Okay, so I'm sure by now that most everyone in this fandom has seen the clips of BTAuditions with Curt Hansen in the place of Kendall. And seriously, I have not been able to wrap my brain around the BTR world sans Kendall. But it got me to thinking. And yes, I realize that I should be working on my OTHER chapter fic that's supposed to be pretty darn epic, but this was just one of those things that would NOT get out of my head until I wrote it. And I wanted to go ahead and see what the response is to it before I post anymore. Not saying it will be completed in the next month or so...I still have way too much going on in my life to focus solely on writing fanfiction (I wish!), but it would be an awesome side hobby. Especially this idea.

Because no matter what world they live in, they always find a way to be together. Or at least they do in my head. So, I took BTLove Song and put a twist to it, instead of Jo moving in, Kendall does. Now, remember, this is strictly AU. I'm seriously pulling this whole thing out of my butt when it comes to personalities, because honestly, I do not see them having the same personalities that they do on the show now if Dak Zevon had been the original "Kendall" So they're all different. And trust me, it was a really weird writing them this way, but I don't think it's too bad. At least XChemicalXFallXPanicX seemed to like it. XD She's my cheerleader anyways (/cough/slavedriver/cough/) Okay, this is long enough on explaining myself, just review and let me know what you think. I really want to know!

"Why can't any nice, good girls move here?" Curt whined from between Logan and Carlos. He crossed his arms over his chest and pouted a little.

James scoffed as he watched the Jennifers stalk towards their regular table. "Someone hot." He mumbled bitterly.

"Preferably from Minnesota." Logan chimed in, throwing his head sharply to the side to move his shaggy hair from his eyes. All three of his friends stared at him incredulously. "What? Nothing wrong with Minnesota." Curt's lip lifted shortly in a weird snarl.

"Well, it's not Minnesota, but I'm sure you'll find everything to be accommodating." Three of the four boys' heads turned in disbelief at Bitters's voice. No way were they that lucky. Logan didn't much care as he continued reading his National Geographic. But when Carlos and Curt let out groans of disappointment, he had to see what the fuss was over.

That's when he realized green was his absolute favorite color.

He swore he saw golden light surrounding the being walking towards him and his friends, following their grumpy hotel manager and a woman with auburn/red hair. Logan's eyes scanned from the blonde hair on their head to the Van's on their feet.

He gulped almost audibly as the incredibly gorgeous boy walked directly in front of his chair, locking eyes with Logan with a smirk and small wave.

"You're drooling, dude." James leaned over and stage-whispered. Logan's jaw snapped shut and he glared at his tall friend as the other two in their group chuckled. They all had known he was gay before even he himself had figured it out, that's what happened when you were with each other all the time. But then again, it wasn't like he was completely turned off by girls, he wasn't opposed to dating one as long as she was awesome. But he really did tend to find his own gender slightly more attractive.

"Shut up." He muttered, shoving at the boys on either side of him as he watched the sole of that shoe disappear around the corner. He sighed. Oh boy, he even found the guy's shoes attractive, and he didn't even know his name!

"Aww, has our little Logie found himself a hunky crush?" Carlos teased, leaning forward so Logan could see the goofy yet sincere grin on his face.

Logan just answered back with a grin of his own. "He will be mine." He mumbled, leaning back with his head in the direction of the hotel building, glancing from window to window. His gaze was drawn to the terrace on the second floor as he saw a flash of blonde hair walk by the window directly left of it. He held his breath and waited for those doors to open, and he wasn't disappointed.

The blonde had a curious expression on his face as he stepped out onto the terrace and glanced down at the pool area. A look of longing flashed across his face briefly, so brief Logan wasn't even sure he saw it from his distance.

Then, as if by some crazy force, their eyes locked again for the second time in under ten minutes.

'Oh yeah,' Logan thought to himself as he initiated a smirk and small wave back to the nameless blonde, effectively knocking him off guard. 'He will be mine.'


Kendall was beginning to think he had made a mistake. Packing up everything he could fit in two duffel bags and moving away from all he knew just so his baby sister could become a star? Yeah, probably not the most thought out decision he had ever made.

There was no way he would ever find a school with an actual semi-decent hockey team out in the middle of California. He would probably have to find a league outside of academics if he wanted to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a hockey player.

Not that Los Angeles wasn't amazing, he was absolutely floored by the nice weather when back home there was still snow on the ground. But he already missed the biting chill and crunch of frozen grass being smashed beneath his boot. And he really missed his team. They were state champs two years running, and this year he had been made captain. Then out of nowhere, suddenly his little sister gets signed on to a child star agency and he's having to leave his old life behind and jump headlong into something new and scary.

He should've tried to find someone he could stay with back home. At least until the season was over.

Kendall pushed open the terrace doors and took in the sunshine. Maybe he'd actually be able to maintain a tan out here. There was one plus.

He looked over the railing to the pool below. Well, there was another bonus, he could check out anyone he wanted without hassle.

But then he found his first downside. Everyone was hanging out with their friends, laughing and enjoying themselves. It just made him miss home and his own friends even more. At least he was a social person, so maybe he wouldn't be completely lonely for too long.

He looked down and searched out a certain group of friends. The four boys who had been lounging by the pool when their hotel manager had shown them around. His eyes were immediately locked onto a pair of dark, chocolatey eyes they were watching him intensely.

Now, Kendall had never believed in love at first sight. Lust, maybe. But love, never. He thought Romeo and Juliet were possibly the dumbest teenagers in the history of literature, and definitely got what was coming to them.

But as he stood there, his eyes completely trapped, his heart speeding up and his stomach, he swore, was filled with butterflies; he couldn't help but wonder. And yes, there was definitely lust. Even earlier, when he had first laid eyes on the boy, his chest had tightened, but it was fleeting and quick, but this time it was more intense and sustaining.

It was funny, too. Because, yeah, he'd had the occasional "man crush" or random drunken make-out sessions with a guy from some other school, but never had he ever wanted to make it something, anything more than physical.

And staring at the nameless boy as he smirked and initiated a small wave, significantly knocking him off kilter, he couldn't help but think that maybe he wouldn't be without a friend for very long.

A very good friend.