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Summary: Life for Kamenashi Kazuya was never like a normal human's life. And like most stars in the world, he had his secrets. And one girl would unlock it all starting with just a small discovery. But turns out, not everything is as it seems. And Dark Circus is just a small part of what there is in such a world as the home we call Earth. There will be lemons in chapter two and littered along the way. I'm not sure of anything else. OH AND MEGA BLOODSHED. Not for the weak hearted :D

A young man in his twenties paced his room with fervor, as if he had been waiting for some kind of special news since a year ago. Suddenly, a loud knock at his door startled him. He looked longingly out the window. His time was up. He was given freedom, and now it was being taken back. He opened it wide and birds beside his window fluttered up, startled. He watched them go, their feathers floating around him as a teasing reminder that he had no wings to fly away with. He took one more deep breath as the knocks grew more rapid and he reluctantly went to his door and opened it. A tall man with sharp, slitted eyes glared down at him with an astonishing height of eight feet. He was extremely skinny and his face was narrow, with a long nose and pursed mouth to match it all. A freak. His messenger and doomsayer. Looking up, the young man gulped, the sun shining past the taller man's shoulders as if on cue, making him look even more intimidating.

"Mommy, that man looks like he belongs in a freakshow." A little boy sneered as he passed by.

"Don't talk about people like that..!" the mother tugged on his hand but pulled him along with a strange look on her face as well.

"Kazuya-san…?" The man asked. His voice dripped with venom. Kamenashi shuddered.

"Good afternoon Delano-san." He greeted solemnly, bowing.

Delano bowed with equal respect. "Are you ready?"

"Yes. Give me a second to get my things." Kamenashi raced upstairs. His stomach was going to flip. This was it. He picked up the suitcase set by his bedroom door and he took a look around, memorizing everything until the last speck of dust. Then, when he got downstairs, he looked around once more. Never again would he return to the world of the people that populate this Earth. Yes, Delanto did belong in a freakshow. And so did he.

He locked the door behind him and got into the rather large car and it sped off towards the Dark Circus.


Clicks and taps sounded in a dark room lit up in a eerie blue shade by several computer screens. The figure sitting amidst all the technology junk sighed and rolled her head, setting her pen and tablet down with a "clunk" and stood up and stretched, her back cracking. "Ooh… Not good." She muttered after hearing the cracks. Being a photographer and photo editor sucked. Especially when you're working for high class, extra popular magazines in Japan. She stared at the screen, trying to recount how many layers more she needed. Her current employment project was with KAT-TUN, a very popular all-boys group. All five of them were very talented. They'd lost one member earlier, but they were pulling it together nicely.

"Asami-chan!" a face popped up on the largest screen at the center of all the computer screens.

"Oh, hey Chikako." Asami replied with a small grin.

"Are you done yet? I is dying to see it!" Chikako's face moved away from her camera and she walked over to the huge walk-in "closet" that housed her mannequins and newly made clothes.

"You is…? And almost…!" Asami sat back down, bent back one more time, cracked her knuckles, and then sat down and got back to work.

"Well, I just finished their costumes for the next shooting." Chikako said, pulling out five mannequins of just the right heights of mentioned singers.

"Wow. Those are pretty good." Asami laughed. They were all black except for one. "Is the white one for Tatsuya-kun?"

"Yup." Chikako grinned. "See, I thought this would be a great contrast, but I could have made Taguchi-san's white also." She giggled. "Oh, do you remember that freakshow…?"

"The illegal one that stops by Roppongi every five years…?" Asami started working on the poster picture again, not looking up.

"Yeah, it's called the Dark Circus." Chikako's voice was sly. Asami looked up and stared, waiting for the next part. "Oh, you got me. I have tickets!" Chikako held up three well designed tickets.

"You want me to go with you?" Asami asked, looking back down to continue her work.

"Actually, I'm a part-time worker there." Chikako said. "I'm the announcer and cage keeper."

Asami looked up with a dull stare. "You're part of a freakshow?" Chikako nodded eagerly. "Pfft, fits you perfectly.

"HEY!" Chikako ran around her room once. "Not true!"

"But you just said you worked in a freakshow. It's a showfor freaks." Asami laughed. Chikako responded with five more circles around her room. "What are you doing?"

"Doctor said that I should exercise to release stress and anger." Chikako sat back down and started fixing the sleeves of the costumes. "So are you coming?"

"Sure." Asami said, putting her pen down. "I'm done. Gimme the tickets."

"Okay." Chikako went over to a tube that led from her room to the room below, and dropped the ticket. Asami stood at the bottom of the other end and grabbed the ticket and looked at it. It was definitely authentic. "Can I see it?"

"Sure, here." Asami sent the screenshot to Chikako. Chikako squealed in delight.

