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"So," Kisame began, breaking the silence that had fallen over the Akatsuki. "Does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on?" His tail twitched in slight annoyance as he looked over the nine other members around him.

Itachi turned his silky head toward his large, blue companion. "We have, in some way or another, become felines."

"We're fucking cats!" Hidan hissed, pouncing closer than necessary to the impassive Uchiha. "We are little animals with whiskers and tails and Jashin knows what else!"

Sasori rolled his amber eyes. "Felines and cats are the same thing you moron. Now shut up, you're causing a scene."

"What scene, un?" Deidara questioned. "We're in a box, yeah." He was rewarded with an annoyed blank stare from his Danna.

"A fucking huge ass box!" Hidan corrected. "There is no freaking way out of this thing." He walked over to one of the cardboard walls and pawed at it.

"All of you need to calm down. We'll figure out something, just relax." Pein said calmly.

"What are we going to do for food?" Kakuzu wondered, his strange eyes drifting over Hidan's silver head to gaze at their leader.

Pein turned his attention to Kakuzu. "We'll figure it out when the time comes."

"We can always push the box over!" Tobi meowed excitedly. He was currently swatting Deidara's tail around playfully.

"Quit it, un!" Deidara snapped, whacking Tobi's orange head with a blonde paw. "This is all your fault anyways, yeah! Why did you have to press that damn button, un?"

Tobi scampered away to hide behind Zetsu's black and white form. "Senpai is being mean!" His orange face poked out to face Deidara from behind Zetsu. "Tobi was just curious! He didn't know the button would turn them into kittens in a strange place!"

"If only I had my clay…" Deidara mumbled, glaring at Tobi with his blue eyes.

"The more pressing matter is our location." Itachi said dully. "Where are we?"

Hidan growled. "We can't see out of the box to know, Uchiha!"

Itachi rolled his blood-red eyes. "This is true, but I can't sense any chakra signatures and I've personally never heard the sounds surrounding us before." He paused as a loud honking droned in the distance. "That button could have sent us anywhere."

"It's safe to say we aren't anywhere familiar." Kakuzu agreed. "I don't sense any one another than us so I think we might be alone."

"From what I saw while we were being put into the box by that old man, we are in an entirely different world." Sasori stated. "But how we ended up as cats, I'm not entirely sure."

"What if someone else takes us in?" Zetsu wondered.

Kakuzu looked at him. "We'll have to gain their trust long enough to find a way home."

"Fuck that." Hidan snapped. "Why rely on someone we don't know?"

"I don't like it either Hidan, but it is necessary if we want to survive in our now vulnerable forms in this new world. We can't exactly fend for ourselves as kittens."

Konan frowned as something approaching them caught her attention. "Do you guys hear that?"

"Tobi hears scary loud noises." Tobi confessed.

Konan shook her blue head. "No, it sounds like footsteps. It's getting closer."

All of the Akatsuki focused, their ears turning towards the approaching sound until it was right beside them. They looked up in unison to see they no longer were alone.

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