Returning For Friendship

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Carlos and Katie sat in the living room, watching TV, on a normal Saturday morning. They were waiting in anxiety for their prank on James to come into action. The victim was currently taking a shower.

"So, the prank is all ready?" Carlos asked Katie.

"Yep," Katie told him, smiling, "When he get's out of the shower, his hair will be-"

Suddenly, they heard a loud, girly scream come from the bathroom, "Ahhhhhhh! My hair is pink!"

Carlos and Katie stated laughing really hard, until James exited the bathroom. They tried to keep a straight face, but they couldn't hold it any longer, so they burst out laughing.

"Oh, you think this is so funny," James stated, annoyed.

"How could we not think it's funny?" Katie asked, still laughing.

"Hey James, do you..." Logan started to say as he walked into the living room, "Woah! Your hair... it's... pink! What happened?"

"Pink hair dye in the shampoo bottle," Katie explained.

"You did this?" James asked Katie.

"Carlos helped... well not really, but he's the one who wanted to prank you!" Katie told him.

James gasped, "Carlos! You do not mess with the hair!" he yelled, before running back in the bathroom.

"Wow, you really got him," Logan told them as he walked over to his computer.

"Don't worry, Logie, you're next," Katie thought.

By then, Logan had logged into his account. They stared at him fiddle with the computer, "What happened?" Logan yelled, "Where are all my saved files?"

"We deleted them," Carlos told him, "You always want everything so organized, so we thought we'd help you."

"Why would you do that? I had really important things on there, like my resume and my stories and..." Logan exclaimed, however Katie and Carlos burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"All your files are on this flash drive," Carlos explained, holding up the device.

"You guys are evil!" Logan stated, before grabbing the flash drive and putting it into his computer.

"No, I just wanted revenge," Carlos told him.

"What? What did I do?" Logan asked.

"You made me believe that those 'Would You Rather' answers would come true!" Carlos exclaimed.

Logan sighed. It was partially Carlos' fault for being so gullible, but they did trick him.

"So that's why you pranked James too... Wait a minute, you didn't prank Kendall!" Logan stated.

"Not yet," Katie told him.

As if on cue, Kendall ran in, "Guess what?"

"What?" Katie responded.

"You know that hockey school that I applied for?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah," Carlos answered.

"Well, I just got a letter saying I got in!" Kendall exclaimed.

"That's great!" they told him, with knowing looks on their faces.

"This letter says 'to accept your admission, call the following number'" Kendall told them. He took out his cell phone and dialed the number. Suddenly, Logan's phone started to ring, so he answered it.

"Hello?" Logan asked.

"Logan!" Kendall yelled, "Is this some kind of a joke?" he exclaimed into the phone, even though Logan was standing five feet away from him.

"No, it's not! I just answered my phone," Logan told him, honestly.

Meanwhile, Carlos and Katie were chuckling to themselves. Those three were just too easy to prank and they were so ignorant right now.

However, Kendall noticed them laughing, "This was your prank, wasn't it?" Kendall asked Katie.

Katie nodded, while pointing to Carlos.

"You and Carlos? But wh-"

Logan answered Kendall's question before he could ask it, "Carlos wanted revenge on us for making him think the 'Would You Rather' answers were coming true. They already tricked me into thinking I lost all my files on my hard drive and they turned James' hair pink."

"Oh, I gotta see this," Kendall stated. James walked out of the bathroom. Kendall cracked up at the sight of his friend.

"It's not funny!" James yelled again, before somehow forgetting that his hair was pink and speed-walking downstairs.

Logan, Kendall, Carlos and Katie all huddled around the window, knowing what to expect next. James appeared outside, giving everyone else at the Palm Woods a laugh and something to remember for a long time, while he continued to yell how it wasn't funny.


Well, I hope you liked the ending. Haha, I can totally picture James with pink hair. Lol. And how upset he would be. The pranks on Logan and Kendall weren't as good, but I think in the actual show, they both would have fallen for those pranks. Thanks for reading and thanks for reviewing! =)