A/N Okay, we know that Narumi and Kiri get together in the last book. We know that they married. But what happened when Kiri moved back to Japan? Did she date Ochiai, giving the poor lovesick guy a chance, and then after a few days go to Narumi? Or did she just date Narumi? You can probably all tell that she didn't date Ochiai. However, we don't know what happened when she got backā€¦

Chapter 1: I Missed You Japan

Kiri POV

I'm home. Its been a year and a half. I feel like so much has changed. And yet, Japan looks the same. What does the rest of my friends look like now? And what state is the Koshiba family salon in? The only reason Dad let me come home is because he wants me to manage the salon. I wonder if Tarotard is still as good at getting gossip as before? And if Ochiai is just as boring.

Shampoo's glad to be home too. He can't wait to be back in the neighborhood of free fish.

I walk down the sidewalk. It's currently midnight. I hope I wakeup at a good and reasonable time to call Naru-Naru. I missed him.


Narumi POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. It was probably Ochiai. Ever since we both realized the other likes Kiri, we've been calling each other to argue at bizarre times. I looked at the clock. It read 8:30 am. Guess that wasn't TOO bad, compared to some of the other times he's called me. I picked up and decided to sound as grumpy as possible.

"What do you want, Ochiai?"

"Hey Naru-Naru," said a female voice. Not Kanako's. Not Chisami's.

"Mussyhead? You're back from LA?" I tried my best not to sound desperately excited. I also tried to keep out the hint of smugness I felt. After all, she did call ME first, not Ochiai.

"Yep. My undefeated father let me come back. And I can live here now, so I can look after the Koshiba beauty salon," I swear I could hear extreme happiness in her voice too, "I would've called when I first got here, but I had a feeling you' be a little disgruntled about being woken up at midnight."

"Yeah," I said sarcastically, "Only a LITTLE."

I could practically hear Kiri smiling.

Kiri POV

He seemed pretty psyched about me being back. But why Ochiai would call him at 8:30 am is a mystery to me. We chatted for awhile, but then the jet lag finally kicked in and caused my extreme sleepiness to take over.

"The sleepiness is nothing new," Narumi had joked. I guess that was true.

Ochiai POV

I've been on the lookout for a building where the SP can continue its process and have an actual pace to do it. All we need is for Kiri to return.

The phone rang. I knew Narumi would kill himself before getting up early, so who could be calling.

"Hello?" I heard insane laughter. I nearly hung up, but I recognized it as Narumi's.


"Hey Ochiai."

"Why are you insane?"

"Because of Kiri."


"She came back last night and she called me first this morning! I called just to laugh in your face."

I hung up. That uncivilized freak! How dare he suggest that Kiri likes him better just because she called him first! She probably just thought of him first because of what an idiot he is! That's it, I'm going to do my best to get Kiri to notice me!