"Here we are, kids. The Dino-Soar company."

"So how are we going to find a driver here, Ben?"

"I don't know, Eric. We'll have to take a look around."

Eric Kirby was a twelve-year old boy and so was his best friend: Miles Roby. The two of them were like brothers but both their parents were divorced.

Miles and Eric were neighbors and wanted to see the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna.

Miles lived with his father: Paul Roby.

Eric lived with his mother: Amanda Kirby.

They were going on a tour of Isla Sorna with Amanda's boyfriend: Ben Hildebrand.

Ben would soon become Eric's stepfather once he and Amanda were engaged.

At the moment, they were just friends.

"Guys, let's check that boat," said Ben.

The three of them walked over to a boat where a Costa Rican man was working.

"Excuse me, senor."

The man looked up and saw Ben and the kids.

"What can I do for you, amigos?"

"Is this your boat?"

"No, senor. I'm just the co-captain. Let me introduce myself. My name is Antonio Pantaros."

"Okay, okay, so who's the captain of this boat?"

"Hold on. Enrique!"

"Si," said a man, walking up from the cabin.

"Ah, customers. My name is Enrique Cardoso. I'm the captain and the operator of this company."

"So we see," said Ben, "well the boys here would like to see the dinosaurs over on Isla Sorna."

"Isla Sorna. Site B?"

"Yes, of course."

"Well, si," said Enrique, "hop right on."

Ben, Miles and Eric jumped onto the boat.

"Antonio, start up the boat."

"Si, captain."

And he started up the engine and the boat motored off along the ocean.

Ben and the kids sat down, having a good view of the ocean.

"So, Eric," said Ben, "what time did your mom say we had to back at the hotel again?"

"Around five."

"Miles, how about your dad?"


"Miles, what is it your dad does for business again?"

"He operates his own company: Roby Paint And Tile Plus."

"Cool. Which location?"

"Westgate Mall."

"Hmm. Interesting."

"Yep. And-"

"Amigos, we're there," called Enrique.

Ben and the kids looked up to see the island right in the distance.

"Wow," gasped Miles.

"Amazing," gasped Eric.

"Si," said Antonio, "now you want to see the dinosaurs."

"Why yes," they both said.

"How exactly are we gonna get a good view of the island?" said Ben.

"Parasailing," said Enrique.

"Are you sure it'll fit the three of us?"

"Si, senor. If you hold both of them behind you."

"Good plan," said Ben.

"I'll just go down to the cabin and get it ready then," said Enrique and ran down to the cabin.

A few minutes later, he came back up with one parasail.

"Here," he said, "the two young ones can place themselves around the harness. You, senor, can hold them both at the back."

"Okay," said Ben.

Soon, Miles and Eric were attached to the harness with Ben at the back.

Ben held a camcorder at the back so he could video the entire view of the island.

Enrique buckled them in.

"Make you get us as close as you can, okay?" said Ben.

Enrique laughed and nodded.

"Si, senor."

"If it's a good trip, I'll give you a little extra."

"Don't worry I take you close. But too close, my friend. You don't want to be eaten."

They both laughed and Enrique rubbed Miles and Eric's heads.


The three of them gave him a thumbs up.

"One, two, three," chanted Ben.

The parasail was released into the air and the motorboat sped along the ocean.

Ben took a video over the entire island.

Enrique looked over his customers through binoculars who were floating in wonderful, quiet splendor.


"Yes, Antonio."

Before he could say anything, the boat rolled on through a cloud of mist.

Ben and the kids were too busy soaring up in the air to notice the mist that their crew were going through.

Back on the boat, Enrique lay his hand out when he felt a clang.

"Antonio, where are we?"

"I don't know, captain."

Then three mysteriously bird shadows loomed around down through the mist.

"Ah caga," gasped Enrique.

"What is it, captain?" said Antonio, looking up.

The shadows flew down onto the boat and the two of them gasped in horror.

Back up on the air, Ben and the kids felt a tug.

"What was that?" gasped Eric.

"I don't know," said Ben.

He caught the camera dangling from his neck and before he could pick it up, there was a second tug.

Ben hold on to the strap of his camera for dear life.

They heard the faintest screams of Enrique and Antonio.

As the fog cleared, there was no sign of them whatsoever and blood was splattered all over the deck.

"What happened to them?" asked Miles curiously.

"I don't know," said Ben.

Eric looked ahead and gasped when he saw that the boat was heading for a rock by the reef.

"We're gonna crash!" he shouted.

"No we're not," said Ben.

"Yes, we are! We're gonna crash!"

"No, we're not. Don't worry."

The boat crashed into the reef and smashed the pieces.

Ben was startled.

"Unclip my line!" he exclaimed to Miles and Eric.

Frantically, Miles and Eric unclipped the line from the wrecked boat and the wind drifted them towards the mountainsides of Isla Sorna.

Miles and Eric screamed as they drifted right toward the mountainside ground which bounced them downhill and they flew quickly through the air, this time shallower until they reached the trees where they were caught in the branches and Miles and Eric fell out through the life jackets.

Ben struggled to get out of the trees. His weight caused him to stick into the branches.

"I'm stuck," he grunted.

"Hang on," said Miles.

"We'll help you," said Eric.

"No!" shouted Ben.

"What?" they said.

"Run!" shouted Ben and pointed towards their direction.

A group of Compsognathus ran through.

Miles and Eric screamed again.

Miles pulled Eric aside and they both watched in horror as the compies climbed up the tree and jumped onto Ben, beginning to bite him.

Ben screamed in pain.

"Ben!" shouted Miles and Eric both together.

Ben took one last breath from his injuries and screamed in pain "RUUUUUUUN!"

The compies continued to bite Ben chew up his skin.

Frightened, Miles pulled a hysterical Eric away and they both made a run for it.

Ben's scream faded through the jungle and crunching sounds occurred as well.