The poster picture was a beautiful crimson with all five boys wearing prince clothing from an old French setting. Their collars set high and their eyes were staring at the camera in one alluring way or another. Nakamaru and Kamenashi were sitting on the couch respectively at the ends. Ueda was on the armrest next to Nakamaru, Koki was on the floor between the two sitting, and Taguchi was standing next to the couch. They weren't centered but rather off a little to the right and the floor was a black obsidian shade, reflecting the rusty colored spotlights from above. The picture was framed with white and the edges were growing curls. "KAT-TUN" was written in a white Algerian font and the words were steaming, smoke rose from the tops of the letters. The background was French love phrases scribbled in a Blackladder ITC font of all sizes and transparency.

"Asami-chan this is PERFECT!" Chikako clapped. "I can't believe my own eyes!"

"Thank you." Asami smiled. "I was wondering if I was missing something."

"Get some rest Asa-chan!" Chikako said, putting her mannequins away. "It's fine."

"Alright." Asami looked at the ticket one more time. "The circus is tomorrow. Okay, see you tomorrow Chikako."

"Good night. Sleep tight!" Chikako's hand popped out of the closet and waved.

Next evening...

Kamenashi gulped, taking in his surroundings. He was now a permanent addition to the Dark Circus. For reasons even he wished he wasn't born with. Delanto stepped into his booth. "Kazuya-san." He said in a demanding tone. Kamenashi nodded, draping the last of the pearls around his arms, waist, and head. He looked in the mirror. He was a freak. As much as he wanted this all to be a dream. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then went through a flap at the back of his booth that led to darkened stairs. He climbed them, each step echoed under his bare feet and his bare back felt a strong, cold breeze, making him shiver. He hesitated. His friends would wonder where he went. But he left neither clue nor piece of evidence as to where he was now. He opened the flap at the top of the stair case. Bright lights greeted him and he blinked several times, shielding his eyes with the back of his hand, slightly turning his head as his eyes narrowed.

He gained a few gasps from below as other freaks stared up at him in his naked glory. He ignored them and stepped out onto the jumping board, bounced a few times, and jumped, flipping in the air and hitting the water gracefully. As he hit the water, he felt his skin crawl and his blood ran cold. He closed his eyes as he swam for the bottom, and soon his feet lost feeling. Then his legs. He started using his hips to move himself. His fingers flexed, but couldn't stretch out past a certain limit and his ears started hearing the echoes and drips of water underwater. He breathed in and instead of water, sweet oxygen greeted him. His hair floated freely around his head and started to slightly clump together into thick wet strands, and soon, he had managed to finish his routine. He swam back up to the surface.

When he broke out, he gasped for air and slowly, he managed to catch normal oxygen again mixed with carbon dioxide. He leaned over the huge glass swimming tank he was in and watched the other freaks below, staring right back up at him in awe. He breathed out shakily. Was this all he was good for?

He got back out and crawled the sideways ladder back to his jumping board and wrapped a towel around himself, and he went back into the staircase. The tank slid back into the shadows of the curtains below the staircase and the jumping board folded down. The show was starting in fifteen minutes and people were lining up outside the huge circus tent, as could be seen and heard.

Asami waited outside with two other of Chikako's friends, anxious to see what everyone had been talking about when the Dark Circus first came around the outskirts of Roppongi. Chikako bound up to them and grabbed Asami's and the other friends' hands in one of her hands and she grinned, pulling all three of them up to the front of the line. People yelled and complained when they saw the three of them cutting the line.

The ridiculously tall man at the door stopped Chikako and held his hand out. Chikako nudged Asami and Asami pulled out her VIP ticket, as did the two other friends. The tall man nodded and let them in, tearing the ends off the tickets.

Asami entered the tent, and looked around. Freaks of all kinds scurried around and were yelling and giggling at each other. Just like normal human beings. What did normal mean? More questions raced through Asami's head. The other two guys were gaping and going "OH!" every time they saw an interesting freak. Asami glared back at the two men and she snapped at them. "They are just as much as living things as we are! What are you 'OH!'ing about? If you were a freak, you wouldn't like that kind of attention, now would you? You guys are so immature." She stomped off in the direction of the hallways. The tent was actually like a museum, gallery, aquarium, and zoo all together. There were exhibitions and shows everywhere. First everyone is gathered in a huge circus ring and the main shows were performed. Then, the guests were free to walk around and examine the other parts of the circus. Like a zoo or aquarium with a show.

There was ten minutes. Asami was free to see anything before that time was up since she was a VIP member. And she decided to see the new attraction stated online. She headed down the corridor and it took a while, but when she reached the corner, it suddenly felt very dark and desolate. The eerie feeling of loneliness wrapped its cold hand around her and gripped tightly, drawing her towards the faint blue alienated glow coming from the thing around the corner. She stepped around the corner and saw a huge tank at least ten times taller than her, glowing and the water looked crystal clear. She put her hand on the glass and something above her moved. She jumped back, looking up towards the top of the tank. A fish-like figure swam in circles, its hair practically reaching its waist and was tied up by a string of glittering pearls which was draped around practically the whole figure and its tail was strung with beautiful jewels.

