Two sandy haired boys sat on the pale gray sofa in their family's living room. Their two fathers were out for that evening leaving them in trust and faith that the boys could take of themselves and hopefully not somehow manage to burn down the house.

Twin blue eyes were locked onto the flickering television set. They were watching a horror movie due to Alfred's persistent whine earlier that evening; a movie in truth that both ten year old boys were not really ready to watch.

As the chain-saw carrying manic lifted his large bloodied arms up in the night sky the large moon behind him darkening his face while eliminating his poor crying victim a scream erupted, but not from the speakers. The scream was from the smaller boy on the couch.

Matthew had grabbed one of the creamed colored throw pillows and had buried his face deep inside its soft fabric.

"Mattie- it's just a movie." Alfred said in a slight irritated tone (trying not to reveal his own fright as well).

After a brief second Alfred sighed and began to rub Matthew's back to comfort his brother. To his surprise his small hand felt the trembling of Matthew's skin as he made contact. He is truly scared.

"Alfred, can you please turn it off!" Matthew cried as his head was still buried in the pillow.

"Sure" Alfred got up and turned off the TV.

Muffled cries from the small boy filled the room.

"I-I'm Sorry. Mattie I didn't think you actually get scared," The boy continued growing ever more frantic with each passing word "But you gotta remember I'm the hero after all and I would never ever let anything hurt you and I-"

"-Al" Matthew said cutting him off.


"I'm scared."

The boys sat there a moment in complete silence other than their breathing. "Alfred" Matthew said slowly raising his head, revealing his young puffy red face. His bright blue eyes still streaming perfectly clear tears. "I know you must think of me as weakling, and a baby now and I don't know this is even ok but… C-Can I hold your hand?"

Alfred was taken aback by this request. He didn't think of Matthew as weak or as a baby, but he was confused by how he felt. He felt that this wasn't normal but it wasn't like it was a bad thing.

"It's okay" was all he said.

Matthew took Alfred's hand and held it tightly. Alfred's mind could only considerate on the clasped together hands. He found it remarkably warm, and could still feel the slight shake of Matthew's fingers. He breathed in deep and began to slightly stroke the side of Matthew's hands with his thumb. All the while Matthew continued to softly cry until he ran out of tears. Alfred felt a strange burning on his cheeks as they sat there alone in the big house.

It was unclear how much time had passed. In a way Alfred didn't care rather the time went by slowly or quickly he was just there and finding it enjoyable as it was. Suddenly he felt Matthew's head rest upon his shoulder. Matthew had slumped over as he fell asleep.

Alfred admired his brother's sleeping face for a few moments. The soft rose color in his round cheeks, his long dark eyelashes that still had a few water droplets sprinkled across like morning dew, his wavy blond hair that lazily fell in front of him, and his pink lips that were slightly open in his slumber. He began to wonder if this was really his little brother and not his little sister resting on him.

Alfred gradually shifted his weight and gently took a hold of Matthew's sleeping head and shoulder. He replaced his body with pillows and kindly laid Matthew down on them. He picked up the nearby fleece blanket and covered it over his brother's sleeping body.

Once he was done he leaned in close to Matthew's ear and whispered, "Good night." A final wave of guilt washed over him as he saw a small distressed face flashed on the unconscious boy. "And Mattie, I'm really sorry." He walked over to the light switch and turned it off for the night.