Rachel walked to her front door and opened the letter on the doormat with a sigh. She had a feeling that this was a letter from someone back in Ohio. It was addressed to Rachel Berry, and she had changed her last name nearly four years ago. She was Rachel Hall now.

She was pleasantly surprised to see that it was an invitation to a ten year high school reunion; it would be nice to see everyone from Glee club again. She had a lot to tell them. They would be shocked to see how much she'd changed in ten years.


Kurt laughed at something Mercedes said as the old glee club, convened in a corner of McKinley highs gymnasium. Everyone had landed on their feet.

Finn was a professional football player in Boston, Quinn was a Broadway star along with her fiancée Sam they were the leads in Mamma Mia, Kurt had his own clothing line, Tina and Mike were running a dance school, Mercedes had a record deal, Artie and Brittany were married and coached basketball to disabled kids, Santana was an actress and Puck was doing time for an armed robbery.

Finns mouth dropped open as a woman with black, wavy hair and wearing a midnight blue dress walked in the room.

"I don't believe it. Is that Rachel?"

"Oh my god she looks..." Kurt said.

"Amazing" Quinn finished.

Seeing them gawking at her Rachel smiled and walked over to join them.

"Hey guys. How are you?" Rachel asked.

Everyone murmured their fines and okays, continuing to stare. After a few minutes of awkward conversation where Rachel asked polite questions about what they've all been up to, Sam asked what they had all been thinking.

"What happened to you? You disappeared off the grid for like ever?

"Oh I've been around. I moved to LA, started a new life. I changed my name, its Rachel Hall now." she answered.

"Oh are you married then?" Artie frowned.

"Definitely not. My boyfriend, Scott he's a lawyer, just asked me to move in with him."

"That's exciting. So what do you do now, some musicals in LA?" Kurt asked.

"No I don't sing anymore, ever. I'm with the LAPD."

"You're a cop?"

"Yes I am. Undercover work mostly. It's like acting really but I'm pretending to be a drug dealer or a murderer. It's satisfying because I'm putting scumbags behind bars."

"Wow that's unexpected! We all assumed you would end up on Broadway or something?" Quinn said

"I did for a while but, I got caught up in it too much. I lost myself. Started doing drugs. I got a wakeup call. A co star of mine she was gunned down on her way home. When the cops told me they caught the guy that did it I was so relieved and happy. It was then I realised that I wanted to be the one to do that, make people happy, that the person that killed their friend, or sold meth to their children, or threatened their wives was behind bars and could no longer hurt anyone. So I cleaned up, went to rehab, changed my name, joined the police academy and here we are. Oh look is that Mr Schue."

Rachel darted off to say high to their old teacher. They all looked at each other.

"She's so different" Tina said.

"Yeah I'm proud of her" Mercedes told them.

"She said all of that without taking a breath." Santana observed.

"I guess that habit hasn't been broken." Kurt remarked.

Finn smiled at his stepbrother, as he watched Rachel talk at the speed of light to their old Glee coach.

"Some things never change."