. "Do you go to TO?"

"Yeah, I'm surprised I didn't tell you."

"We kind of grew apart right after you graduated," Clare reminded him. Eli nodded, remembering. "Well so do I. It's weird that we haven't run into each other. I definitely would've noticed if there was a hearse on campus."

"Didn't bring Morty here," Eli sighed. "Bullfrog got me a new car and he said I could use it only if I left Morty back home. Still miss that guy."

Clare giggled but it came out to be more of a school girl giggle. She blushed quickly and Eli smirked to himself. "I see that you still have that blush reflex down pat," he teased.

"Oh shut it, I'm surprised that that smirk of yours hasn't been permanently plastered on your face," Clare fired back playfully.

"That wit of yours hasn't changed either," Eli said, flashing a real smile.

"Never will," Clare replied, looking away smiling.

The bartender came back and exchanged greetings with Eli. Eli introduced Clare to the bartender whose name was Nick. "What can I get you guys?"

"What's your poison of choice, Clare?" Eli asked, leaning closer.

Clare immediately felt a little more adventurous. She glanced at the empty Shirley Temple glass beside her hand and she pursed her lips. "Whatever you're having."

"Really?" Eli said unsurely. "Don't seem like a coke and vodka type."

"Things change after time, Eli," Clare tried to say in a sexy way.

"Two of the usual then Nick," Eli told him and he turned away and Clare swore she saw a smirk on Nick's face. Once he came back, Eli held his drink close to Clare's and they clinked drinks and drank. Clare felt a burn down her throat but she was exhilarated.

Just a few hours later, and many, many drinks during that time, Clare had a tight grasp on Eli's jacket and was going to town on his mouth. The two stood at Eli's apartment door just a block away from the club. They had been standing there for at least ten minutes now and Eli had yet to open the door to get them inside. They were too busy caught up in each other and each other's lips.

Clare transferred her hands up to the back of Eli's neck and started tugging on his hair, earning a rough groan from the back of Eli's throat. He responded by pressing himself against Clare harder, pinning her firmly between him and the wall. He moved against her, trying to find some sort of solution for his growing problem. Clare moaned against Eli's lips when she felt him against her and moved her lower body back against him. Eli pulled his lips away and breathed heavily. "We should get out of the hallway," he suggested. He started reaching for his keys but froze and allowed his eyes to roll to the back of his head when Clare started to attack his neck.

It took him plenty of tries to get the key into the key hole but once he did, he roughly pulled Clare inside and kissed her earnestly again and started tugging at her clothes. Clare replied just the same and practically ripped Eli's dress shirt from his body. Once his upper body was exposed, Clare wasted no time and began to roam her hands all over it and soon, her mouth.

Before they knew it, they were on Eli's bed. The two drunk former classmates were roaming each other's bodies with their hands without hesitation. Soon…

All of the clothes were on the floor.

Tons of kisses were being shared.

A condom wrapper was being ripped open.

Groans and moans filled the room.

And the two extremely exhausted but pleasured former classmates fell asleep in each other's arms.


Eli and Clare stared at each other awkwardly once they both remembered what happened that night. Five minutes passed and neither had yet to move or say anything.

"Umm…" Eli was the first to speak. "Do you feel okay?"

"Fine," Clare squeaked out awkwardly.

"Not nauseous or anything? We…uh…we got pretty drunk so…"

Clare sat up and immediately her head pounded and her stomach churned. Eli noticed her quick change in color and pointed out the bathroom door that was attached to his room. Clare jumped from the bed and ran to the bathroom in an impressive speed and Eli heard Clare's upchucking loud and clear.

While Clare was in the bathroom, Eli sat up and rubbed his face with his palms. He noticed all of the clothes strewn around his room and in the hallway. He moved the comforter a bit and saw the condom wrapper fall to the floor.

"Shit," he muttered. "I slept with Clare Edwards."

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