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Chapter 2: Is that who I think it is?

Tarotard POV

When I got the text message about there being an emergency SP meeting I thought Ochiai set up another late notice appointment. But when I got to the clubroom, there everyone was standing, and in the midst of them, a girl with perfectly cut red hair, down to just below her shoulders. She had a dreamy look in her eye. The girl seemed familiar, but who was she?

"Tarotard? Is that you?" the pretty girl said in an all too familiar voice.

"Kiri-chan?" I spoke with surprise. How could this maiden be the girl who used to be known as mussyhead? Kanako looked surprised. She and her new love interest, Seki, were looking at me incredulously.

Kiri POV

A boy entered. His black hair was messy, is eyes seemed sleepy. Yet he seemed to have a vast wealth of knowledge behind those eyes. I knew it was that easily influenced boy.

"Tarotard? Is that you?" I inquired in surprise. How could this be Tarotard? Tarotard always would have slicked down hair and would look really nerdy—no offense meant to him—so how could this be him? This male seemed to be nerdy yes, but also, well, for lack of better word, cooler.

"Kiri-chan?" he didn't seem to believe his eyes either. I guess I look different to him too.

Kanako looked furious.

Kanako POV

I was fuming.

How could that boy, one of the people who usually hung out with us in high school, not recognize Kiri? She may look a little different, but you can tell!

"Why you—" I started, but sweet Seki said quietly, "Sorry," and I immediately felt very relaxed. Oh, his hands are nice. Iori also could not stand this.

"How dare you not recognize me's Kirity? I thought you and Kirity were friends! Me cannot stand this treachery! Ochiai don't you think he should be banished?" Iori fumed. I gaped at Ochiai, my former crush, awaiting his answer.

Ochiai POV

Truthfully? I wanted him to be incinerated. How could Komatsu not recognize Kiri? She's the best of the best! However, we do need Komatsu for his knowledge of gossip. If we fired him, there would be no chance of keeping this place organized and knowing what to do.

Tarotard POV

Man, Ochiai looked mad. I felt bad, so why did he have to look like he was going to kill me?

"We'll—We'll let him stay. We need him. Let's just hope he doesn't make the same mistake again."