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Ryohei was breathing hard making clouds of stream rise past his head each time he exhaled. His heart was thumping heavily, the hard off beat to the rhythm of his feet on pavement.

'Any second now . . . . any second,' he thought, obsessively clutching his cell phone tight in his hand. 'They said it'd be anytime . . . that they'd call me. They said.' the thought ran through his head round and round as he ran round and round the small track.

His breath was getting short and hard, he'd been running full out for almost twenty minutes, but he couldn't sit still. He had to burn off this anxiety, too much extreme suspense was driving him crazy.

'Any time. Taco head promised he'd call. He promised . . . anytime now,' he pushed himself to go faster not noticing the chill night air as he continued to run round and round, street lamps lighting his way. His dress shoes slid on the rubber track and his tie was whipping behind him, probably wrinkling beyond repair. He didn't care though, too caught up hi his own thoughts.

Suddenly the phone in his hand started to vibrate and scream his familiar ringtone. He was too surprised to react for a moment but he was soon sliding to a stop and stabbing at the buttons on the tiny device.

"Taco head?" he practically yelled, trying to catch his breath.

"Che it's a phone Turf top you don't have to scream into it," Gokudera scoffed at him.

"Sorry to the extreme . . . Is it time yet?" Ryohei panted, already jogging back to the hospital's main entrance.

"Shit Lawn Head did you seriously go for a run. I was kidding, it's like 3:00 am," the bomber started to ramble.

"Gokudera!" Ryohei snapped, losing his patience to the extreme.

"Alright alright. It's time . . . you remember the room number?"

"Wrote it down to the extreme," Ryohei said before snapping the phone shut and checking the number hastily written on his hand.

"Do you want to hold him Oniisan?" Kyoko asked sweetly, though her voice sounded exhausted.

Ryohei gaped at her in surprise, stepping away from the bed. "I . . . I'm not . . ."

"It's okay Oniisan. It's not very hard," Sawada told him, gently brushing sweaty hair off his tired wife's forehead.

"Go for it Sempai," Yamamoto added giving the boxer a push back towards the bed.

"But . . . but what if I extremely drop him?" Ryohei stammered.

"You won't," Tsuna assured. "Hold you arms like this," he instructed, carefully showing his nervous brother-in-law what to do.

Ryohei nodded, his face serious as he did exactly as Tsuna showed him. He couldn't help the thrill of fear that ran through him as the extremely fragile blanket wrapped bundle was place in his arms. Suddenly he was looking down into a pair of blinking gray eyes in a round red wrinkled face topped with a tuft of light almost white hair.

"Extreme," he whispered, relaxing as he swayed slightly, rocking the baby in his arms.

"What's his name Judaime?"

"Kaito," Sawada said softly before kissing Kyoko's forehead.

"Kaito . . ." Ryohei repeated, a bright smile on his face. "He's going to be extreme."