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James smirked over the rim of his punch cup. He sipped and tasted the rum someone had used to spike the juice, his suspicions were on either Carlos or Curt. Logan was far too wrapped up in Kendall to attempt anything devious at the moment.

Two weeks. That's how long it had been since those two had finally patched things up. And when the four boys from Wisconsin weren't busy in dance rehearsals or recording, the small brunette was always off with the blonde. James had even had to cover for them as Kendall snuck out of the apartment late at night as Logan stood smirking in his doorway, his hair disheveled and his entire frame looking relaxed.

It was almost sickening, really. The way they would sit around the pool just playing with each other's hands and chatting, or teasing each other with playful taps on the ass and a smirk.

But James had never seen his friend so happy before. And that was saying something seeing as how they were so in-tune with each other. And their friendship was still the same odd thing it had always been.

Though Kendall hadn't necessarily apologized for anything said that might have hurt James's feelings, he had made it clear that he understood. He wouldn't stand in the way of their affectionate joking, but James wasn't supposed to get surprised should the blonde glare at him when he put hands on his boyfriend.

A smile overtook his face as Kendall dragged Logan onto the dance floor as a slow song began playing. They awkwardly wrapped their arms around each other and began swaying to the beat, and he could see their lips moving as they talked. Probably whispering sweet nothings and promises for later to each other. It was actually quite gross.

But as long as Kendall made Logan happy, then everything was going to be just fine.

James took another sip from the cup, almost having forgotten the alcohol as it burned down his throat. This place never ceased to amaze him. The year end dance was upon them (thanks to Kendall and his ultimately awesome last minute party planning abilities) and he finally felt things evening out for all of them.

Curt had manned-up and asked Mercedes Griffin to be his date. She had laughed in his face, but after a very dramatic confession of the utmost attraction he held for the blonde, she had blushed before demanding he show up in a limo with a dozen roses. What his friend saw in the snobby girl, James would never understand. Bitch was crazy. But Curt looked happy as he listened to her talk about herself while they moved slowly to the music.

Carlos was making his way through the crowd of students with the three Jennifers following him. Somehow, he had figured out the secret. As long as he acted like a complete ass, those three girls came flocking around him like moths to a flame. He never knew the Latino to be so smart, but it had to happen at some point. And eventually he would find a girl he didn't have to act that way toward in order to get her attention and he would grow up a little. Hopefully.

James was happy for all of his friends.

"And why aren't you asking anyone to dance, mister?" He smirked and turned to the petite brunette standing behind him.

"Well, my date disappeared off somewhere and I was enjoying watching my friends be all love sick fools as I awaited her return." He responded smoothly, taking Camille's hand and kissing her knuckles. She blushed prettily at him before dragging him in Kendall and Logan's direction with a smile.

The two boys smiled at them as they began swaying next to them. He kissed Camille's forehead, making her giggle. All four of them laughing as Kendall imitated him with a sloppier version against Logan's forehead.

He was happy for himself, too.