Kamenashi swam down to see who the VIP was that actually came this far to the deepest corner of the circus to see him. He recognized the photographer girl from his latest photo shoot. His heart raced and he prayed she didn't recognize him. Even though that was nearly impossible when he was in his true form. He put his hand on top of hers through the glass, watching her.

Asami stared in awe at the merman before her. He was covered in faint blue scales from waist down, forming a tail that was long and elegantly slim. His waist was thin and his chest was smooth and broad with a creamy complexion. His arms looked strong and he didn't look much older than she was. His face was a soft-looking thing. His nose small but not too small. His lips plump and slightly pouting as if he just saw something that made his mouth drool. His eyes were completely beady black. His hair had some human characteristics, like his bangs, and his cheeks were slightly peachy. When he laid his hand on hers through the glass, Asami's heart fluttered and she felt a hot blush creep across her face. She stared into his face, mesmerized by the beauty of this merman. But suddenly, something in her snapped into place and she recognized the face of the person. "Ka-" She gasped. "Kamenashi-san!" She stepped back.

Kamenashi cursed in his head. He withdrew his hand and looked at her thoroughly. Reluctantly, he nodded.

"Ho-How did you end up in there?" Asami ran back to the glass and pressed her hands against it, trying to get a closer glimpse. Kamenashi came back up to the glass and pressed his palms against hers.

"I am a freak." The sentence echoed in her brain. Telepathy?

"I-I can see that you dummy." Asami choked. "But how did you end up here?"

"I was born in the ocean as a mermaid and rose to the surface as a human. I lived in the ocean the first several years of my life, but then the ring master caught me when he heard rumors of a mermaid swimming in the area."

"Oh God..." Asami brought a hand to her mouth to hold back the overwhelming feeling of sympathy. "What happened...?"

"He first exhibited me for a while, but soon he saw that even I needed some freedom and he decided to let me walk among humans. So I was given ten years of freedom as a human. My time was up yesterday afternoon. I am now a permanent member of Dark Circus." Kamenashi's eyes were giving off so many different emotions.

Asami closed her eyes and breathed out shakily. "I want to help you."

"I don't need help. And I didn't ask you for help." His eyes narrowed stubbornly.

"Anyone could tell you want out!" Asami glared. Kamenashi silenced, turning his head to the side. "I can help you!"

"Why would you want to help a freak like me? You're human. Live your life like the rest of the humans areliving their lives. Carefree and stupidly selfish." Kamenashi's hands were lifting.

"Why are you like this? You're no different from me! We're all living things! Can't you see that!" Asami felt like screaming at him, but refrained from doing so, realizing that she could gain unwanted attention. Kamenashi's eyes glowered at her.

"You're not a freak. You don't know what it feels like!" He growled.

Asami bit her bottom lip and searched the messenger bag strapped to her back and grabbed out a rather large Swiss army knife. Kamenashi's eyes widened, watching her as she rolled up the sleeve of her black jacket and stabbed her arm right in the elbow, the knife piercing through to the other side. She gave a hiss of pain as she grit her teeth and blood spurted onto the tank glass. Kamenashi snapped his hands away. She tore the knife down her hand, splitting half her arm and rendering it useless. Each half dangled like rubber. Kamenashi covered his mouth to hold back the disgust. Blood dripped onto the floor and Asami's face was drenched in sweat. She glared up with pale lavender eyes and her arm slowly rejoined itself and she flexed the now fully healed arm. Not even a scar or drop of blood. The blood that had splattered everywhere suddenly evaporated into scarlet steam and dissipated into the air.

"Yes. In fact I do." Asami finished and stood straight, putting her knife away. "There are more freaks in the world than you think. I was exposed to radioactive extraterrestrial materials when I was still in the womb and this was what became of me. I was bullied at first because my hair grew very fast and it reached my feet when I was three. Even after I cut it, it still grew faster than average. The growing slowed down to normal when I took medicine provided by a freak doctor to lower the amount of the material exposure in me. But I am still unable to slice, cut, tear, or break myself without healing within a day."

Kamenashi just fell silent. A loud rumble of drums in the background sounded and Asami's head snapped in the direction of the circus ring. "I'll be back." Asami started in that direction rather quickly, but stopped at the corner, turned around and smiled. "Don't think I won't forget." And she ran off. She was more than confident in her skills and abilities. And she wouldn't let another freak sibling fall into the wrong hands like last time. She closed her eyes. She couldn't protect her brother or sister. She won't fail again.

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