She had bit, clawed and nearly punched Auron the first time he took her, it had been pleasurable dominating the taller, stronger and older male, feeling his mouth on her chest, fingers dipping into the warmth between her thighs, she had been shaking with need, with an unknown want driving her further and further along the road of sinful desire, one that she didn't even know was there until it bubbled over within those few moments of desperate clawing to get him closer to take her.

But, when he did, those wanting moments disappeared and a strong flooding of pain took over, he moved hard and fast in her, bringing the pain to further heights and she didn't understand when the throbbing pain turned to the searing bliss roaring in her ears, behind her eyelids, in her blood. She didn't even realize when she had toppled over the slim ledge she had been dangling on and into the pit of orgasmic release that her first time was gone and that her thought-out ideals of what her first time with a man would be, were gone, they flew out the window with her sanity.

As she calmed down, a slow kiss was shared between them both. He lowered her to the ground and just held her there, eyes closed and she breathed hard. She realized, with alarming clarity, this was the way she had secretly wanted her first time to be like.