It was early in the morning at the Hellsing mansion when Walter was making tea for integra.

"I'm giving you some time off Walter." Integra said.

"That's very nice of you sir Integra. On what occasion?" Walter asked

"Oh nothing. I just figured you're not that young anymore."

Walter didn't like his age being mentioned. He was well aware of the fact that he was not a young man anymore.

"If you say so sir Integra. I will be off in an hour."

Walter prepared his things and drove to the airport with a first class ticket to Milan.

Back at the Hellsing mansion.

"Walter! Walter where are you?" Alucard shouted.

"What is the matter Alucard?" Integra said.

"I can't find Walter. Where is he?"

"He is on a first class plane to Milan. I gave him the weak off."

"The angel of death is on vacation. You don't see that every decade."

"As strong as he is he's still a human, a pretty old human if you ask me so he need some time to rest and enjoy himself."

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't like being called old."

"What do you need Alucard."

"I need my guns cleaned. They're getting rusty from being idle for so long."

"Go find Seras. I'm sure she's at the back cleaning her own equipments."

"Hmph. Fine."

Back at Milan Walter was buying gifts for Integra and Seras.

"Sir Integra would look good in this."

"Can I help you sir?" the shop keeper asked.

"Yes please. I would like to purchase this fine dress"

"Of course sir."

After shopping for gifts, Walter went straight to the hotel where he is staying.

"Well I've done everything I could think of. Is there nothing better for me to do?"

"Sir you have visitors." The housekeeping said from outside the door.


A lady that looks like she is only in high school and a man carrying a giant entered Walter's room.

"How may I help you?" Walter said.

"I am Saya Otanashi and this is haji. We are here to ask for your help." Said the young lady

"And what kind of help do you need."

"My twin sister Diva is here in Milan. She's planning to release an army of chiropterans all over the city. When we found out Hellsing's angel of death was here we came as soon as possible."

"Well I am on vacation. But since I was asked by a lady I think I could consider your request. Besides, I was getting bored with nothing better to do."